Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 63

Volume 2 Chapter 23

The first person who broke the silence was Mary who hurriedly dashed in.

An awful actress was mixed in among them…! While screaming that in her mind, she rushed into the middle of the group and stood beside Parfait; without anyone noticing, she lightly poked her elbow. Parfait was stuttering and her already teary eyes started to moisten more.


“What’s with that earlier, please act a little better!”

“I-It’s not an a-act! I-I really don’t ca-care about Sir Gainas…!”

“Ah, tsk, such an awful actress! I’m gonna grill you!”

“P-Please do not grill me…”


She scolded Parfait in a soft voice, but in the first place the latter’s mentality is weak in the first place and she’s close to her limits now. She trembled as she reached her limits and grabbed the hem of Mary’s skirt and called out “Lady Mary-” while looking up with imploring looks.

That feeble look made Mary sigh. Even though she interfered because of Parfait’s poor acting, now that she’s on the stage, she cannot help it… while thinking of that, she peeked around the surroundings and purposely slapped Parfait’s shoulder.


“Lady Parfait, since this is such a perfect chance, why don’t you tell it to everyone?”


She said it with nonchalance. Her voice was louder than usual and of course it’s meant for the ears of those around.

Right then, as though to force Parfait to agree with her, she asked once again “Why don’t you?”


“I think it’d be better if you announce it to everyone that you’re going to have a meal with my elder brother.”


Everyone on the spot, including Parfait herself, widened their eyes at that announcement. After all, Mary’s elder brother is the son of the Albert family who wield equal powers as that of the royal family. Adding onto that, one of the twins was going to the next Albert family head.

Having a meal with such a person suggests something and of course this would surprise everyone; Parfait herself was panicking and she pulled Mary’s arm.


“N-No, Lady Mary! What do you mean?”

“It’s fine, just go along with the flow.”

“But, I-I’m a coward…!”


Parfait was trembling and Mary sighed.

The Marquis family is of the lowest ranking in Eliciana academy and in contrast to that the Albert family holds incredible power even if it’s from the neighboring country, such a reaction would be normal considering the gap between the two families. Even so, Mary said in a quiet voice ‘you don’t want to lose to Lilianne, right?’ Parfait nodded with teary eyes.

There was a slight glimpse of light in those moist eyes, and even though she’s a coward and fearful of things, she probably wanted to send a counter-attack too.


“…I don’t like being on the losing end all the time.”

“In that case, please just nod. I mean, I’d really introduce him to you for real if needed.”


Mary whispered that and once again faced Lilianne and the guys surrounding her.

They were all at a loss for words and even Gainas was showing an anxious look. They didn’t expect such a big-wig to appear and the bunch of idiots around started making a stir.

“How nice…” the ambitious ladies who have just made their wonderful declarations one after another muttered. The status of their fiancé’s family was probably not enough and they’re seeking out for the son of the Albert family.


The awkward situation earlier has been cleared with Mary’s declaration.

After the abandoned ladies wonderfully dropped the bombs onto the guys, Parfait who was timid with her lowly family status and fearful of the stares of the people around, suddenly rose in status with the protection of the Albert family. It was a wonderful comeback.

However, even though Parfait was told that that she’d be introduced to the son of the Albert family, she has only been looking at Gainas…


Lilianne decided to put an end to this.

The guys around her had been talking about true love and they all turned pale at how the situation was overturned; she probably judged that the following development would be bad. After emerging from the shadows of the guys, she approached Mary.


“It doesn’t concern Lady Mary anymore, no?”


Lilianne’s words made Mary furrow her eyebrows.

…this is bad. It’s good that she jumped out to save Parfait, but she ended up attracting the last boss Lilianne out. With this, she’d overtake the role of Karina who’d be the greatest villainess… Also, Karina herself has not spoken yet and Mary’s curious of what she has prepared.

She wonders if things would resumed back to the earlier state if she said “Wait, wait! Let me watch till the end!” However, even if she’s cornered by Lilianne, it’s not her matters; she has no business in this whatsoever.


“Hmm, that’s right. It’s not really my business. It’s not as if a lustful lady has stolen my guy away, or rather I’m loved by a devoted guy and unlike this tragic romance drama, my mind’s filled with beautiful plantations.”


Mary glanced at the guys of the reverse harem.

Some of the guys remained pale; some showed looks of displeasure at Mary’s words and some were panicking… Only Gainas himself looked sorry without lifting his head up. If only he has held his head up, he’d notice that Parfait’s still looking at him… what a dense guy.


“That’s why, there’s no reason for me to join this tragic romance drama, right?”


She shifted her gaze to Karina and the other ladies.

Some were still glaring at the guys, and the others who have already declared their breakup towards the guys looked at Mary. Some of the ambitious ladies were showing looks of envy towards Parfait.


“Also, I don’t have the curiosity of those idiots who have been watching over the scene.”


She did not look at anyone when she declared this; the students in the surrounding hurriedly faced away. There were some who cleared their throats and it’s obvious.

After that, Mary looked at them in turn before facing Lilianne.


“Like you have said, this is indeed not my matter.”

“T-That’s right, so why…”


Lilianne ended her words as though probing why did she interfere, and Mary just coldly laughed.


Like Lilianne has said, Mary Albert has no business in “Doradora”. She has no scenes and was the villainess of the previous work.

Lilianne used her knowledge of the game and tried to build a reverse harem, and Karina fought against her to prevent her destruction; all these are none of her business. There’s no scene for her.

That’s precisely why she has tried to be a speculator before this moment.



“I cannot leave my troubled friend alone.”


The game or previous life does not matter to her.

Since her friend Parfait was in trouble, it’d damage Mary Albert’s pride if she overlooks this.


“I realized this just the other day, but it seems that my friends are my weak spots, surprisingly.”


Mary said that and confusion appeared in Lilianne’s eyes. At the same time, panic could be seen in it and it seems like she’s trying to think about what’s going to happen next. She probably tried to think of ways to get rid of Mary.

Lilianne must have lost her composure as her expressions became contorted after she heard the stir in the surrounding and shrill voices of the female students. She’s normally a gentle and beautiful lady with a soft angel-like smile, but right now she’s just panicking. The creases in between her eyebrows and slanted corners of mouth; Lilianne’s evident look of fear confused everyone as they stared at her. After which, she saw the blue hair of someone swaying in the middle of the crowd which made her widen her eyes…


“What, it’s not your scene yet so please do not interfere into my matters…!”


Lilianne raised a hysterical voice and rushed towards Mary.


Mary shrieked and fell on her backside at that force.

At the same time, she heard a familiar name calling her.


“Sir Patrick!”

Lilianne and Karina called his name at the same time when-




Something could be heard breaking.

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