Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 61

Volume 2 Chapter 21

Something like that happened before the break ends, Mary, who has returned to Eliciana academy, was sitting on a chair in the classroom with Parfait, it seems like she’s worrying about something with a serious aura emanating from her. The serious atmosphere was so heavy and Parfait looked at her worriedly without daring to talk to her.

Mary herself was aware that Parfait’s worried for her, but she could not do anything about it.



Thinking about it once again, she’s extremely happy.

After a while, and having placed a distance with a change of environment, she has reverted to her former calm self, and it’s clear to her that she loves Addie too much.



However, at the same time, she felt ashamed and angry at herself for not having noticed these feelings all along. Now that she reflects on the past, Addie was always by her side and approached her in a rather obvious way.

He did not directly say “I like you” or “I love you”, but his every single action and words reflected that, now that she thought about it.

Even so, she was ignorant and did not sense that at all and interpreted it in her own way, and even responded in a totally irrelevant manner. No, ignorant was not even enough to describe her, that’s how bad it was.


Ah, I’m such an idiot. Why did I not realize that all along?

After thinking about this and that, it ought to be clear.

After trampling him all over, I even said “let’s get married so that you can do what you want!?” How foolish… wait, does that mean I proposed to him?!


“Um… Lady Mary…”


Parfait called her name timidly and Mary’s back to reality.

Parfait was looking at her with a worried expression. The ends of her eyebrows were facing downwards, and it seemed like she has called her a number of times already.


“Um, Lady Mary… what’s wrong? You have been spacing out since morning today…”

“Eh, I’m just thinking back of all the foolish things I have done and it’s embarrassing and frustrating; right now I want to dig a hole and hide in it.”

“Is that so…? I don’t really understand, but did you have some painful memories?”

“Painful!? No way! There’s nothing painful about it, rather, it feels like I’m covered by a veil of flowers from head to toe!”

“…In that case, why?”

“That’s precisely why, I feel bad and pathetic for being so happy like this! I’m crying because of my lack of ability when it comes to my own love matters! I’m not just merely an inexperienced chick when it comes to romance; I’m a chick that’s still in the shell… no I’m the shell itself!”


Mary was making a fuss and there were question marks all above Parfait’s head. However, to calm Mary down, she smiled and said “it seems like you have married someone very special, right?”

She does not know the Mary’s situation, but all she knows is that the latter’s exuding ‘happiness’.


“I’m very curious who Lady Mary got married to.”

“Hmm… I want to tell it to you, but mother and on top of that, the princess told me to keep it a surprise.”

“Hehe, I’m looking forward to the party… ah.”


Parfait, who was giggling happily, raised a soft voice as though she noticed something.

Mary turned back to follow her gaze; Karina, along with some other female students, were on their way to the classroom. They were all rival characters of “Doradora” and had their fiancés stolen by Lilianne.

That group of girls are heading towards us… she looked at Parfait.

In contrast, Parfait looked back at her and a faint expression of fear and anxiety surfaced on her face, after that it seems like she has resolved herself as she stood up with force. However, that caused the chair to fall onto the ground with a huge thud sound; that fazed Parfait and she panicked.


“Is there something?”

“Y-Yes… there’s something I’d like to talk to you about.”

“Oh, is that so? The atmosphere does not seem calm enough for merely something that you’d like to talk about.”


The group led by Karina stared at Parfait and her shoulders shook slightly.

From her reaction, it’s clear that it’s not ‘just a talk’. However, it seems like she cannot reveal the details to Mary, as she just muttered with an anxious look that it’s ‘just a talk.’


“Um… I’d leave my seat for just a while.”

“Is that so? You look pale, are you alright?”


She asked her hinting that if it’s fine if she doesn’t go along with her; Parfait got the message and replied that ‘it’s fine’. However, while she replied that, it’s clear from her expression that she’s not so.

From now on, she’s going to confront that group who’s emanating the drive to fight, it’s as though a lamb is approaching a pack of wolves. Even though Mary’s supporting her, it’s impossible to tell her not to worry.

Adding on to that, Parfait’s so nervous that her footsteps were unsteady, and it’s painful to see her tripping. In response to that, even Mary was brought out of her ecstatic flower plantation situation, she sighed that she could not help it and got up her seat.



Right after that, she followed after her towards the back of the school building.

Even though it’s the back of the school’s building, this is the Eliciana academy where nobles are enrolled into, so every corner of it was properly maintained; it’s like a vast outdoor garden. Or rather, it’s even bigger than the actual garden; there were even artistic statues and a small salon in it that one would think it unnecessary for the normal school life.

Rather than the actual garden, the back of the school building’s more crowded than usual. That’s because some idiots have overheard of the ‘talk’ from rumors and came over to take a look.

What idiots… Mary was sick of those people and stared at them.

Those idiots had no courage to look at the people involved directly and pretended to do something else, but in fact they were peeking over at a spot, so it’s easy to know where they were at.

Adding on to that, with Mary’s appearance, the mutterings have increased in volume and she has no idea if she should just give up on being sick about these or be angry at them. While having such thoughts, the reverse harem group led by Lilianne and the ladies led by Karina, were confronting each other.


The atmosphere was of course intense, and it seems like it’s enough to cause the grass and trees to wither. It’s definitely not going to be ‘just a talk’ and Mary muttered within her heart ‘Ugh, it’s hard to enter now…’

If she were to be asked to enter in with a bribery of money, or even croquettes, she’d reject.


That’s why, she decided to first observe the happening, and she placed some distance such that she can hear their conversations and looked at the groups.

She’s rather annoyed at how she’s behaving like those idiots, but if the conversation went smooth… or even if it’s not possible, if there’s no need for Mary to interfere, she’d not go over.

After all, it has nothing to do with Mary. It’s not like her fiancé was stolen by Lilianne, neither did she caused her ruin. If she were to borrow Lilianne’s words, if there’s no need ‘already’, she would not thoughtlessly rush in to stick her head into the matters of Karina or Lilianne.

Even so, she came over because she’s worried about Parfait, who’s standing in the middle of the groups alone while shivering. Looking at her alone, it seems like there’s no need for a fight. That’s why, she decided to just be a bystander as long as nothing happens to her, and pricked her ears to eavesdrop into the conversations.


Those recognizable phrases were exactly like those in the game.


It’s the final stage of the reverse harem route.


Mary Albert’s the enemy in all of the games, but the verbal attack on her only happened in the first series, in “Doradora”, depending on the route, the endings for the rival characters and those girls were different.

Parfait and Karina were good examples; they became the side character and main character’s good friend, and eventually led to the villainess demise course.

Even though there were many various stories, and it’s a reverse harem route, it’s just all biased “Lilianne, while surrounded by all the boys and friends, verbally attacked some of the rival characters who she just cannot get along with till the end”; the illogical ‘convenient’ path which would even leave children scratching their head. In the end, the producer of the game would use this story plot again. The players would too make sure that they would not make the wrong decisions or actions and proceed on the game while referencing the strategy website; in the end they’d have the sweet taste of success when the roll ending credits appear. It’s to that point.

That situation is unrolling before her eyes right now. Mary looked at the situation and Lilianne with a complicated feeling. She looked a little anxious while being surrounded by a group of frail looking men, but how was she exactly feeling inside?

Was she feeling a sense of achievement for being able to unlock this event…? No, or perhaps, she’s more nervous than anyone else in this group.


It’s a little too early for the event to be unlocked, or rather, starting from Parfait, some of the characters were doing a great job at disrupting the situation. In fact, she was supposed to confront only a few of the rival characters, but right now, everyone’s standing up against Lilianne.

Mary, who knew the contents of the reverse harem game and ‘extras’ of the upcoming event, even though Lilianne’s skilled, she seems to be heading in a dangerous path.


That’s how anxious she was.

However, the reverse harem route was extremely difficult, and leaving some components aside, there’s a reason why there’s a need to be nervous about it.

That’s because, lying ahead of this route, something, no, someone would appear, and before it is too late…



It’s going to be a show.

Mary muttered quietly and looked at Lilianne with sympathy.

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