The Traitor of the Hero Party


A scenery from hell spread in front of my eyes.


Men and women of all ages, even those who would die if left alone or could not survive by themselves, were all a target to their blades.

No, talking about it as if it’s somebody else’s problem is weird.

Why? Because I am on the side which is attacking the innocent villagers….


“Hmm, the new type ability is doing pretty well. Don’t you think so as well, seeing with your Grim Reaper eyes?”


“I am just your convoy. And besides, I don’t know much about machine soldiers.”


I answered the man bluntly.

The man standing beside me wearing a white robe and spectacles was Luis Agnom. The brains which gave birth to the machine soldiers, famed to be the best in the continent.

The people call him ‘The man who sold his heart to the devil’.


Shifting my vision from Luis to up front, I saw one of the machine soldiers pierce a brave man with a spear, who was charging towards them with a sword.


Luis’ invention, the demon’s toy–machine soldiers.

I don’t quite understand how they work as I am not a specialist on them but simply told, they are just as the word implies, machine soldiers who have a special stone called the magic stone as their core and listen to anything the person with the code says.


Unintentionally, my eyes met with the man who was pierced just now. Looks like he was still alive.

Just kill him with one hit. Don’t make them suffer pointlessly.

If it was me….


“Oh, no-don’t do anything, Grim Reaper. You’re my convoy, aren’t you?”


“…….I understand.”


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