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Chapter 3 Loner and Low-quality Products

The next day, since school was off, Sena started gaming immediately after breakfast.


(I couldn’t see the city properly yesterday so I guess I will mostly sightsee today.)


And like that, Sena decided to wander around the city.

Even though it was only the 2nd day after launch, shops run by players could also be seen along with NPC shops.

Most of these shops are either material exchange shops or weapon shops but there were also some who opened up diners.

Amongst all this, Sena discovered a certain shop.


[Tentacle fries~ It’s like octopus!]


It seemed low-quality no matter how you looked at it.

And in fact, that shop wasn’t doing so well, unlike the other shops run by players.

The owner even had the expression ‘looks like I’ve done it now~teehee~’ on his face, but in continuous form.

There was no one around him……… Being a loner for her whole life, Sena could feel him.

That he was also a loner.

That he couldn’t fight monsters properly without any friends and probably decided to open a diner.

And also spectacularly failed at it.




Sena headed towards that shop.

Thinking that he would feel better if he sold something at least once before his shop is abolished–a very self-important thought even though she herself was a loner–Sena went to talk to the owner.


And maybe because she thought of it like that that Sena had forgotten.


“Umm, uhh, err, umm, o-o-o-o-o-one pl…… ease!”


Forgotten that she had extreme social anxiety.

Sena’s voice had gotten so low that the owner probably only heard ‘o-o-o-o-o’.


However, there was no one else there except the owner.

And he had immediately understood what she was trying to say.


“Miss, would you like to buy one tentacle fry?”


“Uh, um, yes!”


Sena raised her head reflexively and saw the owner’s face for the first time.

And was convinced.

Convinced why this shop couldn’t sell at all.

The owner’s face looked like that of a villain’s from every angle.

For example, someone who’s a kindergarten principal but doesn’t look like it and is always teased for it.


“Thank you for waiting!”


The owner’s voice reached Sena while she was in a daze.


She panicked and took the fried tentacle.


——It’s not that it didn’t look like octopus fry but the purple tentacle was twitching.


Sena regretted buying it for a moment there but then thought she had no other choice and decisively took a bite.


(…………Hm? It’s not bad. In fact, it’s pretty good?!)


Although it looks really bad and has a characteristic smell to it, once you actually eat it, it tastes pretty much like octopus fry–no, maybe even better.


“H-how is it, miss? Is it good?”


“A! Umm, ehh, uhh, i-i-i-i-it’s… good!”


‘I am glad’–the owner let out a sigh of relief.

Mustering up her very little amount of courage, Sena spoke up.


“Umm, uhh, I will……… come……… again.”


Sena had reached her limit. Having social anxiety, Sena felt like she would go crazy if she talked any longer.

In the first place, it had been a long time since she spoke to anyone other than her parents.

Even if she had to go to the convenience store, she could get by with shaking her head sideways or up and down.

And so, Sena ran away with full speed.

She crossed a few players along the way but as her agility was high to begin with and she had ‘Fast Legs’, none of them could catch her.

And after some time……


“Where is this place—-?!!”


Sena was lost once again.`

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