Volume 2 Chapter 26

Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 66


The sound Mary heard when she thrust herself towards Lilianne was, as guessed, the sound of the bracelet she received from Alicia breaking. Both the reddish brown and silver jewels were broken into pieces.


In the first place, this bracelet is the official merchandise of the previous series “Doragaku” and it’s extremely popular since you can choose the color of the jewels to your liking. Silver, which is a representative color of Mary Albert, did not exist in the previous series, but the reddish brown color which represents Addie existed, based on her recollection.

Moreover, the jewel can be matched based on one’s preference. Also, some people change the color of the jewels after purchasing them, or customize the size of the jewels themselves.

In other words…


“I should be able to fix it if I just purchase the replacement for the broken parts.”


Mary announced that and Addie nodded.

By the way, right now, they are in the shopping streets. Just like before, they’re exerting their dominance by standing right in the middle of the streets.


“Indeed, since it’s a customizable product, it’s possible to fix it by purchasing the jewels.”

“Right? Therefore, let’s get going and buy it now.”

“Yes, I got-…”


Right when Addie was about to complete his sentence with “I got it”, he suddenly paused.

He looked like he has just realized something and Mary looked up towards him. His rust-colored eyes were not directed towards Mary, instead he was looking behind her; wondering what he was looking at, she turned back and…


“Lady Mary! Hello!!”


Alicia announced with a booming voice; Mary jumped back and shrieked loudly “Eeek!”


“W-Why are you here!”

“Hello Mr. Addie!”

“Hello, little Alicia. Are you shopping now?”

“I came to the shopping streets for inspection with father and mother, and that’s when I saw Lady Mary.”

“W-Why did you appear from behind me!”


Mary must have been quite frightened as she cuddled up towards Addie while she said that; in contrast Alicia seemed to be clueless as to Alicia’s reaction as she tilted her head. She widened her purple eyes as though to ask “Why are you so angry?”


“Well, if I were to run straight towards you, you’d be angry wouldn’t you, Lady Mary.”

“Even so, that doesn’t mean that it’s fine for you to stand behind someone and raise your voice.”


Mary scolded her and Alicia still appeared to be bewildered. It seems like she really does not get the reason why Mary was surprised; Addie could not stand watching this interaction and he tried to mediate things by comforting Mary with a wry smile.

Mary was in a state of confusion as she clung onto Addie’s arms, as though she’s a cat with a curled up tail. Well, that’s exactly what any cat would have behaved when a large dog suddenly leapt up towards them when they have their guards down.


“Lady, for now, let’s cool down.”

“T-That’s right… it’s useless to scold someone like this kid after all; well I thought it’d be great if she gets half of my point.”

“Are you giving up on conveying your thoughts?”

“It’s not the first time this kid appears suddenly like today too…”


Mary said as though to persuade herself, and she slowly distanced herself from Addie; she then stomped on his foot as though to say “You should have told me if you’ve noticed this kid approaching us.” Well, she only stepped on his foot without saying out loud because she knew he’d get her message.

After that, she once again faced Alicia and like a lady, greeted “Good day, Lady Alicia” before raising the hems of her skirt and bowing her head. In contrast to her earlier high-note shriek, it’s a proper lady-like greeting.

In return, Alicia too returned the same gesture happily and did not register the message of Alicia’s complaint “If you’re able to do a proper greeting, you should have done it from the start!” She then looked at Mary and Addie.


“Are the both of you shopping today?”

“Hm? Yes… well, I guess so.”


Addie was having difficulty replying that because the purpose of this trip was to fix Mary’s bracelet and that bracelet was a present from Alicia.

Even though it was not on purpose, she broke something which she received as a present after all.

Telling this to the sender of the present is a little… Addie then glanced at Mary and she said the following nonchalantly.


“I broke the bracelet which you’ve gotten me.”


“Is that so?”

“Yes, have a look.”


She took out a small package from her bag and a bundled-up cloth from inside.

It’s wrapped in a high-quality scarf. After unwrapping it, there’s a bracelet which is of a different color from the one that’s on Alicia’s wrist now. Mary passed the bracelet to her to show her the broken parts, and indeed the brownish-red and silver jewels have shattered quite terribly.


“Wow, it has shattered quite badly.”

“Please be rest assured; I have taken my revenge.”

“…Revenge? Ah, so Lady Mary has come to fix it, right?”


Having realized the reason why Mary’s in the shopping street, Alicia lifted her head.

After that, she immediately grabbed Mary’s right wrist; in return Mary and Addie, who was listening to their conversation from the side, widened their eyes.



“Well, let’s go!”



Why am I going with you?! Mary shouted, but Alicia just dragged Mary along to the store she has in mind. For some reason, Addie ended up grabbing onto Mary’s left arm and followed after them.

Even though she’s THE Mary Albert, she’s unable to stop it when she’s being pulled by two people. Or rather, she’s not strong enough to stand up against Alicia alone.


“Addie! Even too… you betrayer!”


“Why are you always going along with the flow whenever this happens? Stop it! I don’t have the energy now to deal with the curve-ball that’s thrown towards me now!”

“Lady Mary! Look, it’s that store!”

“I know, I’ll go too so, please stop dragging me!”


Mary complained while being out of breath and entered into the accessories store with Alicia grabbing on her right arm and Addie on her left arm.




The store was not that large and it was cozy in spite of being in the middle of the busy shopping streets. The store was filled with cute accessories and it’s just the store that’s liked by girls.

The store mainly caters for the commoners, so when the lady of the Albert family and princess appeared- furthermore with one dragging the other in- it’s not surprising that a commotion started in the store. A lady, who appeared to be the owner of the store, came out from the back of the store and greeted them with a nervous expression.

-In the first place, even though she’s on the polite side, it was a rather lackluster behavior, and as the lady of the Albert family who has received the best of customer service, she seems a little rude even… however, since she was dragged by the princess and her servant, she has no energy left to deal with this small issue.


“D-Did something happen today…?”

“Well, it’s about this”


After saying that, Mary brought out the bracelet which was carefully wrapped in the scarf.

After looking at that, the store owner’s eyes widened since the bracelet, which the lady of the Albert family has brought out, was from her store. The lady, who was in high-quality haute couture outfit, actually has in her hand an inexpensive bracelet from an ordinary accessory store; in addition to that she looked nervous as she asked “Can this be fixed?”

To this, the store owner also widened her eyes and hurriedly looked at the princess who’s standing beside her. She also has the same bracelet of a different color on her wrist…


“C-Could it be that the both of you have bracelets from this store…?”


She said that in disbelief. Why on earth did the two ladies who represent the country adore her store’s bracelets? If they were not in the stores themselves, people would probably think that “they may look similar in appearances, but their prices probably differ by a digit or two.”

However, Mary looked straight at the store owner and asked if it can be fixed, and the princess even added “it’s a pair look” with a smile.

What on earth was happening… the staffs and the customers around them widened their eyes too, and having sensed their feelings, Addie sighed and tapped on the store owner’s shoulder.


“Both of them are… a little strange.”


After hearing that, both of them complained “what do you mean by strange?” However, the store owner seemed to be too dizzy to absorb that message.



The store owner could not work things out in her head and staff brought her to the back of the store; the person in charge of accessory, looked at the bracelet which Mary has brought in, carefully.



“This has shattered quite badly…”

“Please be rest assured; I have taken my revenge.”

“R-Revenge? No, um, it’s possible to exchange the jewels for this product but…”


The employee said “but…” which made Mary tilt her head.


“I’m sorry, but right now we’re out of stock for this color…”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes, I’m terribly sorry. We do have other colors if you are fine with that.”


Perhaps she felt bad for not being able to meet the expectations of the noble lady, not to mention the lady of THE Albert family, for she looked terribly sorry and bowed her head; Mary looked troubled as she took a glance at the bracelet.

The silver and brownish-red jewels which represented Mary and Addie; when she first received it, she insensitively remarked that “I’m sure that kid (Alicia) mixed these colors because she has no money!” –she suddenly thought of that and felt embarrassed to the point of wanting to dig a hole to hide in. Mary tried her best to not remember that, but she now understands Alicia’s feelings when she presented her the bracelet… that’s precisely why she thought that it’s meaningless if it’s not silver and brownish-red.

While thinking of that, the store employee looked sorry as she carried in the available stocks; Mary was looking at the jewels when she suddenly fixed her gaze upon one of them.




“Miss, did you fix it?”

“Lady Mary, what’s wrong?”


After placing the bracelet, which Mary has received, into the pockets of her skirt, she said “sorry to keep you guys waiting” to the two who’ve been waiting in the store.

…However, at that moment the three of them fell into silence, that’s because Addie and Alicia were expecting that Mary would show them the fixed bracelet, but she just looked away; it’s clear that something’s up as Addie and Alicia looked at each other.


“W-What is it? Well, let’s get going soon.”

“Lady Mary… what about the bracelet?”

“It has been fixed; that’s great isn’t it, you should return soon.”


Mary said that coldly and the way she behaved was so strange that Addie and Alicia tilted their heads.

They then exchanged glances and Addie grabbed onto Mary’s arm as she was about to step out of the store by herself; he then forcefully dragged her into one of the alley between the stores and hugged her from the back.




“W-What! What are you going to do if we’re being seen by people?!”

“It’s fine; it’s a blind spot here after all.”

“Even so…”


Mary was at a loss for words as she was forcefully hugged by Addie. The warmth of Addie against her back, and the strong arms wrapped around her, the sweet voice in her ears, the way the hug was so tight that she could not move her body; her heart beat so fast and she could not calm it down.

More importantly, being touched like this in public, made Mary terribly embarrassed… but her embarrassment just made her heart beat louder and she was in a trance while she softly reprimanded Addie for it.


“Tsk, what are you thinking about…? Miss Alicia is around, you know?”



“Right now, little Alicia! Go for the goods in the right pocket of her skirt!!”

“I got it, Mister Addie! Lady Mary, excuse me!”

“Damn! This is not a hug, it’s a restraint!”


Let go of me! Mary shouted, but it was being ignored as Alicia reached her hands into the pocket of Mary’s skirt. She then took out the bracelet and like before, the jewels alternated in silver and brownish-red color…


That is, with the exception of two jewels in golden and blue colors.


“Lady Mary…”


With the bracelet with golden and blue jewels mixed in, Alicia looked at Mary. Addie, who was hugging- restraining her from the back also looked at her, Mary looked away as though she find them annoying.

Her cheeks were slightly red, but of course, no one would point that out now.


“Lady, this is-”

“What! It just so happens that the original colors were out of stock, so I chose these since they said there were some left! T-There’s no other meaning to it!”

“How easy to read you…”

“What! What do you mean by easy to read me! I really have no other intention, it just so happens that the colors were to my liking!”


Mary kicked a fuss and Addie, who was still restraining her, sighed softly. In contrast, Alicia’s face shone brightly after she saw the bracelet.

After that, she happily ran and said “I’ll make a reservation at the store”; she did not say what, but it was clear that she’s going to order the jewels which were out of stock. Just like how Mary has added golden and blue jewels to her silver and reddish-brown bracelet, Alicia’s going to do the same and add silver and reddish-brown jewels to her golden and blue bracelet.

It’s probably clear by now what these colors represent without explanation; Mary’s face remained red as she said “copy-cat!” like a kid.


It took a while before Alicia returned from the store.

Right then, Mary was still being hugged… no, restrained from the back by Addie; she stared at him with hatred from the side.

However, those stares of Mary had no effect at all; rather Addie seemed a little strangely delighted. Mary has often called Patrick, who has fallen in love many times before, a pervert, but right now that’s how Addie is like.


“Lady, it’s bad.”

“What is it again this time?”

“I got married just the other day, but my wife’s just too cute.”


What should I do? He asked as he hugged her even tighter; Mary blushed as she sighed.


“Is that so? In that case, the lady of the Albert family, Mary Albert, has a word of advice for you, a servant who have just gotten married the other day.”


“The wife you’re in love with seems to be craving for delicious cake and warm green tea.”


She rubbed her head against his chest; Addie sounded delightful as he replied “That’s some great information” and Mary sighed at the sweetness.

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