A Girl of White Gold Speaks of the World


Despite their current situation having turned their lives on their heads, the world around them went on its way as if nothing had happened.

If things had truly not changed, then it was about time for Kenneth to question why Latina had yet to come down to the lower floors. It was about this time that he would call for her.

“Latina, is something wrong?”

The call of his voice was like a faceful of ice water that brought the pair back to their senses. The issues with the Demon King aside, if he were to find them in their current situation… Well, things were unlikely to end up well.

Not that Dale would be exposed to anything new, but Latina was another matter entirely.

The attic the two of them resided in was riddled with packages and partitioning screens that formed make-shift walls; there were no actual walls that would help separate them from the outside. While the landowner couple weren’t usually the type to intrude on their privacy, if they were to come up now for any reason, they would discover more than the two were willing to share.


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