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A Girl of White Gold, Desiring



A listlessness lingered in her body, a result of the happiness she shared.

She had longed for it for ages. She had always longed for it to be shared with him, and no one else.

The happiness he had chosen for her filled her chest.

The happiness brought about from his love for her made her giddy enough to cloud her vision.

She was happy.

The warmth of his close presence, closer than it had ever been before, made her drown in the scent of her very own sanctuary.

She was happy. That’s why…

Still within his arms, Latina’s eyes overflowed with tears.

… That was why she had found herself engulfed by the same spectacle she had become so used to.

In the centre of a circle formed by seven thrones, she sat down in front of her decided seat.

Her tears continued to fall, now far beyond her control.

She let them fall freely, her shoulders quaking, her voice wrecked by her sobs.

There was nothing she could do to hold them back.

The happiness she felt was what made her dread losing him all the more.

She wished that it would never come to pass.

That was the only thing she would ever wish for. She wished to live with him, with the man she loved. She wanted to be with him.

Any notion of accepting her own life span was nothing more than a lie. Her acceptance of the inevitable day the two of them would come apart was the same.

She couldn’t bring herself to part with him. There was no way she could ever live on without him once he had passed.

Her thin, quaking fingers reached out.

They touched the back of the throne that existed outside the boundaries of logic and reason, and snapped back with a start.

Still, she knew.

She knew… so she reached out for the throne one more time, her fingers still shaking.

There was power in her supposed rejection.

What she did accept was the power that would fulfil her one and only desire.



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