Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 65

Volume 2 Chapter 25


After that incident, peace would return in Eliciana academy… not, of course it wouldn’t.

After all, it has switched things around totally. Of course, it has changed the hierarchy ranking within the academy, and the guys who had fawned over Lilianne have fallen to the deepest bottom.

They used to receive a lot of favours from their families but that have changed all of a sudden, even those female students who used to fawn over them have started to look at them with cold eyes. Their statuses, which were built upon pillars of sand, have collapsed.

Under such circumstances, most people would have stopped attending school, but they probably couldn’t withstand the heat from their family compared to school. Or rather, there were some people who don’t have a place at home, and some were even forbidden to return home.

Therefore, with that, they were forced to attend school even after what had happened. And-


“U-Um, Lady Margaret… about the previous incident…”

“Please give me a chance and hear me out…!”


They were desperately trying to chase after the ladies whom they have once abandoned.

Of course, it goes without saying, those ladies were the ones who pushed them down the cliff, and they were the one who informed their families about the situation which caused the family strife. Well, they once thought that “even though Lilianne has many boys around her, as long as she loves me it is fine” but found out that she’s not a single bit interested in them; that made them try to do their best to rebuild the relationship that they’ve cut off by themselves.

By the way, Lilianne’s being confined at home and waiting for her punishment to be met out. After that incident, the teachers and guardians of the people involved questioned her; she then confessed her love for Patrick despite being in the centre of the reverse harem.

-By the way, after hearing that, Mary did not feel any sympathy for the guys or pity for Lilianne, rather she wished she was there to witness Karina’s badass acting as the villainess. Still, she did not regret leaving early purely because the croquette from the store recommended by Addie was delicious-


“Most families expressed that they’d only forgive them after they’ve succeeded in reconciling and fixed the marriage arrangement. That’s why they were so desperate. For me, I’d definitely not forgive him no matter how much he has apologized, threatened or cried.”


Karina said that coldly while sipping on black tea. Sitting next to her was Parfait who puffed her cheeks in agreement.

While looking at them, Mary sighed softly; the people around them were taking small glances over at them.


Of course, they’d grab the attention; Karina was the one who planned for the great reversal, Parfait was the one who had the greatest change in position after rumours have it going that she might become the next daughter-in-law of the Albert family, and Mary was the one who put a final stop to Lilianne’s doings (though she herself is not proud of it and finds it an embarrassing past).

After that… Mary peeked to the side. Right next to their table was an “object” which doesn’t fit a tea party carried out by the beautiful ladies…

A man with good physical statures had his head hanging down…


“…Hey how are you able to have tea in such a condition?! He has been there like that for around 2 hours!”

“Oh, Lady Mary, I have no idea what are you talking about? Right, Miss Parfait?”

“Yes, I have no idea at all.”

“How scary…! To think that there are ladies in this world who would enjoy tea while looking at a guy hang his head down. I haven’t been able to taste anything no matter what I’ve drank or eaten since just now!”


Mary shouted, but Parfait and Karina just looked at each other.

“What’s she talking about?” “Right?” they gave off such expressions and Mary felt dizzy. They were cute and beautiful which makes them scarier.

By the way, the “object” was Gainas Eldland.

Gainas’ fit body was bent in 90 degrees and he has been standing there in that posture to apologize. It has already been two hours… as expected of the man who’s reputed to be good not only in literary but also sports. His physical strength and stamina was impressive… but this is not the time to marvel at that.

Also, even though it’s Gainas, his physical strength and stamina seems to be reaching the limits as his expression seems to be worsening.

In contrast, Parfait and Karina did not care about that and enjoyed black tea leisurely. Or rather, they treated as though he was not there.

That difference in attitude gave Mary chills.


“B-By the way, I’m thinking of grabbing a little more bite… what do you think?”


Mary spoke incoherently as she peeked at Gainas, the two ladies nodded happily and said “of course.” –the smiles of cute Parfait and beautiful Karina made Mary think that she’d become a slave to them if she’s a guy. Well, that’s if she’s not reminded of the “object”.

With such dazzling smiles, they started discussing about what they should eat; Mary tried to get them to leave and suggested looking around.


“By the way, if it’s possible, can you help me get my share? My legs are tired so I want to rest for a while.”

“Oh? But we’ve been sitting down?”

“Since we’ve been sitting down under such conditions, my mentality has reached its limit… just please.”

“Alright, I’ll bring some food along.”


As though Gainas’ not within her sight, Parfait smiled happily and stood up with Karina. They then had a friendly talk as they walked down the stairs.


Alright! Mary stood up immediately after they have disappeared from sight. She then hurriedly headed to Gainas and supported him to a seat nearby.


“Lift your head slowly, slowly!”


She gave instructions as she was worried that he might black out if he lifts his head suddenly.

However, in contrast to Mary’s consideration and help, Gainas just showed confusion as he muttered “but…” After all he has not received forgiveness from Parfait yet.


“For now, please try to regain your strength while that girl’s not here now. I can’t help but to worry after seeing how your face has turned pale and could not enjoy the black tea and cake!”

“Lady Mary, that’d be bad for your digestion…”

“This stupid serious man! If you want to continue to apologize, please listen to my words!”


She wiped the sweat from Gainas’ forehead with a scarf and had him sit down slowly.

It seems like Gainas has been quite tired as he slumped down onto the seat which is not the sight that people would often witness as he always had a good posture.

Looking at how tired he was, Mary cannot help but sigh “what a troublesome kid right…” Gainas hurriedly stood up as he knew that she’s referring to Parfait… but that made him dizzy and he once again fell back onto the chair.


“T-That’s not her fault… it’s all my fault.”

“I wouldn’t deny that.”


Gainas earnestly admitted his fault and Mary had no intention to deny that.

Even still, it’s good that he has some awareness of his own fault. Some of the guys gave pathetic excuses like “I was tempted by Lilianne” or “She forced me to go along with her”. Of course, those excuses had no effects and rather it only worsened their reputations.


“I hurt her because I’m too immature… still I’m glad that she allows me to apologize like this.”

“Well, that’s true.”


Mary nodded as she handed over a drink.

The punishment meted out to Gainas was indeed tough and harsh, but still he’s able to “lower his head by Parfait’s side” which means that he still has some chance. Among the ladies who showed a great reversal to the drama, some flatly refused and said “don’t show up in front of me” and refused to give a chance for apology.

Even so, there were some who have reconciled and accepted the marriage arrangement again, only to openly flirt with other men in front of their partners by saying “with this, we can cheat and spend our lives lavishly freely, right?!”

If asked which group of men faced it better, well the only way to answer is that both seemed to be hellish. After all, they have all become haggard day after day to the point of looking terrible.


They used to enjoy popularity, but now the ladies whom they have abandoned have harshly attacked them every day with smiles.

Regarding that matter, Gainas was a little better. Parfait’s anger has yet to be relieved, but she allowed Gainas to apologize to her by her side. She did not try to find another man on purpose to show off to him, neither did she ridicule his pathetic sight or laugh at him.


She cannot forgive him but she cannot keep a distance from him.

She does not want to hurt him but she cannot forgive him.


That has been going on.

Right now, when asked “By the way, when are you going to have a meal with my elder brother?”

She would hurriedly reply “No! I-I can’t do that!” and shake her head.

Why can’t she have the meal which would make everyone jealous? Well, Mary felt that if she probed deeper into that, Parfait would end up crying so she decided not to bring up the topic anymore.

-By the way, when Parfait hurriedly refused that, someone slapped Mary’s shoulder from the back. “Lady Mary, please tell me more details about that” An ambitious young lady said that with a serious voice; she sounded like a hunter on a prey and it made Mary frown without her realizing it-

Anyway, to conclude things, Parfait still has some feelings for Gainas. It’s uncertain if Gainas realized that, but if he’s persistent, there’s a chance for him to win her heart.


Gainas did not change his earnest attitude even after falling in love with Lilianne, even though he’s at a disadvantage, he was sincere and tried not to hurt Parfait, albeit in a clumsy manner, and that was what allowed him to have a second chance.

That’s why Mary was being considerate towards Gainas now. Parfait was not able to hide her feelings for him and that’s why she could not abandon Gainas and pretend not to see him when he turned pale or fainted. Mary’s not the type of person who would care for the guy who abandoned her friend. After all, she’s the villainess of the original game, but she did this all for Parfait.


“Anyway, I’ll try to make some time, so please continue apologizing until this kid finally makes her decision. For now, please rest.”

“Lady Mary, I’m sorry…”

“Oh, I’m not doing this specially for a guy obsessed with love. Please don’t misunderstand.”


Mary coldly said that and Gainas gulped slightly and lowered his head after saying “I’m sorry.”

Seeing that, Mary gave a small sigh and stood up when she heard a familiar voice.

Parfait and Karina are coming back. Their lovable bright laughs indicate that there’s not much time left.


“For now, we’ll go out, so please rest for a bit. I’ll give you a sign when we’re about to come back so be sure to return to your original posture then.”

“…No, I’ll feel bad making you do that much, Lady Mary.”

“Oh, is that fine? I mean I’m not going to offer my help all the time, you know? You might have to apologize for the next three or four hours… or rather till it’s time to leave school.”



As though being threatened, Gainas’ face turned green. That sight made Mary shrugged her shoulders as she say “Well then” before turning away towards the source of the voices.



“Oh, Lady Mary, what’s wrong?”


Parfait and Karina, who’re holding a tray of cookies and scones while chatting happily, tilted their heads.

Mary, who said that “my legs are tired so I want to rest for a while” came over to them, which made them confused.

Well, Mary could not tell them the truth and elegantly grinned while suggesting “Since the weather is good, why don’t we head outside?”



“Yes, I heard previously that the garden of this academy is beautiful. If I’m not wrong, the flowers that were donated by the families of the students are blooming now… I’ve never heard the name of those flowers before so I’d like to see them.”


Mary elegantly smiled and said that, Karina nodded and Parfait looked excited as she replied “Of course!” From their attitudes, it seems like they’ve not caught on… Mary felt relieved and upon seeing that, Karina laughed mischievously as she remarked “Lady Mary’s so kind huh.”

Mary widened her eyes and stuttered “W-What?” She regretted being careless in her reply and Karina laughed even harder while trying not to bring it up. She quietly said that it’s nothing and she did not probe further.


In contrast, Parfait totally did not notice the attack and defense taken by the two as she said “we can ask the gardener to explain the details to us if he’s around” and happily headed towards the hut where the staffs were around.

Maybe she’s happy because she can introduce the garden of Eliciana academy to Mary or there’s something about the flowers that were donated, but the way she’s sprint-walking like a small animal made her look very cute. –it’s so Parfait-like to be sprint-walking like this. Alicia would definitely run with all her might and get scolded for it.


While looking at Parfait’s back, she slowly walked with Karina.

She refreshing beauty and swaying hair in the wind might her look even more elegant than ever, her eyes were unwavering as she looked straight in front.




“Miss Karina has no intention to forgive, right?”


She did not mention who, but Karina got the message.

Karina realized what Mary was trying to say, and she gave a captivating smile which would capture any guy’s heart as she said “yes.”

There were no wavering or sadness in those eyes, they expressed her firm resolution.

She’s totally different from Parfait who would say “I don’t know Sir Gainas! I won’t forgive him!” and puff her cheeks up and purposely turn her face away in front of him.


“I wouldn’t say that it’s because he dropped the marriage arrangement or betrayed me. I’m not forgiving him for my own sake.”


Karina grinned beautifully and Mary jokingly said “How scary.” –In the first place, well “how scary” was not enough to describe the reversal attack Karina has dropped on her previous fiancé-


“I guess you won’t be able to understand me, but I’m doing this for my own sake.”


Well, she could not say it out loud that she’s doing this to avoid her own destruction; she vaguely talked about the game details.

After all, to her, Mary’s “someone who would not understand if she talked about the game”, in other words “someone who does not have any memory of her previous life.”

Well, that cannot be helped it since she’s taking a different path from the game, and even stuck her head into this incident for the sake of Parfait. Or rather, why would Mary think along the lines of “I’ve memories of my previous life, and I’m trying to make use of it to lead to my destruction…”? That’s just too different from the current situation.

However, Mary praised herself in her mind “I’m pretty good at acting huh”, while Karina quietly muttered “but…”


“But, it’s not that I cannot understand Miss Lilianne.”

“Oh, why?”

“There are some similarities between us… I don’t know how to put it, but she and I were too late in the game of love.”


The wind blew… and swayed Karina’s hair. Mary gathered her silver hair strands, quietly muttered “I knew it” and pretended not to know anything as she replied “It must have been tough huh”.


Karina and Lilianne both probably regained their memories of the previous life right after the start of the game, or just right before it. Lilianne chose the reverse harem method to meet Patrick, and in contrast, Karina was desperate to gather her allies and was probably not given enough time.

More importantly, even if she regained her memories of the previous life earlier, they would probably choose a different method to approach Patrick. Mary, who’s closer to Patrick compared to the other ladies, did not know about their existences.


They were only left with this choice as they regained their memories right before the game.

And by that time, Alicia’s already by Patrick’s side.


That’s why they should not have depended on the reverse harem end route.

Still, if they don’t do that, they wouldn’t have met Patrick, and even if they do meet him, they’re just another lady to him.

Even if the future after that was not shown, if they hang on to the game, there might be a chance…

That’s why Lilianne hurriedly dropped the strategy characters so that there might a chance of love blooming between them, and Karina continued to warn and observe her for that.


Karina thought that Mary’s “a person without memories of the game” and blurred out the details while muttering “If only I noticed it earlier” “I should have tried to know him in a different manner”.


“So, what do you plan to do to Miss Lilianne who’s facing the same fate?”

“I can understand her but I won’t forgive her. I’m thinking of having her move away to a faraway place so that we wouldn’t have to cross path again.”

“So you’re going to chase her away, huh?”

“Yes, so that she’ll never appear in front of me anymore…”

“In that case, I know a very good place for that.”


Karina frowned as the name of Lilianne was enough to displease her and in return Mary showed a bright expression. She looked like she has a great idea and Karina widened her eyes in surprise.


“A good place?”

“Yes, a very good place. It’s being managed by the relatives on my mother side but it’s an academy with strict rules and compulsory dorm living. If I were to put in some words, I think they’d keep an eye on her even after she has graduated.”

“…Is that so? If that’s the case, she’d definitely not able to come back.”

“Yes, she’ll never be able to appear ‘anymore’.”



There’s a slight change in the nuance of Mary’s words and Karina looked at her with confusion.

Her rounded black eyes were probing her “what do you mean” as she tilted her head which caused her black hair to sway. That expression and gesture was so interesting that it made the ends of Mary’s lips curl up mischievously.


“It’s an academy in the ‘vast land of the north’… it’s the best place to send her away to.”


Mary laughed sarcastically and Karina gulped.


“Lady Mary, could you also…”


Karina was about to ask something when Parfait’s voice from afar muffled it.

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