The Traitor of the Hero Party


Chapter 3 The hero party

Lulu lead him to the dining hall, Full Moon.

It was where the hero party always gathered up when they came to the capital.


The food was good there and they were already familiar with the staff there so they didn’t need to feel reserved.

They have been going there for so long that the most innermost seats were exclusively for the hero party at this point and nobody else would even use it.


On those seats, the usual members were seated.


Seating on the front, the person waving towards Hak and Lulu with a smile was the leader of the party.

Having both the divine protection of the Gods and spirits, he could use all types of magic and was gifted with natural fighting skills, making him the strongest human — Alfred Fingaro.

People close to him call him by Alf.

A refreshing smile really fits him. He was still young, being only 19 years old.


Next, sitting diagonally to the right of Alf was Sharon Kururu.

She is of the same age as Alf and is a pretty girl with chestnut-colored hair. She normally likes to wear a sharp, pointy hat which was now on top of her knee.


Chapter 3

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