Volume 2 Chapter 34

Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 74

What Happened After that *Lilianne*


To Lilianne, her biggest blessing would be the fact that she could be reborn into the world of her favorite game. At the same time, her biggest misfortune was that she has been reborn into the world of the sequel of her favorite game.


Lilianne could only recall from her past life how she got lost in the Eliciana academy school grounds on her first day upon enrollment. That was exactly the same scene which was used for the game’s opening animation and she could remember everything about it; it gave her both mixed feelings of happiness and frustration at the same time.

It was too late for her. At that time, her beloved person has already been tied with his lover from the previous series.


Patrick Dice.

He’s the main hero of the previous series and held the most popularity throughout the entire series.

Lilianne fell in love with him in her previous life; she was deeply in love. No, love might not be enough to describe it. She has tried out his route more than ten times and has completely memorized all the choices and lines. She bought all the merchandises and have countless of blue bracelets… She even bought the sequel game just because she heard that Patrick would appear in it.

That was how much she loved him and she loved him only – the word maniac was not enough to describe that, it’s so extreme to the point that her parents and friends were worried for her. In the first place, she herself was unaware of how deep she has fallen in love with a character of another dimension.


That’s precisely why she was frustrated why she’s not Alicia and was reborn as Lilianne instead.

Even so, Lilianne was excited by the fact that Patrick has a few scenes in the sequel, even if it was not that much. It was at the very end of the scene where the producers provided an additional scene; but even so that was enough to make her choose the reverse harem route.

There’s a hope that he might take a look at her for once, since she’s the main character after all…


Ironically, it was Mary Albert who influenced Lilianne to think that way.

The lady of Albert family was the villainess from the previous series, who ought to not exist in this world and should by right fall into the pits of despair no matter what route she chooses; yet she chose to take up an exchange study in Eliciana academy.

That made Lilianne think that “everything might be possible” and at the same time, it made her anxious.

As long as she meets Patrick before he marries the main character of the previous series… to do that, she skipped the events that she thought of unnecessary and chose to prioritize on advancing the reverse harem route at top speed.

Well, thankfully or perhaps not, Lilianne only loved Patrick and does not care about the other characters. Even if the others professed their love for her, she only has Patrick in her mind and it allowed her to be neutral about them and made sure that whatever happened in her situation goes along the story plot.


She has never thought about the risks of making enemies perhaps because she thought that “this is the world of the game after all” or maybe she was too blind of what’s going on with her obsession towards Patrick.

Either way, Lilianne, who has played the reverse harem route for over ten times just for the sake of Patrick, was so used to the route that she thought that “it’s essential for her to skip on building friendship ties with the other female characters.”

Or she was jealous of them just because they were from the same world as him, and she was even jealous of her character, Lilianne, in her past life.

-Someone who loves one character so much that she’s jealous of everyone around him and finds the ladies a threat… that thought does exist among some of the rabid fans. Well, Lilianne in her previous life was like that. In contrast, Karina was fond of all of the characters including Patrick. To Mary, she did not play the game with someone in her mind, instead it seems like she would come up with the answer “there’s no one other than Addie” if she were to rethink deeply about it-


Anyway, that was how Lilianne achieved the reverse harem route.

She bet on the possibility of her hope coming true and not did give up on her love, which was far too late, and tried to depend on her memories from the previous life…


However, what she has achieved… was not a happy ending with Patrick, instead she took the place of the villainess of the previous series, Mary, who’s supposed to be persecuted.

To the dormitory-only school academy in the land of the north.

Perhaps it’s meant to withstand the cold, but the academy was built sturdily to the point that it feels so stuffy just by looking up at it. Not to mention the lessons were weirdly quiet and Lilianne’s legs felt so heavy.

She only has anxiety and regrets in her heart and without realizing it, tears started to well up in her eyes. The coldness plus the fact that no one was around only increased her anxiety, and her bag which was filled to the brim weighed so much that it hurts her arms.


She was only desperate to meet him, whom she loves so much.

She was desperate to make the way-too-late love realize, even if it made her look pathetic…

No matter what was said to her, or how offended the others were, she does not care so long as he smiles at her.


However, what was left for Lilianne were the cold stares by Patrick, who protected Mary Albert, and the one year of memories where she tried to mend things up.

In her past life, she wished so much to be in a world where he exists, however with such an ending, it’s causing her to wonder why did she even recalled the memories from her past life. After all, it was her memories from the past life that drove her to this state where she was expelled to this land.

She suffered and struggled only to face this end…


“In that case, I’d rather not remember anything…”


Lilianne muttered and walked through the gate.

Compared to Eliciana academy, the gate was not as luxurious and there were no security guards; that only increased the sense of loneliness in Lilianne and her vision started to become blurry with tears.

Even so, she has no choice. Or rather, considering what Lilianne has done, she should be thankful that there’s a place where she can be at.

Thinking about that, Lilianne dragged her heavy feet…


“I guess I’m lost again. This is the back gate.”


She was shocked by that voice and turned around; ‘the person who ought not to be there’ was standing that and it caused her to widen her eyes.


That dark brown hair and dark green eyes; that sweet and mature charm-filled demeanor with a slim physique, with the deep voice that strikes the heart…




Lilianne called his name. However, he did not respond to that and nodded his head lightly as he walked towards Lilianne.


“It’s teacher.”


“Call me teacher.”


Lilianne gulped quietly and turned her sight away as though to escape when he scolded her with a stern voice.

She remembers hearing that before… no, what she has heard before was the totally opposite in terms of meaning.

That’s the line of Cain where he would say “please do not call me teacher and call my name instead.” It was the phrase that caused her to be treated as not a child, but a lady. However, the words were the opposite right now, and since it’s not his usual friendly phrase which was used in the game, it made her feel the distance even more.


“Teacher… um, I-”

“I heard about everything.”


“It’s difficult for me to believe them, but I heard all about the memories of the game from Lady Mary and Lady Karina.”

“I-Is that so…?”


He stared at her coldly and Lilianne cowered.

Did he come to blame her after knowing all about the game…? Thinking about that, she’s feeling more pathetic than ever

She was so afraid to even lift her head and check out his expressions. Even though Lilianne knows about it very well, she could not tolerate any more rejections than this.

Even so, Lilianne felt that if she does not say anything, she’s going to break down; she continued to avert her sight as she muttered.


“…T-Teacher… Why are you here…?”

“I’m here to supervise you.”

“Supervise me?”

“I cannot possibly allow a problem-causing child like you to transfer school all alone; you are going to hurt the name of Eliciana academy if you were to do anything here.”

“So teacher, you are also…?”

“Yes. From today on, I’ll be working as a teaching staff here.”


Lilianne lifted her head at the unexpected response.

His face, which used to smile at her softly, looked stern now and his brown eyes were staring straight at Lilianne.

It’s the typical look of how a teacher looks at a mischievous child and it caused tears to roll from Lilianne’s eyes.


“…Teacher, you’ll be here too?”

“That’s right, to look over you.”

“I’m not alone…?”


Lilianne felt the anxiety and loneliness in her heart lighten up a little.

At the same time, she felt pathetic at how she was unable to notice his charm as a guy before, and was grateful at how he did not abandon her even when the situation has turned out his way.

Rather than struggling to realize a love which was way too late and depending on her past memories which occurred through the screen, she ought to have looked at the reality of this world and accepted him. Those thoughts only made Lilianne’s tears swell and she took a deep breath.


“Teacher… I’m sorry…”


When she apologized, tears flowed down her cheeks as though the tap was open.

She did not look like a frail girl who’s crying to act cute, instead she looked like a mess with snot flowing down her nose and she was wiping her eyes desperately; this caused Cain to smile without realizing.

He then slowly stretched his hand out and… rub… nope, he took out a scarf and handed it to her. A scene where he would rub her cheeks to wipe her tears away and hug her would be plausible if they were in a relationship between that of a strategy character and the main character, but right now they are merely teacher and student.

Lilianne understood that and took the scarf with a pathetic shaky voice as she thanked him.


“Lilianne, if you want to call me Cain again, please do not rely on your previous life’s memory and work hard.”

“…can I call you that again?”

“It depends on you.”


Cain laughed and shrugged his shoulders; he did not show any signs of rejection and this made Lilianne cry even harder.


“Yes… teacher… I will do my best. This time round, I’ll do my best myself…”


Lilianne rubbed her eyes and sniffled while Cain laughed wryly. He decided that it’s time for him to guide the kid who’s bad at directions to the luxurious front gate and carried her heavy-looking bag.


It all depends on Lilianne as to when he will be able to guide her while holding hands.




Something like that happened and a few months later, Mary read the letter addressed to her while rolling around in bed in Addie’s room.

It’s a letter that came from the north lands and it was mixed with both the handwritings of an adult male and that of a feminine lady; both of them wrote about what happened in the academy of that faraway land.


When Mary has finished the preparations to send Lilianne to land of the north, she made it a condition for her to send reports periodically in return to the promise of ensuring her safety. Also, she did the same to the teacher, who said that he’s going along to supervise her.

Of course, it’s part of her responsibility since she’s the one who proposed about the punishment that will be dished out to Lilianne, and also she did not want the reverse harem situation to happen once again in the land which is managed by her relatives.

However, when she read the letter, it seems like there’s nothing for her to worry about. Rather than that, from the letters Lilianne appeared to be having an enjoyable school life and she even sensed how she has turned mellow and it made her smile wryly.


“That’s why I’ve always said that the land of the north is not a bad place.”


Mary smiled wryly as she conveyed that to Lilianne via a letter.

Karina and Lilianne probably thought that the land of the north was a place for losers. However, in actual fact, it’s a popular tourist spot which is known for its migratory birds.

Well it may not be a convenient place to be at, but it has its advantages as an isolated place especially for two people.


“However, it’s unexpected that you are looking after Lady Lilianne’s welfare, my lady.”


Addie said that when he brought in black tea and cake for two; Mary who was lying on her side on his bed, got up and replied “is that so?”

Well, indeed, it cannot be helped it for Addie to find it unexpected. After all, it was Mary who suggested Lilianne’s punishment and even did the preparations to transfer her to the school in the land of the north. However, now, she’s even sending a letter to Lilianne asking “now are you willing to agree with me?” while waiting for her response of agreement, despite all the issues that the latter has caused.

Of course, when the lady of the Albert family, Mary asks someone if they share the same opinion, they probably would not disagree- well some of them might say the following


“Well if Lady Mary says so-”

They would probably look relieved and agree with her…


While some might say the following

“Please do that if you could. I’m busy after all.”

They would then grab the arm of another guy who they are trying to make their new fiancé for a date.


While some might say the following.

“If it’s about Lady Lilianne, I don’t mind that. By the way, Lady Mary, could you please tell me about your brother’s interests, favorite food and ideal female type?”


Some of them would say some nonsense- by the way, in respond to this, Mary would mutter “it’s my first time hearing something like that!”


Some might say the following

“I-I don’t know that person anymore! I don’t know Sir Gainas even more!”

There was someone who puffed her cheeks out while talking about someone even though that person was not mentioned at all.


Everyone has had different responses, but they all agreed to her plan in the end. After all, they’ve become “the lady who abandoned the guy” instead of the “abandoned lady” in the reversal of plot.

Amongst the ladies, Lilianne’s not “the girl who stole their man”, but “the lady who was abandoned by the guy they abandoned”, so they did not really try to make sure that she suffers more.

After all it’s a political marriage where benefits were prioritized over love, and those ladies who have found better conditions have no need to look back the past. In the first place, there were some guys who did not know that and tried to win them over desperately till the end, but it did not matter to Mary.


“But, that teacher chased after Lady Lilianne, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Will that turn out fine…?”

“Oh, did I not tell you? I told him about the game, you know?”



Addie, who was pouring black tea, let out that exclamation.

However, no matter how shocked he was, he did not spill the drink, as expected of the butler of the Albert family… well he’s no longer a butler now and is the son-in-law of the Albert family though.


“Did he believe you?”

“Well, I talked about it with Lady Karina after all. However, at the beginning when I talked about it alone, he looked at me coldly as though he’s thinking ‘what is this girl talking about?’”

“Well, the lady has a reputation for being weird during the Karelia period after all.”

“That’s right, weird! Speaking of weird, it seems like father had a talk with the academy director before I enrolled in the school.”

“Sir did?”


“Yes… he said ‘My girl is weird, but as long as her accomplice is not around, she’s relatively docile…’”


“…it’s probably me, the accomplice he’s talking about is probably me.”


Both of them reflected upon themselves. After a while, both of them looked at each other and said “let’s talk about this next time” while brushing it off.


“So that teacher followed Lilianne even after knowing about everything.”

“In that case, the outcome depends on her. However, to think that you have done the preparations for the teacher’s transfer… you are really a good person, my lady!”


Addie emphasized and Mary sensed his intention and purposely said “Of course I’d do that.” with a smile.

She said that with elegance and Addie grinned as though he’s sure of something.


“My lady! Are you still plotting about something this season!?”

“Well, it’s rude of you to say ‘plot’ to a kind lady.”

“I’ll take my words back! You are definitely not someone who would do preparations for others without a reason!”

“You don’t have to say that so clearly!”


Mary muttered ‘verbally abusive husband!’ …although it seems like she has something in her mind as she grinned. It’s different from the lady-like elegant smile she has had before; it was filled with mischief and it was very Mary-like.

She took a sipped of the black tea and continued her words.


“I actually don’t hate Lilianne.”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Ah, let me make it clear but I don’t like her personality. However, I’ll praise her for her ability to advance the reverse harem route quickly.”


Even though it turned out to be a failure, Mary was impressed by Lilianne’s skills.

She not only managed to go through the most difficult route that does not allow for a single mistake, she even skipped some stages while doing so. If the irregularities like Mary and Karina did not exist, Lilianne would probably achieve the reverse harem ending.

More importantly… Mary looked around as though she finds it hard to say it out loud.


“Furthermore… you know how she has memories of the game… there’s no certainty that things would go according to one’s thoughts, right…?”

“Well, speaking of which, there are people who did not manage to achieve their goals despite not choosing a difficult route or a pressing one right?”



Mary felt a sharp jab in her heart as that’s clearly her.

However, she immediately responded “Well, that’s right”; Addie smiled wryly at Mary and continued the topic.


“So, why did you send Lady Lilianne to the land of the north?”

“Well, she’s not alone in the land of the north.”

“Are you referring to that teacher?”

“He was a wonderful teacher. I went to the exchange school in order to attend his lessons after all.”

“Hmm, so lady’s target was that teacher huh… wait, what!?”


Addie was shocked and raised his voice; Mary enjoyed hearing that so much she could not hide her expressions.


Mary sent Lilianne, who she was impressed by, to the land of the north.

Even though she’s problematic, Mary figured that she’d turn over a new leaf with the supervision of the teacher.

That teacher was in charge of the study that Mary wanted to learn so much about that she went for exchange school… yes he’s in charge of management studies.


As though Addie has read Mary’s mind, he smiled and muttered “lady…”


“Hey Addie, previously, I’ve told you that ‘I’ll make you a sub store manager’ right? About that…”


Mary looked up at Addie with tilted head as though to implore something.

She then smiled… not gently at all as it was filled with mischief.


“You don’t mind being the main store manager, right?”


Addie was speechless at that and sighed loudly.

“Just do whatever you like.”

It took up all his effort to make that frail reply.

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