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Archer 8

Loner and The Boss

Author note: I have decided to write Sera instead of Sena when she’s in game. I am sorry for this sudden change.




After somehow making it back to Arnima, Sera got to know about the information board’s existence for the first time.

Now that she knows the location of the first boss, she headed there immediately.

(Alright, I will do my best and defeat the boss~!)

The boss battle is held inside a certain designated area. Because of this, solo bow combat is completely not suited for it as not only do you have to maintain a distance from your enemy when shooting, it also takes a little time to prepare your attack. But when did common sense ever get through to Sera.

“Is the boss here?”

As she entered a small shrine saying that, suddenly it got brighter inside and a barrier was spread out.

And then it appeared.


Boss – Orc King.

It had high hp and strength and even though it was the first boss, you can easily get annihilated if you let your guard down.

“Let’s go!”

Sera took stance with her bow and kicked the ground.

At the same time, Orc king also came charging at her with his huge club.


Sera dodged it safely and continued drawing her bow.

“I will shoot this straight into its head!”

Orc king swung his club towards Sera, tried to punch her and kick her.

However, none of those hit.

It didn’t even come remotely close to Sera, who has the highest agility of all players.

Sera continued dodging the Orc king’s fierce attacks.

[Skill – The Mind Eye – acquired]

She heard a voice but she was in no position to pay any heed to it. Sera was also desperate in dodging the Orc king’s attacks.

Before long, the bow had been fully powered up and after confirming that, Sera shot the arrow aiming for the Orc king’s head.



The Orc king’s agonizing scream reverberated. The HP bar on top of the Orc king’s head decreased to 70%.

“If I can hit that 3 more times—”

And at that moment,

Sera suddenly felt a chill like never before.

The chill gave off a premonition of death.

‘I will die at this rate’.

She had such a strong premonition.


It was mostly just reflex.

At the same time Sera created distance from the Orc king at full speed, the area she was just at was blown to pieces.


It was Orc king’s ultimate move, Destroy Stomp. The number of people who got hit by this are countless.

She definitely wouldn’t have made it if she moved after seeing the Orc king move. She couldn’t help but break cold sweats as she realized that.

(I can’t let my guard down. This is a boss fight.)

Just when she psyched herself up again, the orc’s right shoulder suddenly started shining.

(This is… critical spot aim skill?)

This probability of this skill being activated is extremely low—even after being ranked up to B, it is at a 5%.

However, if it does activate, then that’s the chance to attack.

And when she looked closely, the shining area  seemed like the Orc king’s old wound.

“I will get you for sure this time!”

Saying that, Sera began storing energy once again for the shot while dodging.

She was being cautious of the area attack just now by keeping a distance from the orc.

The Orc king soon got impatient again and used Destroy Stomp.

However, as she had maintained distance, she could react even after seeing it.

And then, aiming for that small window right after the orc used his move,

“Eat this!!”

Sera’s stored up energy-filled arrow pierced through the Orc king’s right shoulder.


The Orc king’s scream reverberated inside the shrine. He only had a little HP left.

Sera mercilessly kept attacking the orc as it shrieked in pain.

And then–

[Subjugation of first boss Orc King successful. Your record was extremely good and so it will be engraved into the city plate. You can now proceed to the 2nd city, Gunradoin. Please support Anadin from here on, as well.]

“I did it…”

She reflexively fell to her knees.

Even though she won without taking any damage, this was the strongest enemy she faced and had gotten tired from the mental pressure.

“I will just go back and sleep for the day…”

Having said that, Sera logged out.

At Arnima’s city plate.

Top 10 player’s name who subjugated the Orc king are displayed there.

Among all the famous players and their parties, Sera’s name and timing was listed at number 2.

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