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Archer 7

Loner and The Return

She returned to her room from school as fast as she could.

Since she wasn’t feeling well for the past 2 weeks, her parents had forbidden her from gaming but that restriction was finally lifted today.

“I hope I haven’t grown weak.”

She entered the game world after quite a while.

Upon entering, she felt this relief seeing that the scenery hadn’t changed since the last time she had played.

It has been a month since she started Anadin.

Sena’s attire wasn’t that of a beginner anymore either.

She was wearing a yellow-green, durable-looking top and a skirt going down to her knees with leggings.

She made it with the concept of it being durable enough to not tear even when she runs. And so she had it made with all the materials she had gathered up till now.

“It has been a while so I should go and greet him.”

Saying that, she headed for that tentacles restaurant which had gained popularity afterwards and opened up a second shop with a night-time limited evening pub.

“M-miss, it has been a while! I was worried since I hadn’t seen you in for quite some time!”

“U-umm, I, was not feeling well and so….”

“I see, well, I am glad you have gotten better. Alright! Let’s celebrate your recovery! My treat!”

Having said that, the shop owner handed over a tentacle fry to Sena.

“Th-thank you, very much..”

After giving a stiff reply, Sena parted with the shop owner and headed over to the field.

“I guess I will run to my heart’s content a bit!”

Saying that, Sena broke out into a run.

For Sena, who couldn’t do any intense workouts, always had a fragile body and would have to visit the nurse’s room every time she got too nervous, being able to run until your stamina drains was something fresh and new. After doing that for about 10 minutes, Sena’s ‘presence detect’ gave off an alarm. It seemed to be a player and a monster so she decided to observe using her ‘clairvoyance’.

There were 3 players fighting against an orc.

All 3 of whom were female. One was a halberd-wielding therianthrope, one was a spear-wielding human and the last was an elf with a wand. A well balanced team—the therianthrope and the human were front lining while the elf was using healing magic from behind.

But maybe they had a level gap, seeing how they were at a disadvantage.

After pondering for a while, Sena decided to help them out.

From afar,  she had assisted parties who were in a pinch before, as well.

Although she always ran at full speed as soon as she confirmed the monster was defeated since she couldn’t talk to them face to face.

After taking stance with her beloved bow, she affirmed her target.

The weapon’s inherent stats, sniper skills, clairvoyance and presence detection — all these had made her into a terrific archer.


Right as she released, the arrow flew like thunder.




It was careless.

Fujisawa Saki… In-game name ‘Saki’, regretted her decision.

She had been leveling up with her friends but then one of them suggested to go into an area with higher difficulty level.

Saki’s party was strengthening their skills as a medium level party but they had let their guard down before they knew it.

And this was the result.

They couldn’t do anything against an orc.


They were easily blown away by the orc. The therianthrope was strong physically and so could front line for a long time but there was a limit to that as well.

The orc didn’t pay any heed to Saki and threw the other member away. It then aimed for the elf.

“Shina-chan, run!”

She screamed even though she knew her friend wouldn’t make it.

And it was at that moment.

A sudden arrow came piercing the orc’s face.

The orc let out a death scream and collapsed.

For a while, she had been taken aback but then regained her senses and helped out her friends.

“Shina-chan, Chris-chan, you guys okay?”

“Y-yeah, I am fine.”

“But what was that just now?’

They were still astonished about what had just happened.

Saki scanned the surroundings with her presence detection but there was no one around.

“I tried searching with presence detection but there’s no one around.”

“Your presence detection was at C level, right? You still didn’t find anything?”

“Is it perhaps that phantom archer?”

“Phantom archer?”

Saki questioned back.

According to Chris, there’s this archer helping out players in a pinch.

“But no one has ever seen the archer and there was also no one like that in the previous event. The latest word is that that might have been a false rumor.”

“But they actually saved us this time?!”

“Right… Then maybe they do exist after all.”

“Let’s keep it at that, shall we? We leveled up from that fight too so let’s go to the 1st boss.”

Shina stopped that conversation.

There are several bosses like that in the world of Anadin and once you beat them, you can move on to the 2nd city, ‘Gunradoin’ from the starting city, ‘Arnima’.

Furthermore, the one who defeats the boss gets their name and timing curved into that city’s slate.

Getting back to topic, the other 2 also agreed with Shina and they headed back to Arnima.

[Bow skill  –  Sinking attack – acquired]

She could hear such a voice.

“Area boss… There was such a thing!”

Sena was amazed by this new information.

One would normally know this if they had gone to the training arena at first but since Sena didn’t go there and since she doesn’t have any friends to exchange information with, Sena was clueless.

I can’t be doing this! I should challenge it too!”

She broke into a run once again.

And immediately after,

“Hmm? Where can I fight this boss?! More importantly, where am I?!”

She was lost.

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