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Chapter 110: A Young Man Proposes to a Silver Girl


The day Dale invited Latina out to the public square that occupied the centre of Kreuz happened to be a calm day in


“We’re going for a walk? Is Theo coming along, too?”

“No… Let’s go alone for once, just the two of us.”


“No, you get to watch the place while we’re gone, too.”


Dale strictly reminded Vint of his duties, and Latina gave an adorable chuckle.

They leisurely walked side by side, hands intertwined. The former little girl held by the arm, the two followed the path

leading to the capital district until they reached the halfway point.

“Do you remember the first time I took you to the capital district, Latina?”

“I remember being completely blown away. I’d never seen so many people in one place before.”


“Yeah, I was surprised the first time I left the countryside, too…”

“So listen, about that shoemaker you took me too. Theo and Emma’ve been getting their shoes from there, too. It looks

like shoes for children are their speciality.”

“Are you buying them somewhere else now?”

“I visit a store Chloe recommended to me. Rita told me about it, too. They’re new to the scene, but they’re really

devoted to any kind of design.”

“That so…”


They discussed silly, everyday things, none of which bore any weight. From time to time, Latina would show

restlessness and go to touch her left upper arm. Through casual contact, Dale came across a hard texture around her


arm and took some time to think it over.

“Ah, is it about your arm bracelet?”

“Yes. I usually put it aside. But I thought it was about time to wear it, so I tried bringing it with me.”

It was the only thing she had left from her old home, an object that had the name of her father engraved into it. As it

happened to be a bracelet meant des


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