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Yuusha no Furi

Chapter 37 God and the demon lord

In the afternoon, warm sunlight shone and gentle sea breeze blew.

I returned to the bay.


The town people had started swimming right away.

The quiet bay this morning was now brimming with happy voices.

As a God, it made me happy that my action resulted in their happiness.

It probably showed on my face.


Afterwards, I roamed around the sandy beach, searching for Celica.

But I could not find her. I only found Minya, who had changed to normal clothes, sitting with her legs folded.

It made me worry at first but I was relieved after finding her at a different spot.

She had entered the water with Lapisia. Lapisia was deep in with only her head out.



I listened in to their conversation with multi-ear.


“You were able to stay a whole 1 minute under water, Lapisia-chan! That’s great!”


“Lapisia is great!”


“Then, let’s try curling up under water, shall we?”


“Curling up?”


“You do like this”


Inhaling some air first, she put her face underwater and held her knees, curling up. Her blonde hair spread out like a folding fan and her white back could be seen floating in the waves.

After staying like that for a while, she came up inhaling deeply ‘Fuaah~!’


“Just like this.”



Lapisia observed with golden eyes sparkling in excitement.


“I will try! Fuuuaa-”


Inhaling a lot at once, she, too, submerged her face underwater and curled up. This time, her blue twin-tails spread out in the waves.

Her small body kept going in and out of the water.

And then she came out, inhaling a lot again, just like Celica,


“Fuaa~! I did it!”


“Good job, Lapisia-chan! You did really well!”


As Celica stroked Lapisia’s head, she smiled with her whole face ‘Ehehe~’.



—This looks like it will be better if I leave it to them for a while.

I am the God of the River so it is pretty natural for me to do these.



For now, I guess I will just go swim.

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