The Traitor of the Hero Party

Chapter 4 An easy job

After seeing everyone go off into their rooms or their homes, Hak again entered the deserted back alley.

It was as if he was asking to get beaten by those thugs at this point.


“I see, I see. So the work in the capital is over today, eh?”


They said as if they were reluctant to part but their face was nothing of the sort — a face with a big smile.


However, that too, was over now.


The atmosphere changed. The gently flowing atmosphere suddenly became tightly tense.

The smile from Hak’s face disappeared and his eyes became narrow.


When his expression changed to a sharp one, the atmosphere around him also changed from an that of an unreliable guy to a sharp knife.


“It saves me all the trouble when you change target to me like this.”


It seemed like he was talking to himself.


Chapter 4

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