Chapter 2 – The Princess and Her Previous Life


It’s been a week since I started living in the tower.




Along with my scream, I heard something falling and breaking.

Oh no…

Looking back in fear, I saw the wall-mounted shelf had fallen and the glass that was on top of it was broken.


“Cough, Cough…”


I coughed because of the raised dust.

…I’ve been cleaning every day since I started living in the tower.

After struggling a lot, I managed to finish cleaning the bedroom.


And now I’m cleaning the living room.

The room itself isn’t that big, and I thought it’d be over soon.

However, the room was dirtier than I thought, and above all it was hard to clean with the body of a child.

I thought it’d be easy with the memories I have of my past life, but reality is harsh.


…Yes, I’ve had memories of my previous life from the moment I was born.

Memories of being born and raised in a country called Japan.


Naturally, it was confusing at first… And I couldn’t understand it.

Because when I came to be, I was suddenly in a newborn’s body.


In my past life, I was born in a family that valued education, and graduated from a university despite the excessive expectations and pressure from my parents.

I got a job at a well-known company and I think I fully met my parents’ expectations.

And for more than a decade my career continued steadily and I thought my days would continue to pass like that.


But when I came to be, I was a baby.

Even after sleeping and waking up, I was a baby.

I thought it was a dream, but there were no signs of me returning to reality.


…What happened and why did it happen? Who knows how many times I thought of catching someone by their neck and ask them questions.


But unfortunately, my body didn’t listen to me.

When I looked around and observed my surroundings, I saw people I didn’t recognize and a scene as if from middle age Europe.

From time to time, I saw a mysterious phenomenon called magic from the corner of my field of view.


I thought it was a dream for a while.


But after living for a few years, I realized it was the reality.


And I accepted myself as ‘Luxeria von Ascarid.’


No, is it the other way around?

Luxeria von Ascarid accepted the memories of ‘Some woman who was born and raised in Japan.’


The memories of my past life caused me great confusion, but thanks to it I’m able to live alone in the tower.


Rather, if I look at it from my previous life’s standards, this life is quite exceptional.

After all, I don’t need to pay rent and there is lots of delicious food.

All I need to do is clean and wash my clothing.


…Sure enough, it is the best life.


Suddenly, I heard some knocking sounds.

…I wonder who it is.

I thought nobody would visit this place.


While wondering who it was, I opened the door.

On the other side of the door, there was a girl that was around the same age as me.

A child with impressive light pink hair and green eyes.


…Why is such a lovely girl here?


“Nice to meet you. My name is Alicia. Are you Lady Luxeria?”


Nice to meet you? I wonder if it’s nice to meet you?

While thinking like that, I nodded.


“Y- Yes. That is correct.”


“Is that so. Then you are my mistress.”


I didn’t understand the meaning of the words I heard and got frozen in confusion for a while.


“…M- Mistress?”


“I received the job of ‘Serving Lady Luxeria.’ So please treat me well from now on.”


“W- Wait a minute! …First of all, come inside…”


While saying that I remembered the state of the living room and immediately stopped talking.

After all, I can’t let her enter while the living room doesn’t even have any place to stand in.


…Although, we can’t continue to talk while standing either…


“Just wait here for a while.”


After returning to the living room, I started hiding the remains of the shelf and the fragments of the glass somewhere that can’t be seen in a panic.

It’s okay if I clean it up properly later on.

And then I went to the front door again and invited her in.


“For the time being, sit here.”


“Eh… But…”


Seeing her bewildered, I thought that maybe there was dust on the chair too and got flustered inside.


“I heard that I shouldn’t rest in front of my mistress…”


…Oh, good. It wasn’t because of the dust.


“It’s okay, please sit. It’s hard to talk if you’re standing”


While giving a sigh of relief, I asked her to sit again.


“…Then, I’m going to sit down.”


I gave another sigh of relief.

If she stayed standing, she could’ve seen the broken remains of the shelf and the glass.

I’m glad I managed to avoid that.

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