Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 62

Volume 2 Chapter 22

Mary stared at Lilianne as she tried to figure out the latter’s thoughts, but the idiots around her started making a stir.

The strategy target characters surrounded Lilianne and they started to declare their break-up with their fiancées one after another. Just like the event of the game, it was so smooth to the point that one would question if they have planned the order beforehand, the ladies who received the break-up declarations started turning pale.

Some of them even compared their fiancées with Lilianne, and hearing this made Mary furrow her eyebrows. It’s terrible enough for them to break up with their fiancées because of their own selfishness, but to add on to that, they even blamed the ladies for it.


‘If you’re going to do that too, I’m not going to forgive you!’ Mary glared at Gainas, and it seems like he has sensed that intention as he suddenly shivered and hurriedly looked around his surroundings. However, right after that, he immediately apologized to Parfait and bowed; compared to the others, he was quite decent.


After the final guy declared his break-up, Lilianne, while surrounded by the guys, gave a sorry look and stepped forward.

-It was just a “sorry look” and it certainly wasn’t an impressive acting she’s showing there. Those who did not know about the situation would probably think that Lilianne’s the victim-


“Everyone, I’m sorry. However… I think this is true love.”


Lilianne spoke the exact same phrases which appeared in the game; Mary was surprised by how quickly things were settled as she thought “Well, this is the end, I guess.”

Her lines were the final ending of this event. The theme of “true love” which she spoke of could only be readily accepted by the rival characters who admitted their defeat. The phrases of the main character who built up the reverse harem game are after all made for the sake of the game’s player Lilianne.

The way it was settled so selfishly made some of the rival characters raise their voices of criticism, but in the first place, the reverse harem route itself was just a game made by the developers. Even if they were to receive criticisms… these were just the thoughts of the players.


After the end of the game, the main character would just leave the scene…


While recollections of the previous life (game) appeared in Mary’s mind, she heard the unsettling laughter of Karina.

She looked at her and the latter has a terrifying beautiful smile on her face, and she’s glaring at Lilianne without fear.

It’s clear from her expression that she has no intention to admit defeat.


“Oh, how wonderful ‘true love’ is- Hey, everyone shares the same thoughts, right?”


Karina sought agreements from her fellow mates behind her, and she appeared exactly like a villain. Even though she’s on the execution ground, her bold laughter and appearance reveals that she has a trump card hidden under her sleeves.

“No, isn’t she a little cool…”

Mary was impressed and as though the ladies have learned from Karina, they showed the same smiles. They were pale and looked like they’re in pain earlier, but it all switched so quickly. If that were all an act, they must be rather impressive actresses.

…Among them, there’s one girl who’s still crying and trembling. In the eyes of Mary, she reminds her of an abandoned dog; like a lamb that was mixed in a group of dogs baring their fangs.


Anyway, putting aside that trembling lamb (Parfait), the ladies reveal a bold smile one after another and started their revenge against the guys who abandoned them.


“It seems like you’ve not noticed, but I’ve already talked about the marriage abandonment matters to your family members; father… your father, apologized to me, and decided to have me marry your siblings instead. Once the talks have been settled, it seems like they’d consider changing the inheritance plan.”


The female student smiled as she declared that, the guy who heard what she has said suddenly turned pale. That sight made Mary recall the list of nobles.

If she’s not wrong, that guy’s family has multiple sons and she have had heard of the intense inheritance fight for the position of the head. Since he’s the eldest son, he’d be chosen to take over under normal conditions, but his age difference with his younger brother was about one or two years, so it shouldn’t be much a problem if they were to change the succession candidate.

In other words, since he had rejected the fiancée his parents have decided for him and chose to go for the commoner lady in the reverse harem route, it’s as though he has declared to his parents that he have decided to drop out of the fight for the succession inheritance.



Well, it might be a tough circumstance, but it’s not her matters- in fact he IS a stranger to her, regardless of who would succeed the top position of his family, it would not affect the Albert family at all- while she muttered that, as though they were passing baton from one to another, the ladies stepped forward in turns.


“Do you remember? I agreed to the marriage proposal under the promise of giving birth to an heir; since this could not be done, there’s no choice but to give up on the idea of marriage. However, since we would not marry each other, I’d enter your family as a foster daughter and marry someone else.”



Of course after hearing these, that guy, too, had his face turn pale and he even raised his voice.


“Oh, of course it’d natural for your parents to accept me as their foster daughter since their only son has no interest of succeeding the family. Father and mother were both happy about it and welcomed me. Ah, by the way, they were rather furious at how you would not continue the lineage in the future.”

“W-Wait a minute…”

“Oh, you have no interest in me anymore right? Lady Lilianne’s more charming after all, and she’s gentle and warm. Didn’t you say that? Also, I have to search for a partner so that I can give birth to a healthy heir so I don’t have time to deal with you anymore.”


Saying that nonchalantly, the female student looked extremely happy as she wondered “Who would be the best choice”; of course, that does not include her fiancé- ex-fiancé.

However, this is also not a rare story. This is the opposite of the previous story where siblings fight for the head position; in this case, the family only has a son and they need a daughter-in-law for the sake of a healthy heir, however their son’s only concerned about the reverse harem and this leaves them no choice but to cut him off.

The guy then looked at her and quietly muttered “if it’s about the heir, then Lilianne would…” but she would not look at him and treated him as a pathetic being. In the first place, even if Lilianne was willing to give birth for him, he’d have to wait in the line alongside with other guys, and his parents definitely do not have the time to wait for that.



Well in that case, the parents would normally adopt a second son or third son from their relatives or a close family, but it’d be troublesome and they probably decided to welcome the girl who was abandoned by their stupid son as their foster daughter to carry the lineage for them. It’s quite a gamble, but it allows them to maintain their reputation.

Well was there even true concern involved in it? There probably aren’t. However, this is very much like how the nobles normally behave.

In the end, the lady who was abandoned decided to take over the guy’s family household which ranked higher than her family. Chasing away their eldest son and fostering a daughter to take over the family… Mary was truly impressed by that and that’s when another female student stood in front.


Some declared that their families would have their ties broken along with the marriage abandonment; some even mentioned that the male’s family members clung onto them and they even had to initiate the marriage abandonment themselves. In the middle of which, some mentioned that they already have another fiancé who’s even more prominent than the guy himself. The guys could only freeze on the spot like idiots.

After all, these are political marriages; in other words, it’s not something that only involves the bride and groom-to-be, but also their families and the ties between them. If they were to screw things up, it’d even change the rank order of their family in the nobility world. The idiots started showing flustered expressions; it might be a fear that results from the potential change in the family succession and breaking of ties between families.


In the middle of which, Mary, the lady from the all-powerful Albert family, looked at Karina with an impressed look as she muttered “how cool and villain-like…” –the Albert family would not be affected even if the succession of the other families changed neither would its position change if the ties between two families were broken.

As though she’s the final boss, Karina showed a bold smile as she listened to the words of her comrades. Mary was thoroughly impressed by her villainess. She had a daunting posture and Mary wanted to imitate her by standing with her legs apart.

Speaking of which, it’s not surprising that Karina was the one who initiated the attack from the ladies side.

After all, political marriages do not concern love at all; it’s something that benefits both parties. Therefore, if one party were to receive damage from it, they’d have enough power to retaliate with the lost benefit.


If there were love involved in it, there’d only be betrayal and a sad ending.

If there were no love in it, there’s no need to be forgiving.


The prides of these ladies who have been abandoned by their fiancés for “someone of the reverse harem” must have received quite a big blow; this has sparked off some fiery emotions- and some even carried the ambition to take over their families- ruthlessly.

It’s not realistic for these ladies to soak their pillows with tears after being abandoned or grumble and wait for the day when their fiancés would regret.

Even Parfait, seems to have enough anger to stand in the middle of such scene. While thinking of that, Mary looked at Parfait, and that trembling lady took a step forward… no, half a step… she took half a step forward. It might be a small step, but considering her personality and this current situation, she has have mustered quite a terrible amount of courage which’s pretty praise-worthy-


“U-Um, me too…”


While Parfait received the attention of her surroundings, she looked up towards Gainas.

After that, as though she has made her decision, she grabbed onto the hems of her skirt and raised her voice
“me too!” A slight shock would be seen in Gainas’ eyes.


“M-Me too! Sir Gainas, I-I-I don’t care about you at all!”


Parfait’s declaration made everyone froze on the spot.

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