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Chapter 4 Loner and Horse

Sena was running through a certain forest inside the world of Anadin.




It was quite the misfortune.

After running off in anxiety, Sena found herself lost inside a particularly high level forest in Anadin and on top of that, she had gone into the lord of the forest’s area and the lord was known to be angry once a week and that time was now.


Although, this is something she would have heard of from the NPCs in the training school if she had gone there so it’s 90% her fault.


Sena was running with her utmost effort to get away from that lord, the Lightning horse.

Even with her fast legs, she couldn’t get far from the horse.

On top of that, because she was inside a forest, the footing was bad and she couldn’t run properly.


[Skill: Fast Legs is now grade B]

[Skill: Off road running acquired]

[Skill: Mad Running Fellow acquired]


And right that moment, her feet suddenly became faster and she was able to run easily.


(I wonder if it’s because of the skill? Good thing I had ‘Fast Legs’. It sure is convenient. I wonder if everyone has it?)


Sena does not know.

She didn’t know the fact that the conditions to acquire Fast Legs was to run for 30 minutes at full speed without encountering any enemies.

There were tools to repel monsters in Anadin but once you get out of that area, the effect wears off and there’s no way to repel the monsters.

As such, not encountering any enemies for 30 minutes is close to impossible.

However, it is worth doing as long as there is a chance.

Among players who challenged it thinking that, Sena was the only one who succeeded.


Putting that aside, now that Sena could run faster than the Lightning horse, she created a distance longer than the bow range.

While confirming her target’s position with clairvoyance and presence detection, she took her stance with the bow.


(I only have one chance at this. I need to stop it with one shot…!)


To begin with, her weapon was a beginner’s bow and didn’t have that long of a range. So if she was late by even a moment, she will be blown away by the lightning horse.


She could hear the lightning horse’s neigh. Kicking away the surrounding monsters, the horse came galloping at Sena at a fierce speed.

In another 3 second, the lightning horse’s hoof will blow her away.


2 seconds remaining–she pulled her bow and confirmed her target.


(I will aim for the head–blow it’s brains off with one shot!)


1 second remaining–she released the arrow. The arrow went straight towards the lightning horse’s head.


—-0 seconds.


The lightning horse’s huge body was standing in front of Sena.

And then, it’s big frame swayed a bit before collapsing with a loud thud.

Sena’s arrow had hit the lightning horse’s brain to the inch.




She let out a war cry.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Sena was engulfed with the highest sense of accomplishment in her life.


[Bow Skill: Poisoned Arrow Creation acquired]

[Lord of the west of the forest defeated. Bonus item will be received]


Such a voice resounded and immediately after, a treasure box appeared in front of Sena. When she opened it–


“Wahh, it’s a bow. And it’s cool, too~”


[Lightning Beast’s Bow: It shoots the fastest arrows among all the other bows. It has quite a bit of range, too~ ♪]


“Is this… perhaps a cheat weapon? No, no, no matter how strong it was, there’s no way I would get a weapon that strong just by defeating a monster. Everyone else probably also have equally strong weapons.”



Actually, the management had prepared a boss in each area of Anadin and made it so that the first player to defeat it will get bonus items.

Of course, there were varieties of bonus items and mostly people get a pair of 10 healing potions and 10 MP recovery potions and very rarely get rare weapons.


Oblivious to her incredible luck since yesterday, Sena checked her skills.


[Skill: Off Road Running E] Reduces the difficulty of running off road.

[Skill: Mad Running Fellow E] Stops reduction of stamina to a certain degree.

[Bow Skill: Poisoned Arrow Creation] Uses MP to create poisoned arrows. Target hit has a certain chance of going into poisoned condition.


“Ohh~these skills look good. This forest might be a good place to earn, huh? Alright! I will come here to train from tomorrow!”


And like that, Sena makes outrageous plans.

And then, Sena trained in the forest for the next month.


And her condition after a month was this:


[Skill: Fast Legs S] Agility increases tremendously.

[Skill: Off Road Running B] Off road doesn’t affect running much.

[Skill: Mad Running Fellow C] Stops reduction of stamina quite a bit.

[Skill: Clairvoyance A] Makes it possible to look quite far away.

[Skill: Aim Critical Spots B] Displays target’s weak spots very rarely.

[Skill: Presence detection A] Can detect enemies and their numbers from a very wide range.

[Bow Skill: Sniper B] Increases the range of shot.

[Bow Skill Poisoned Arrow Creation] Uses MP to create poisoned arrows. Target hit has a certain chance of going into poisoned condition.

[Bow Skill Paralyzing Arrow Creation] Uses MP to create paralyzing arrows. Target hit has a certain chance of being paralyzed.


Sena does not know. The fact that she was now one of the top players in Anadin.



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