Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 59

Volume 2 Chapter 19



Mary was taken aback and she finally called out his name; after his name was being called, Addie slowly walked towards her.


“I-I think there are a lot of things we should talk over about but… um, for now, is it fine if I hug you?”


He then widened his arms and sought for permission.

It’s not the mood for that, so Mary and Alicia were both surprised and looked at each other when they heard his declaration. After that, Alicia could not stop enjoying it and she smiled from ear to ear; in contrast Mary’s face turned red and she stood up from the chair.

The fallen chair made a thud sound and Mary was taken aback. In the first place, it was clear that she’s not in the right mind by how red her face has become.


“W-What are you talking about?1 Where do you think we’re now!? It’s the royal castle! There are people watching so please act properly!”

“It’s fine, Lady Mary! They have cleared the people away and right now I’m just enjoying the view of this beautiful garden!”


Alicia moved the chair and looked behind.

Furthermore she even said she’s “enjoying the view of the garden and she’s not looking at anything else”. That roundabout way of speaking made Mary feel even more embarrassed as she was about to shout “it’s not about that!”… However she was suddenly hugged tightly and that made her swallow her words back,


Her heart’s pounding.

The hands were pressing against her back as though he would not allow her to escape, and at that moment, she felt something hot running through the core of her body.

The arms which were wrapped around her, and his chest which was pressed against her, the places where they were in contact made her realize once again that Addie’s a man and the fact that she has no way to escape made her body temperature rise. Her heart thumped hard but at the same time felt a sweet numb sensation throughout her body..

It’s as though I’m going to melt… she whispered and her breath itself felt hot.


She’s embarrassed and nervous.

The hands on her back were hot and her entire body was hot.

There’s no calmness in her heart and it’s stifling to be the point of being painful. She could hear Addie’s heartbeat and it overlapped her own heartbeat and the sound of which echoed in her.

There’s completely no space between them and each and single breath could probably be heard that she’s hesitant to even breathe; it’s as though she’d forget how to breathe.


While being nervous like that, she felt, at the same time, a sense of happiness. Being in Addie’s embrace created a sweet numb sensation that’s irresistible and she felt like she’s going to melt.

Mary enjoyed sweet sensation before she separated from Addie and placed a distance between them. It was a small distance, but she missed his touch already and looked up at him… she gulped.


His face was even closer than it was when she was hugged by him… or rather he’s making it closer.

As though to lead her, his slightly narrowed red eyes seemed a little erotic and it made Mary’s heartbeat even faster to the point of limit.


“A-Addie… isn’t it a little too fast?”

“What are you talking about? We’re already husband and wife.”

“Eh, that’s right… that’s right. However, as expected there ought to be order in things.”


Mary tried to convince Addie, but he hugged her strongly in response.


“How long do you plan to keep me waiting for?”

“How long… how long have you been waiting?”


Addie’s eyes were fixed on Mary, and she felt the flush of her cheeks as she spoke incoherently. The sound of her heartbeat was too noisy and she does not really know what she has just said. Of course, in such a situation, she could not think of how long he has waited.

However, her body was too hot and her heart was thumping too hard that it’s painful.

What was he expecting? What was he waiting for after the hug…? Of course it’s not as if she does not get it. Even though she has distanced herself from romance, it’s not like she has no idea about it. However, even if she knows about it, she’s not prepared for it.

That’s why, she asked as though to buy herself some time, and Addie narrowed his eyes as though he’s thinking about all this time.


“Well, I don’t know myself too.”

“What’s with that… it’s not a proper answer?”

“Well, it’s too far back to the point that I cannot remember it after all, I’ve only been looking at you, milady. It’s funny isn’t it, I’ve only loved you in my life even though I’m of this age. You are my first love.”


He smiled wryly and honestly confessed which made Mary’s cheeks even redder than ever… she tried to say something but she held her tongue.

He has always been beside her and that’s how long he has been waiting for her. He has waited and waited, and finally he got to hug her now. He’s waited for her for so long so that’s why he’s impatient… when Mary started to think about that, Addie placed his hand on her cheek,

When he rubbed the end of her eye, she felt an electrifying pain running through her, that’s how much she has cried.


“I’m sorry for confessing to you after marrying you… the order is all messed up and I apologize for that.”

“…I was really surprised.”


She was about to blame him for that, but when she looked at him, his wry smile entered into her vision.

It’s as though he’s troubled, as though he’s about to cry, even so it looked like he’s happy. That confusing expression’s a little erotic and cool and more than anything it was lovable. Mary felt as though her heart was tightening and Addie must have noticed her gaze as he cleared his throat shyly and put on a serious look before staring at Mary again.


“I promise to be by your side forever. I’ll only think of you more than anyone else. That’s why please do not just be my lady… please be my wife too.”


Addie requested and looked at her with serious looks as though he would not take no as an answer.

Mary felt as though she’s going to melt with those intense glares and she muttered and closed her eyes as an answer.

She could not think of any verbal words to answer. She don’t know how she should answer, after all she has lived all her life thinking that romance’s impossible for her, that’s why she just closed her eyes and looked up towards him as though to tell him that it’s her answer.


She could feel Addie’s hand, which was on her cheeks, twitching.

Ah, so you are nervous too… Mary muttered that quietly in her heart when she felt a soft sensation on her lips.


They’re kissing.

When she realized that, her heart thumped loudly and she felt good.


She has been touched by Addie multiple times before and they have held hands together. However, their interaction now as a male and female, was unexpectedly sweet and it numbed Mary’s entire body.

It was like a dream.


She felt the strength leaving her body and the sweet joy numbed her; she slowly left Addie’s lips.

Hah… both of them let out hot breaths.

After that, they both looked at each other and Addie once again opened his mouth.


“I’ve always loved you. From now on too, I’ll love you forever.”


Those words made her unbelievably happy.

The sensation deep in her heart spread through her entire body and Mary felt dizzy. After that, she felt the heat and replied.


“Me too… it seems that I’ve always loved you.”


Addie narrowed his eyes in bliss.

After that, both of them affirmed their love for each other and Addie once again leaned his face slowly towards her.

Oh, one more time? Mary thought silently.

However, thinking about the sweet sensation earlier, there’s no reason to refuse and Mary closed her eyes again.


She once again felt that soft sensation.

It was as though she’s floating and all the places she’s been touched were hot and felt good.

At times, the angles were changed and as though to confirm the love, Mary was drunk in the sweet kiss… the slow and yet deepening exchange of lips made her eyebrows twitch.

It’s somehow different from the earlier kiss…

It’s definitely sweet and felt good, but it was kind of hot compared to before. Or rather, perhaps they have proceeded too far…

After that, as though to have a deeper kiss, Addie’s tongue slowly entered into Mary’s mouth…






Mary said that and immediately separated from Addie before wriggling a fist into the side of Addie’s stomach.




With a groan, Addie pressed onto the side of his stomach and fell.


“I’m sorry, I went too far…”

“The next time you go too far, I’m going to place a close distance restraint order on you and have us exchange diaries through father!”

“No way… I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it for a month….”


Addie apologized with a groan and miserable sound and Mary clicked her tongue.

She was swept away by the mood, but still they’re in the royal castle. Also, Alicia’s nearby… well she’s facing them with her back and closing her ears though.


“L-Lady Alicia. You can look over here,”


She coughed to cover the awkward atmosphere and called out to Alicia.

Alicia covered her ears in consideration and noticed her voice.

“It’s fine, Lady Mary. It’s a perfect chance so you two should spend more time…”

She exclaimed happily as she turned behind before shrieking.

“Eek! What happened to Sir Addie!?”




“Well then, we’re going back…. I’m really sorry for dropping by at a time like this.”

“No, it’s fine.”


Alicia smiled and shook her head and Mary returned with a shy smile.

Even so, this is the royal castle and she has dropped by without prior announcement. She decided to come back another day to apologize to the king and queen, and thank the security personnel who has called for Alicia… when Mary was thinking of that, Addie, who was standing beside her, muttered that he too has to thank Sir Patrick.


After hearing about the details, it seems like a few hours before Addie was having a meal with the head of the Albert family and the priest when they received the news from the royal castle.

He totally thought that Mary’s in her own room, and even checked her out in front of her door repeatedly. He called out to her occasionally and was hurt at how she did not respond to him, but to think that the room was empty… he was shocked when he heard the news.

-Regarding this matter, Mary said nonchalantly that she could leave the room other than through the door. In response, Addie said that he knows there’s the window and storage space above the closet. However, why did the lady, who’s crying in pain with her love woes, think about leaving the room through the windows or the storage space above the closet…


When he received the news, he immediately headed to the royal castle to fetch her but he was hesitant for a bit. It might be a little miserable to talk about it, but he has lived his entire life as a servant to the Albert family; even if he has married into the Albert family, he thought that his status would not change. Therefore, he could not leave his seat when he’s having a meal with the head of the household and people of equal status.

At that point of time, it was no one other than Patrick who gave him the push.


“Why are you standing here? That Lady Mary, the Lady Mary who was once my fiancée chose you! Don’t show such a miserable state!”


He spoke like Mary and when Addie heard it, he felt like the shackles on him has loosened and he bowed before leaving the room in a hurry and rode a horse wagon here.

After hearing the story, Mary widened her eyes in surprise.


“You came here by horse wagon?”

“Yes. I drank alcohol after all.”

“Did you not feel nauseous in the horse wagon?”

“It seems like I’m fine since I’m drunk… also there’s no time for me to feel nauseous.”


Addie laughed shyly and Mary once again felt her cheeks reddening.

If this happened in the past, she would just act nonchalantly, however now that she has noticed his and her own feelings, every single bit of it seemed to have melted into her heart. However, right now, she could not enjoy that- because there are people around them watching. Furthermore, it’s not just Alicia- she decided to brush it off and said “the power of alcohol is great.”


“Sir Addie, if Sir Patrick was still around, could you please send my regards to him as well.”

“Yes, I got it- understood, Lady Alicia.”

“It hurts me when you behave so distantly like this…”

“Of course it’s difficult to act like how I usually do in the royal castle. Please understand.”


Alicia and Addie’s interaction was so fun that it made Mary laugh.

Right after that, she took Alicia’s hand and thanked her sincerely “Thanks, Lady Alicia.”


”I’m glad I came to you. I’ll also thank Patrick and tell him how well you have treated me…”

“Lady Mary…”


Alicia smiled happily as her hand was grabbed tightly upon.

Alicia then said that there’s another message she’d like to deliver, and Mary told her with a gentle smile that she could do so.


“Please pass the message ‘Good night, Sir Patrick’.”

“Yes, I’ll make sure to deliver the message.”

“And also, and also ‘I love you.’ too.”

“Yes yes, I’ll deliver the message.”

“Also, please pass the message that ‘As expected Sir Patrick is wonderful’ ‘I love the kind Sir Patrick’ too!”



Also, also, with a red cheek, Alicia passed on her messages to her lover and Mary did not stop smiling as she said coldly.


“Well then let’s go back.”


There’s no more count left. It’s a very Mary-like way to deal with it.

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