Volume 2 Chapter 33


Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 73

Volume 2 Chapter 33


“Are you really, really sure that there isn’t any more sequel or fan disc!?”

“I’m really, really sure that there aren’t any!”


Addie interrogated Mary, who replied in annoyance.

Earlier, after the dance with Alicia – well it cannot really be called dance from Mary’s perspective, Alicia looked contented and pulled the tired Mary to the garden where Addie was waiting for her.

It seems that for some reason, this servant… um husband of her, was really bothered about whether there’s a sequel to the game even in this party.

Also, it seems like he’s fairly bothered about it.

Mary sighed at Addie and called out to Karina, who’s nearby.


“Hey, the ‘Dora school’ series ended with just two series, right?”

“Yes, I think that’s the case.”

“See, she said that too, didn’t she?”


Mary insisted, but Addie seemed to be discontented somewhere and nodded while saying ‘I got it.’ However, doubts could be seen all over his face and Mary sighed softly.


“Hey, Addie, what’s up? Didn’t you say that you don’t care about the game?”

“That’s right.”

“In that case, what are you displeased about?”



“If it’s going to increase any further than this, I won’t be able to withstand it!”


Addie muttered as though he’s giving up on himself; Mary widened her eyes and was about to ask him what’s going to increase when…


“Lady Mary! Let’s dance for another song again!”

Alicia suddenly jumped onto her and grabbed her right arm.


“Um, Lady Mary, m-me too… if you don’t mind, would you please dance with me…?”

Parfait looked up with worried eyes and took her left arm; Mary could only swallow her words.


Addie’s red eyes seem to be conveying “You asked what it is about? It’s about this.” His cold stare made Mary sigh as she thought that she has to convince him.

She then looked at Alicia and Parfait who were pulling her.


“Um, in the first place, this is a party to announce the marriage between Addie and I.”

“Lady Mary! Look, there’s an empty spot in the middle!”

“Like I say, please listen to the words of others! Patrick! Where’s Patrick!? Please take away this child!”

“Lady Mary… a-as expected I-I’m…!”

“You too, it’s not the time for you to invite me, right?!”


Mary scolded the both of them and started searching for their guardians – which are of course Patrick and Gainas. However, the former is making memories for the other ladies, and when he noticed Mary’s stare from afar, he mouthed ‘sorry.’ The latter, shook his head from side to side in silence as though saying ‘it’s impossible for me.’

Mary sighed deeply at how the guardians were unreliable, and she decided to say something to the two people who’s holding onto both her arms… but she was forcefully being dragged away before that.


Before she could voice out something, her body was wrapped by strong arms and her forehead bumped onto… someone. She was hugged by someone tightly, and when she realized that, both of them released her arms at the same time.


“No! The lady is going to dance with me!”


Well, that way of speech coming from above her head definitely did not sound smart, and was rather unrefined for an invitation to a dance.

However, that Addie-like invitation made Mary smile softly and she wrapped her arms which are now free around his back. She grabbed onto his jacket as though to plead him to hug tighter and rubbed her body against him on purpose.


“I’m sorry to the both of you.”


She said that to Alicia and Parfait before looking up to the person who’s hugging her.

Addie’s cheeks were so red as he looked at her, his lust-filled red eyes had the ends of Mary’s lips curl up. How easy it is to read his sweet desire of dominance.


“Even if I’m the Mary Albert, I would not be able to reject with your passionate invitation.”


She giggled and placed her hand over his outstretched hand.




Addie took her hand and led her to the party venue.

They slowly walked to the center and murmurs with wry smiles ‘finally’ could be heard from the surrounding. Indeed, in normal cases, they should be the first ones to dance, but they had a late appearance. In addition, there was the case with Alicia earlier which made everyone dumbfounded and they could only shrug their shoulders. The orchestra members smiled at them wryly as though to say that they’re finally here after waiting for a while and flipped the music sheets.

Going along with the slow-paced music, Mary leaned against Addie and his sulk made her laugh softly.


“Addie, are you still sulking?”

“…I wanted to be your first dance.”

“The dance with that kid, Alicia, wasn’t official. It was only another ‘I’m going to play with Mary Albert event’.”

“What’s right? I want to join in too.”


They had their conversations like they always did, which is kind of out of place in a marriage party like this, as they leaned against each other. They faced each other and giggled. From the bystander’s point of view, it was like a piece of art where two people in love were spending time together like a dream, that is if they did not hear the content of the conversation.

-In the first place, most of the people in the venue have already known that Mary and Addie has a good relationship way beyond what most ordinary masters and servants have, so each time they smiled at each other with joy, they probably sensed ‘well they probably had a conversation that’s not lady-like or servant-like.’


In the middle of that, Mary tightly grabbed onto Addie’s hand.

His hand was larger than hers and very manly. When he grabbed onto her hand before, it hurt her heart so much, but right now her heart’s melting and becoming numb at the sensation of their fingers interlocking each other.



”Hey, my lady, do you remember who is your first dance partner?”

“First? Hmm, I wonder if it’s my dance teacher… Or perhaps my elder brother?”

“No, it’s me. When you were hardly able to walk around properly, you danced with me while matching the music.”


Addie asked if Mary remember the past and laughed happily; in return Mary widened her eyes and replied ‘is that so?’

From how he said ‘when she was hardly able to walk around properly’, it must be quite a while back, before she can even recognize things. Of course, at that time, Mary probably does not know what a dance was, and of course has not attended parties yet. It must be at some other places where she took hold of Addie’s hand and tried some dancing with clumsy footsteps.

While imaging that scene, Mary let out a small laughter.


“No wonder, I found it boring to dance with everyone else. I mean, I’ve danced with the best partner for my first dance after all.”


When she was invited and led to a perfect dance by Patrick, who has captured everyone’s hearts, in the middle of a grand party venue, she did not find it so fun that it lifted her mood. She even thought that her emotional faculties might have been broken.

Even so, right now, she felt the climax of bliss. The hands were warm and she felt her own body heating up just by leaning onto his. She’s so exhilarated that it made her drowsy and her heart was beating fast. She thought that there’s no other blissful moment than this.


When she started to recognize this feeling, she suddenly felt sorry for having Patrick all to herself in the past. In order to enjoy this pleasure that everyone else’s feeling, she has always waited for Patrick’s invitation.


Mary softly laughed and looked up at Addie.

His rust-colored eyes were looking back at her and his same-colored hair was swaying. This scene was so grand especially with the background music. He gently smiled at her and it melted her heart as the sense of bliss wrapped around her body.

Ah, dance is such a wonderful thing…! She has totally forgotten about all the complaints she has made before about how ‘everyone sure loves something so boring.’ Mary leaned against Addie’s chest as though to leave herself all to him.


“Hey, let’s dance together from now on during the parties.”

“Yes, that’s of course.”

“Escort me, alright?”

“Yes, I’ll definitely do that.”

“Let’s be together forever.”

“My space is right beside you.”

“My space is right beside you too.”


Mary laughed and narrowed her eyes before stretching…




He stepped onto her foot lightly and she blinked her eyes which were closing.


“I guess we probably need more practice in dancing.”

“…I’ll do my best.”


Addie looked sorry and Mary laughed at him teasingly. In return, she lightly stepped onto his feet and used it to lift herself up to kiss him.




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