The author changed the title of the novel and also probably other changes in the future. I misunderstood his announcement as the novel getting completed but it was just volume one that is getting completed so I am placing this on hold and focusing on Magi Craft Meister and Botsuraku(Expecting To Fall Into Ruin)

The Traitor of the Hero Party

Chapter 5 A town near the border

The hero party left the capital and headed towards the demon territory.

It takes about 3 days to reach there from the capital on a horse. They had almost crossed that distance and were now near the country border.


“There, I can see it.”


A wall could be seen towards the way Alf pointed his finger. To gather all the necessities including food, they decided to stop by the town which was nearest to the border.

And that is the town… No, it would be better to call it a fort.


The name of this town surrounded by walls situated in the middle of the shortest route to the demon territory is “Agnim”.

The walls reached heigh………..Continue Reading

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