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Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 64

Volume 2 Chapter 24


Including “Doradora”, the series of this game have the highest difficulty level for the reverse harem ending.

It has been said that this was made on purpose by the trickster game makers; the plot seems a little too convenient for the main character and they even prepared a wonderful scene where the main character is surrounded by the strategy characters upon successfully clearing the game. Adding on to that, the person who made his appearance at the last part of this story is…

Yes, that’s right, Patrick Dice.

He’s the main hero of the previous series and boasted the highest popularity among all the characters. For the reverse harem route of “Doradora”, he would make a brief appearance, on only one of the artwork at the end.

In order to help up the heroine who has fallen down, Patrick stretched his hand out towards her… though his name is not mentioned in the game and instead was displayed as “???”. Even so, since the ordinary characters in this game were bestowed vague names like “Male student” or “Teacher”, “???” seems to suggest that there’s something meaningful behind it.

On top of that, Patrick appeared in the game with the same appearance as in the previous series – blue eyes and hair; although he seemed to have matured a little, but those features remained unchanged and rather it has only increased his charm. The players of the previous series must have noticed that it’s him from the very first sight.

It’s the official way of playing this game; to get a glimpse of this guest character, many players have challenged this route.



“Mary, are you fine?”


Patrick rushed into the middle of the crowd in a hurry and dashed towards Mary. However, Mary only remained taken aback and could not answer Patrick.

Lilianne and Karina could be heard calling Patrick’s name. The scenario was just like the game, however there’s something different, Patrick’s stretching his hand towards Mary.

Lilianne’s aim of playing this game was definitely for Patrick, who would make his appearance at the end of the reverse harem game. However, in reality, he has already entered into a relationship with the female character of the previous work, Alicia, that’s also why many people are in the rush to complete the reverse harem route as they’re still hanging onto the little hope left before they both officially announced their marriage. Karina herself has been trying to avoiding her downfall, as she probably purposely tripped Lilianne so that Patrick would make his appearance on the stage of this game.


What trifling matters-

No, what matters more right now is…


Despite being called by Patrick, Mary remained dumbfounded as she touched her waist area.

She heard something breaking in the pocket of her skirt when she fell onto her back…

She carefully placed her hand into her pocket and rubbed the decorative ball in it to check its condition… she felt a tingling pain which shocked her and made her withdrew her hand. When she checked her index finger, it has a red line through it and blood was oozing out of it. This wound is…


It’s as though it was caused by the shards of something which has shattered into pieces…


When Mary put the pieces together, she felt heat rising in her.

“Mary, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” Patrick looked at her worriedly and right next to him was Parfait, who looked like she’s about to cry… or rather tears were already rolling down her cheeks as she lashed out her pain towards Lilianne. The expressions of bewildered Lilianne and Karina made her confused as “the scenario of the game is the same, but something is different”.

Mary slowly checked the surrounding as she stood up and approached Lilianne.



A light sound reverberated.




“My younger brother would enroll into Eliciana academy starting next year so I’m here in place of my father to greet the board chairman. Also, I thought I might as well have a meal with Mary while I’m here.”

“Is that why you went through all lengths to come to the back of the school building?”



Sitting on a good-quality sofa, Patrick’s talking with a cup of black tea on one hand. Sitting right opposite him was Parfait, who was also holding a teacup of black tea with both hands, as she nodded in reply.


The scene has changed and they are now in the reception room of Eliciana academy from the back of the school building.

After what has happened before, a teacher and the parents of those involved came over, which interrupted the talk and dispersed the group of eavesdropping idiots; only the students who were involved in stirring up the scene were brought to the staffroom.

They decided that Patrick has nothing to do with the event and brought him to the reception room for now, but for unknown reasons, they also brought the bewildered Mary and crying Parfait who was attached to her.

Also, to protect the honor of the academy, the school pleaded “please do not mention this incident to others while we are in the midst of dealing with it…” and they were asked to provide information about the situation. By the way, Parfait was also asked to come along, but she refused with teary red eyes as she insisted to be by Lady Mary’s side.


“But Mary, I didn’t expect someone like you would be able to make friends.”


Patrick looked at her with surprise, and Parfait, whose face was a little reddish before suddenly turned pale when she heard that.


“T-That’s right. It’s weird that the lady of the Albert family would make friends with someone like m-me, right…!”

“Eh! Why did you interpret it that way?”


Tears started welling up in Parfait’s eyes and Patrick hurriedly followed up.

Patrick has encountered many weak ladies – of course that includes “ladies who pretended to be weak”, but it’s the first time he has seen someone who’s this vulnerable. That’s why he looked Parfait and told her straight that “you’ve done pretty well to handle Mary like this huh…”

The contrast between the sight of small cute animal-like lady and the daring Mary was too drastic; while Patrick was thinking of that, Parfait who was looking down on the floor earlier started blushing.


“U-Um, can you please do not stare at me?”

“Eh, ah excuse me.”

“No, I’m the one who ought to be sorry for being rude… however, Sir Patrick, you are too wonderful and if you stare at me, my heart would end up beating fast… ah, but, I’m serious about Sir Gainas… nope, there’s no one who’s named Sir Gainas.”

“I-I don’t understand but I’ll try not to look at you! Therefore, please don’t cry!”


Parfait started shivering as she was reminded of the pain when she made that declaration.

Patrick hurriedly tried to comfort her and she wiped her tears with her sleeves as she peeked at the corner of the room and said “by the way…”


“Um… what happened to Lady Mary…?”


Parfait was unsettled as she stared at the corner filled with gloomy atmosphere which is a contrast to the bright room. It’s so gloomy that it’s unbefitting to the image of the elegant Eliciana academy where nobles are enrolled in.

That’s supposed to be the case, but Mary was crouching down against the wall and emitting a loser-like aura which does not fit her status as the lady of the Albert family.


“I… I, Mary Albert, took action towards a trifle lady who’s filled with lust… how pathetic of me; I hate how pathetic I am…”


She muttered in regrets.

The teachers who were apologizing to Patrick pretended she’s not there, and Parfait finally brought up the topic.

Patrick, who was asked, just gave a glance and then looked at the black tea in his hand.


“She’s not fine, but there’s nothing that can be done. We can only leave her alone.”


Parfait widened her eyes at that easygoing attitude.

Isn’t the treatment too much for “the tragic lady who has fond feelings for you and yet considerately places a distance between you two”? Patrick did not notice Parfait’s gaze and sat down on the sofa as if he did the right thing. He did not comfort Mary, or even try to pat her shoulders.


“If the need arises, I’ll bring along someone who can cure her, so you don’t have to worry that much.”

“Someone who can cure her?”

“Yes, to my knowledge, there’s only one person who can handle Mary very well.”


Patrick snickered as though he’s having fun, and Mary who heard his words glared at him with hate.

That sight of their interaction does not depict the rumours of “devoted prince and tragic lady”. ”Thinking about it carefully, isn’t this all your fault…?” Mary even muttered with hatred.

Question marks started appearing above Parfait’s head at this as she looked at their interactions.


“By the way, Mary, why don’t we have dinner?”

“You are sure nonchalant by the sight of me to even invite me out so cheerfully. I plan to drown myself in self-hate and depression for a few hours, so just go ahead.”

“I received a ‘list of delicious croquette stores’ from Addie though.”

“Well then, let’s go.”


Mary’s attitude suddenly changed and she stood up. Patrick was unsurprised by that switch and nodded “well then” before standing up too.

Just like that, both of them were about to head out of the room when they turned back to look at Parfait, who’s still sitting on the sofa.


“Lady Parfait, are you not coming along too?”

“It’s a nice opportunity so let’s go together. Even if you stay here, it doesn’t seem like there’d be anything interesting that’s going to happen anymore.”


The eldest son of the Dice family who’s said to be the future prince, and the lady of the Albert family who holds great power despite being from the neighbouring country, both of them are also nobles but their ranks are so high through the roof; they invited her and said “let’s go together” in unison…

Parfait blinked several times at this shining scene and nodded back in response.


Mary said that “she thinks of nothing about Patrick” in response to the rumour. Indeed, from their interactions, it’s clear there’s no romance involved. However, rather than “thinks of nothing”, both of them are clearly alike… Parfait thought about that and stood up in a hurry when Mary prompted her to go.


“I’ve heard of you before, Sir Patrick. It’s a great honour to be able to meet you in person and have a meal together.”

“Hm? Ah, thank you, Lady Parfait.”

“Eeek! L-Like I said, please don’t look at me! Plus, with that smile, I’m…! My heart has already decided on Sir Gainas… no- he doesn’t exist, Sir Gainas doesn’t…”

“Why are you crying… you really cry a lot…”

“Oh, Patrick, you’re wrong. This kid doesn’t cry a lot, she laughs sometimes.”

“Oh, it’s her usual state to cry huh.”


While continuing such conversation, the three of them headed out of the reception room.

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