Chapter 2 The smiling man


‘Ahh, that guy who is always laughing eerily..’



When asked about him, everyone would say that in unison.


People who do not really know him, they say he’s creepy.


That man is the burden of the hero party.


However, he is the strongest.


A political demon lord subjugation. Hak, who knew all that went on behind the scenes, hid his identity and became the hero party’s burden.

Hak was hoping to finish his job quietly like that but…

The world would not let Hak do that.

Because those who have power, have responsibilities.



“Oi, what are you doing in the hero party, you small fry?! Just quit already, you are a burden!”


“If you can enter the hero’s party, then I can easily enter too! Definitely using his noble papa’s connections. Just die!”


Because those who have power….



Hak was being beaten by trained men in a back alley. Groaning ‘Uguu’ every time he was being kicked.

It had already gotten dark and there was a really low chance of people coming into the dark alley.


As unfortunate as it is, the one being kicked right now by thugs was Hak Elstone, who was treated as a burden of the hero party.


And this was the reason Hak was called eerie.


“Hehe, sorry. I myself don’t even know why I am in the hero party, which is filled with amazing people.”


He was laughing. Or to be precise, he was smiling.


Being kicked, blood was flowing out of his mouth but still–he was smiling.


“Why is this guy laughing?”


Chapter 2

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