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Chapter 6 Loner and the surrounding people

“Saki~ We are gathering in front of the plaza again today, alright?”


“Yep, got it. I will head there straight after reaching home.”


I answered my friend’s invitation.

My name is Saki Fujisawa.

A first year student at Hirasaka High School.

We were talking about the game ‘Anadin’ which was released about a month ago. Today, the first event since the release will begin.

I am still mid-level so I probably can’t do much but… I will do my best.


When my eyes went to the corner of the classroom accidentally, I couldn’t spot that person’s figure there.


Sena Ohinata.

The person who took the 1st place in the previous yearly exam–a very smart person.

It isn’t rare for her to take days off.

It seems she has a fragile body so she has been taking days off often.


Maybe because everyone has a hard time starting conversations with her, Ohinata is always by herself. Of course, another reason for that would be that she never comes talking by herself either.


The other day, I mustered up my courage and spoke to her but,


“Ohinata! Congrats on getting number 1!”


“Eh, ah, uu, umm, thank………~~~u…”


She ran away after saying that.

I wonder if I hurt her feelings somehow……


I am thinking of talking to her again next time when I get the opportunity.

















My name is Ryouta Iwashimizu.

High school first year.

When I say that, people think I am lying.

Well, it is understandable since no matter how you look at my face, it will look like that of a yakuza’s.

But recently I have started playing a VRMMO game.

That way, I thought things wouldn’t be so bad even if my appearance was bad.

However, it was wise setting my race as random.

What I got was High Dwarf, a rare race.

It’s nice that it’s rare and what not but it’s a race more suited for cooking.

Being unable to fight, I had no choice but to open up a restaurant.

And what was even worse was choosing tentacle fries to be the first item.

Add that, along with my looks which was even more grim now, nobody came close.

I guess I have no choice since it came to this. I will have to be patient with it for a month then make a new character.

It was when I was thinking that.


“Umm, ahh, umm, uhh, hi-hi-hi-hi……”


I heard such a voice. When I raised my head to look, a very pretty green-haired demi-human girl was there.


I was captivated for a while there but soon came to my senses.

I couldn’t hear properly but she spoke to me. She must be a customer.


“Miss, would you like one tentacle fry?”


“Ah, um, yes!”


And so, I handed over one tentacle fry.

I could guarantee that the taste was good but I was nervous since this was the first time someone other than me had it.

When I asked her if it was good or not after she had finished eating,


“Ah! Umm, uhh, ah, i-i-i-i-it’s… good……”


I am glad. I ended up letting out a sigh of relief. My choice was not wrong.

And then another unbelievable thing happened.


“Umm, uhh, I will…… come… again……”


And the minute she finished saying that, she dashed away at an incredible speed.

I couldn’t react.





The day after that and the day after that as well, she really came.

Her voice was still low and she was stuttering but I could hear it all now.

She probably has social anxiety.

Moreover, a rumor–’a pretty demi-human goes there’ spread and my shop started flourishing.

I can’t thank her enough. I should ask her name next time.


But, I didn’t see her this whole week.

Did she quit?

I am very worried.

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