Novel from the same author as Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 1 – Prologue


“…Luxeria. I will imprison you in the tower from today.”


My father suddenly told me.

I was going to be imprisoned in the tower.

Normally, anyone would be in despair if they were told that.


“I sincerely accept it.”


However, I don’t disagree.

Rather, I’m inwardly cheering so much that I’m about to jump in joy.


Oops, no good… I should keep myself from smiling and bow my head.


My name is Luxeria.

Luxeria von Ascarid.


Princess of the Ascarid Kingdom and the 37th King Philip’s only child.

In other words, first in line for the throne.


Why did I end up getting imprisoned in the tower even though I’m the first in line for the throne?

Did someone who has the right to succeed to the throne get in the way?

…Some may think of this as the plot of an ugly story.


However, that is not the case at all.

No, there may be people that think of me as a nuisance… No matter what such people do, my imprisonment was set in stone from the beginning.


Then, is my relationship with my parents bad?

…That too is not the case either. Definitely not it.


I’ve been pampered so much that I have confidence that I would’ve ended up like the spoiled princesses that appear in stories if I didn’t have memories from my previous life.


If that’s the case, how did I end up imprisoned in the tower?


…The answer to that is, my magic and the amount of magical power I have.


Magic is a power that surpasses nature.

It can cause phenomenons that are normally impossible with the magical power that is within one’s body.


For example, moving things without using your hands, starting a fire… Everyone’s magic is different.

Of all the magic that exists, mine is unfortunately very dangerous and inconvenient.


In addition, because the amount of magical power I have is ten times more than the average person, I can’t control my magic in the slightest.


Even though I have a lot of magical power, there’s no meaning in it if I can’t control it!

Rather, it only increases the risk.


So as to not put people around me in danger, it’s inevitable that I’d be imprisoned.

Rather, I was relieved by my father’s decision.


I immediately started moving the day after receiving the order.

…Even if I say that, I don’t have many belongings.


It seems that all the furniture is already installed inside the tower, and considering that I won’t be going outside, I won’t need much clothing.




My first reaction when I entered the tower.

The floor is dusty.

It looks gloomy and the furniture is as old as the building.

Some of the furniture is even broken.


…Can someone even live here?

No, you can get used to living anywhere. Home is where you make it.


“Alright, let’s begin!”


This is the beginning of my new life.

Although the room was dusty, it was the perfect place to turn over a new leaf and start a new life.


After once again resolving myself, I started cleaning.

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