Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 60

Volume 2 Chapter 20

The following morning, Mary was on cloud nine.

That’s because her love, which albeit was a little late, finally sprouted- nope to be exact it has already sprouted before and was left aside for quite a long time- now it has finally bore fruit; he even kissed her forehead before they went to sleep last night. Addie’s happy smile and gentle touch on her forehead along with the words “good night”… caused flowers to bloom in her mind then and when she woke up, they’ve become a flower field. The fecundity was akin to that of mint.

Adding on to that, everyone thought that Mary would sleep in this morning, judging from her behaviour yesterday; they totally did not expect her to wake up early and wash up quickly.

There were one or two maids around; she might be able to reduce the number of flowers in her head while drinking some warm black tea so…


Mary, while on cloud nine, decided to leave the room instead.

“I have to announce this to everyone!”

She even had a sense of duty which was uncalled for…



Just like that, the first place she visited was her father’s room.

He’s the head of the Albert family who holds equal power as the royal family and is said to be the support pillar of the royal family.

It’s the room of that person; normal beings or even big-wigs from the noble families would take a deep breath to calm their hearts down before entering. Some would even arrange for another timing to meet if they were to turn up too early.

Well, his daughter, Mary, was not afraid at all and did not bother about the timing as she knocked lightly on the doors; upon receiving a reply, she slowly opened the door and peeked inside.

Looking inside, her father and two elder brothers were having a discussion with stern expressions around the table. ‘It must be tough to start working from early morning…’ she thought as she entered the room and sat down on the chair near them.

They exchanged greetings and ‘Good mornings’ like usual, but on their expressions, it’s clear that they’re thinking ‘what’s the matter?’

Having sensed that, Mary cleared her throat.


“Um, father and brothers…”



Mary started talking again; they stopped moving their hands and looked at her.

It made Mary blush and she continued ‘I…’


“I… married Addie.”


Mary covered her cheeks as she said that and the Albert family’s head and both of her elder brothers looked at each other.

What’s with that…?

The Albert family took part in the busy preparations and more importantly, the marriage of nobles required the signature of the head of the household. To put it simply, Mary’s father signed more documents than she did, so why did she make that announcement to them at a time like this… the three of them were perplexed.


“We know.”


They replied.


“Oh yeah… that’s true, you guys know that right?”

“What’s wrong, Mary.”

“That’s right… um, that… I knew about this yesterday but Addie likes me and loves me so that’s why he wanted to marry me.”


Mary’s face started reddening even more and the three of them looked at each other again.

What is this all about and why is this daughter- this younger sister- saying this? The three of them once again replied in unison.


“We know.”


After that, this time round, they decided to add on with congratulatory words like “that’s great”. They realized that if they were to stop talking, Mary would probably continue her incoherent ranting.

In response to that, Mary nodded happily with an extremely pure expression. She decided that she has to report that to her mother too and left the room after greeting without changing her expression of glee. The guys left behind had no clue as to what has just happened.


It’s clear to everyone else that Addie has always had fond feelings for Mary.

Like Mary, he too acted as the “perfect servant”, but he always treated Mary sincerely when they were together. They were always together and he understands her more than anyone else.

It’s clear to anyone else that the relationship has far surpassed that the boundaries of being a “servant”; they were perplexed at how Mary could only discovered that last night.


After thinking about that, the head of Albert family muttered “hmm”. In contrast, his two sons, who looked like him when he’s younger, were grinning broadly.

Also, after that, it goes without saying, they called the relevant people for tea to ask about what has happened last night.



Mary has no idea that her father and elder brothers were scheming behind her back as she walked to her mother’s room with light footsteps and flowers blooming in her head; she knocked on the door like she did earlier.

After waiting for a reply and entering into the room, she saw that her mother was sewing elegantly and there were a few maids who were arranging flowers around the room nearby. Her mother’s silver hair was waving lightly today too as she smiled beautifully and greeted ‘Good morning Mary.’


“What’s wrong?”

“Mother, um…”


Sitting down opposite to her mother, Mary’s face reddened.


After that, she took a sip of the black tea which was prepared for her and opened her mouth “um…”


“Mother, I… married Addie.”

“Yes, I know that.”

“That’s right, you know that right? Um, everyone”

“We know that.”


Mary said that with resolution but they just replied her lightly; she widened her eyes a bit. In the first place, Carrel’s the female head of the family and she signed various documents with her husband, the maids also took part in the preparations under the lead of Patrick.

They were talking about the costumes, songs, food and alcohol for the party.

Understanding that, Mary nodded and said “That’s right.” Once again, her face turned red.


“Also… I loved Addie.”


Mary confessed shyly; her mother and the maids of course wondered what this daughter- this lady- was talking about and they looked at each other and replied in unison.


“We know.”


After that, Mary was elated and exclaimed that she has to let others know about this too before leaving, everyone just sighed.


“Tsk, I don’t understand her even though she’s my daughter; why’s she talking about that at this timing?”

“Yes, really…”


After such peaceful exchanges, they giggled.

Everyone who has had close interaction with Mary would have known her fond feelings for Addie. Mary would sometimes behave like the perfect lady and sometimes behave unlike one; she managed to skilfully switch between the two, but whenever she’s with Addie, she’d “just be Mary.” Also, her happy expressions during those times just tell it all. There’re no fake expressions, it’s just pure emotions.

If that’s not fondness, what’s it? It seems like she has finally realized that last night.


While thinking of that, Carrel placed the sewing needle on the desk.

‘Hey’ she called out to the maids and her expression was filled with joy.


“Hey, why don’t you ladies rest too? Let’s have tea together.”

“Us too?”

“That’s right… therefore we would need –someone- to prepare tea for us.”


Carrel grinned so beautifully it’s like she’s the holy mother; the maids have figured out her intention and nodded “yes” with lovely smiles.




Without knowing that such an interaction has had happened, while scattering flowers all around in her mind, Mary walked in the compounds of her mansion and went around reporting –that late news- to everyone who took care of her; she stopped walking when she saw the familiar back of someone.

That straight back, slim body with long limbs, blue hair waving in the wind… it’s definitely Patrick and she dashed towards him.



“Oh, it’s Mary.”

“You’re here this early in the morning… oh, it’s not that early anymore huh. Anyway, what’s wrong? Did you leave some documents behind again?”

”No, I have something to talk to your father about my family matters… Somehow, I’ve been here every day lately huh.”


He has been in the mansion more than Mary has had been. Patrick jokingly shrugged his shoulders and Mary too smiled.


Although there was the matter of Mary and Addie, Patrick has been visiting the Albert family quite frequently even before that.

When the Dice Family head succession and problems pertaining to that happened, he came over to seek the advice of the Albert family head. In actual fact, when the problems occurred after the head of the Dice family announced the family succession, it was only the Albert family who held enough power and ability to settle the issue among the noble families. Right now, it’s not only Patrick, but his younger brother who was set to take over the head’s position, and both his parents would come over to seek help from the Albert family and help them out when needed; that’s how their relationships deepened.


“I didn’t expect to be under your family’s care this much.”

“That’s right, it’s unthinkable in the past right?”


Before, the families appeared to be close but there was a clear divide in their power, they also interacted while being conscious of the eyes of other families. Mary and Patrick were treated as though they were going to tie the knots. They cannot imagine requesting each other for help like “marriage proposal.”

-Even if they were to marry each other, they would not have imagined their relationship to be so close like they were now. After all, it’s just going to be a political marriage and they’d only be talking about connections; they’d definitely not be in a relationship where they’d help each other-


For example, Patrick would probably exclaim “As expected of the head of the Albert family…” while shining his blue eyes- and upon seeing that, Mary would be annoyed and say “Ew, father’s number of (disgusting) believers has just increased”- The head of the Albert family would probably then seriously tell Patrick and his younger brothers that “As expected the eldest son is capable, but the second and third sons are also equally skilled. How I wish I have two or three daughters.” They didn’t imagine that they’d forge an amicable relationship where there’s no fakery involved.


That’s why they found it sarcastic when they received compliments of how they matched so well, both of them would express wry laughter; recalling that, Mary called Patrick’s name and looked up towards him.

His blue hair and same-coloured eyes were deep and his well-structured face definitely meets the ideals of the ladies. Even so, Mary was unfazed and her heartbeat rate remains unchanged, she does not feel any tightening in her heart when he looked back at her either. She thought that it was strange in the past, but now that she knows that there’s someone else in her heart, she understood why.


“Patrick, hey”

“What’s wrong?”

“I married!”

“I know. I did the preparations after all.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m thankful… and”


Mary’s face suddenly turned red again and she pressed her cheeks with a lovely expression like that of a maiden in love.

At this sight, Patrick could not help but widened his eyes; he did not imagine that Mary to make this kind of expression and gesture…



“Y-Yes… and, what’s wrong?”

“Addie and I… always had fond feelings for each other since the past.”


Mary said that happily and Patrick spaced out for a moment before saying-


“…I knew that.”


He replied with a dumbfounded look.


“Yes… everyone has better instinct than I thought.”

“Or rather, you are the one who’s duller than I thought.”

“I see, that’s possible-”


Having such obvious talks, Patrick took a small sigh and once again called Mary’s name.


“Mary, congrats”


Patrick congratulated her not in a way the Dice family’s son would do for the marriage of the Albert family’s daughter, but as Patrick himself towards Mary herself; Mary too nodded earnestly in response.


“Thanks, Patrick. If Addie was not around, I’d definitely marry you without a doubt.”

“Yeah, I guess so; if Alicia and Addie were not around, we’d probably be a married couple already.”


Both of them exchanged the highest compliments to each other when they suddenly heard quick footsteps from the back…


“Lady Mary! Good Morning!”


With force, Alicia tackled… nope she hugged Mary

At that moment, Mary gave off a muffled sound.


“L-Lady Alicia, morning… yesterday… you took care of… stop it get away from me! Why are you pulling me closer?”


Alicia laughed joyfully as Mary forcefully placed a distance between them; she then raised the hems of her skirt and did a polite greeting. As though she did not just tackle her earlier, her gesture and morning greetings exude the elegance of a princess.

Right when one would think like that, Alicia once again showed her usual sunshine-like smile and pulled Mary’s arm as she called out “Lady Mary!” It seems like there’s a time-limit to her acting like a princess.


“Lady Mary, you returned home yesterday, but please stay over next time. Let’s have a stay-over party!”

“No, I cannot sleep without my personal pillow.”

“Eh, is that so…”

“Yes, it seems like the usual pillow’s height does not fit me.”


Mary said that apologetically and Alicia let go of her grasp on her arm disappointedly. Right then, Mary muttered “Well, I guess I can sleep without a pillow” but unfortunately Alicia did not seem to hear that.

However, it seems that Patrick, who was nearby, heard that and he sighed at how Mary stuck out her tongue playfully.


Right then, the three of them faced the same direction again as they could hear the footsteps of another person running over.

Along with that, they could hear the words “My lady!” which was like the way a husband calls his wife and not the way a servant would use. Of course, that’s Addie.

It seems like he’s quite in a hurry. He dashed over to Mary without having the leisure to greet Patrick and Alicia.


“My lady! What were you spreading around?”

“What… what do you mean?”

“This morning, Sir and Madam called me out and tried to pry something out of me with lukewarm looks; wherever I go to, everyone would be grinning and congratulate me! Did you say something?”

“Hm? I didn’t say anything weird though?”


Addie must have been quite embarrassed as he asked her with a red face, in contrast Mary widened her eyes and she tilted her head as she really had no clue.

In actual fact, Mary has only went around reporting news of her marriage and that their relationships were deeper than she has had thought- to those people around her who have known about it, they thought “something must have happened last night”… and she wasn’t aware of that.

Having figured out what has had happened, Patrick sighed and talked about the Mary’s earlier marriage declaration.


“L-Lady… please don’t tell me you have been going around from early morning to say that ‘we are married!’…?”

“Everyone knew about that!”

“A-And that we’ve fond feelings for each other…”

“Everyone knew about that!”


Mary exclaimed that it was such a surprise with looks of excitement, but Addie’s already red face just reddened more and he could not help it but cover his face with both hands.

He has had one-sided feeling that’s evident to everyone who’s in the family that his generations of families have served for, and right when it has finally come to bore fruits, his wife boasted their relationship to everyone around. Of course, that’d be embarrassing, but since it has become quite a topic within the mansion, it’s clear that they’re teasing him with it.

Patrick figured out Addie’s feelings and patted on his shoulders to comfort him.


In contrast, Mary was still confused as she tilted her head and looked at the two; suddenly, as though she has thought of something, she raised her voice and said “oh right!”


“I will return to Eliciana early today.”

“You dropped such a bomb and you’re going to leave me alone and head for Eliciana?”

“What’s with that? Lady Parfait asked me to bring a cake back.”


Addie raised his voice to say that it’s not right to do that, but Mary replied as though he’s rude and explained the situation.

Hearing the word ‘cake’ and the store name from Mary made Alicia’s eyes twinkle for a moment. No matter what year it was, regardless of a lady’s mental strength, they were all weak against sweet things.

Normally Alicia would stop Mary and have her stay till the very last minute before her departure, however today, she said ‘go and line up for it!’ and rushed her; it’s a store of her country that she’s proud of and wants to show it to the other neighbouring countries, and that’s how much she loves cakes

While her back was being pushed by Alicia, Mary lightly greeted “Well then, see you the next break” and left. Of course, Addie chased after her; Patrick and Alicia were left behind.

It might be a little strange for the Dice Family’s eldest son and the princess to be in the Albert’s Family house all alone, but it’s a common sight these days.


“Even though both of them are married, nothing has changed.”


Patrick said with a sigh and Alicia who stood beside him giggled with a nod.

As usual, Mary and Addie were not like master and servant, nor husband and wife, they were just being themselves.

While looking at their backs, Patrick thought about settling the matter he’s here today for, when someone grabbed his arm. Looking at who it was, Alicia was there looking at him with a slight pout and adoring look.



“Lady Mary seems happy right…”

“She’s a little too excited though”

“How nice…”


Patrick was looking at the backs of Mary and Addie while sighing but his heart skipped at a beat when Alicia said that, he then looked at her.

Alicia’s purple eyes were a little forceful and sweet and it charmed Patrick.


“How nice, Lady Mary”


With an adoring voice and suggestive words, it’s clear that she has had hopes for her beloved partner; there’s no way Patrick Dice would not have noticed that.

That’s why, while Patrick’s cheeks were reddening, he cleared his throat and called Alicia’s name.


“Alicia… shall we go for dinner with just the two of us tonight?”


“Yes, um… there’s something important I’d like to say.”


Patrick said that shyly; Alicia flashed the brightest smile for today and said “of course!” with a nod.





A few days before, this happened at the Eliciana academy.


“Lady Mary, um… p-please… um, it’s fine if you don’t like it…! I-it’s troublesome… right, troublesome right? You don’t like it right?… s-sorry…!”

“Wait! I didn’t say anything!”

“But, it’s a trouble to Lady Mary…”

“What!? What’s it that you want!?”

“Um, I’ll pay it properly so… please… but”

“Pay… do you want me to buy something!?”

“But, Lady Mary might think that I’m a glutton, I’m embarrassed…”

“You want me to buy some food, right?!”

“B-But, I’ll buy it myself… but it might be sold out before I arrive…”

“It’s popular, right!? You want me to buy some popular food right!?”

“U-Um, I’ll exercise properly after eating it, also I’ll try to reduce the sugar in the black tea…!”

“It’s fattening, right!? You want me to buy some popular food that’s fattening, right!? I’m getting there… I’m getting to the answer!”


This happened.

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