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Chapter 102: A Young Man Under Medical Care, Part II

“Well, did something happen?”


While hesitant, Dale explained the situation to his friend and ally. Granted, there was little else he could do – no matter how many times he rolled about, the subject in question had a firms grasp on his mind. If someone wanted to let him vent, then he had little reason to deny them.

“It’s Latina, she…”


“She said that she… Well, how do I put it… She confessed that she… sees me as a man.”

“That so?”

“You’re taking this awfully lightly, aren’t you?”

“I suppose. It’s not that strange of a thing, you know.”

Dale met Gregor’s lackluster reply with a difficult expression, and continued to speak.

“Anyways, that’s all that’s been on my mind, so… I just sort of flew off and came here to cool my head.”

“What are you, a child?”

“I’m not proud of it, alright?”

He himself knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. While he had indeed grown restless and flown off on impulse alone, now that an entire day had gone by, he had cooled off enough to recognise that he was in the wrong. That said, being in low spirits as he was now meant that he couldn’t simply make his way back to Kreuz, so he had opted for heading toward the royal capital as he had planned before.

“I was asked what I wanted to do with her from now on… and I realised that I’ve been avoiding even thinking about it…”

“That so?”

Gregor, seeing that Dale’s story would take some time, called for a maid and ordered her to make them some tea. He himself placed a stool next to the bed and sat down.

“…and that’s when something came to mind.”

Dale’s face scrunched up in another complicated expression.

“About me and Latina, I mean. The two of us… we’re only about a decade apart.”

“A little late to pick up on that, aren’t we?”

“I know it is.”

Really, it was nothing more than basic information that hadn’t been fully comprehended until now.

“See, Latina… she was just so tiny the first time we met. She always sat on my lap and smiled. That must’ve left a major impression on me. But… looking back, it feels like we’re more like siblings with a few years between us. It doesn’t… it’s just not the same difference you’d between a parent and their child…”

“Well… I only met her a couple days ago myself, but… The way you say it makes it sounds like she was like an infant to you. Admittedly, I’m surprised…”

Gregor recalled the way Latina had looked those few days ago, when he had met her for the first time. Her outward appearance still gave the impr..

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