You Are Cold-Blooded, While I Am Ruthless


Midnight. The sky was dazzled with lightning as suddenly a loud thunder resonated along with a heavy downpour.

A shrill squealing pierced through the night of General Yu’s courtyard, accompanied by a roaring thunder, causing people to feel unpleasant.


“No mother, no, don’t!”


A naive-looking girl was sticking tightly to the wall, as if she were trying to squeeze her slender body into the wall as a pair of big eyes stared at the dark clay pot in front with fear. As if inside of it lurked hidden the scariest demon.


“Please, mother, I beg of you……” she begged with a trembling voice for over a countless number of times. Despite that, it wasn’t enough to shake the resolve of the lady that was sitting on the chair, not one bit.



“Useless child, you’re the same as your dead mother was!” was said in an annoyed tone. Madam Mu put down her tea impatiently, “What are you guys doing standing there? Hurry up and help the fourth miss!”


Servants walked up as soon as they heard the order and were cornering the girl at the wall.


Qian mama stretched out her toe, pushing the clay pot carefully to Yu Ling Long, keeping her hands away from it, as if she herself was also scared of what was inside the pot.

“Fourth Miss, didn’t lady already mention that it wouldn’t hurt one bit? It’s like getting pricked by a needle……” said Qian mama with a grin, in the swaying candlelight, her hideous looks were shown. “Why don’t you stop making this hard for us, go on and put your hand inside obediently, Sixth Miss is still waiting for your blood!”

Seeing the clay pot getting closer, Yu Ling Long was scared and was about to bite off her own lips, looking up to the servants surrounding her: “I don’t want to, I’m scared……. Please…… don’t do this……”

Such a pitiful voice only made Madam Mu’s loyal servants feel more annoyed. One of the servants pinched her furiously, scolding her: “Giving a chance to someone who doesn’t appreciate! Letting you save Sixth Miss’ life is your life’s greatest blessing! Why don’t you put your hand inside already?!”


Yu Ling Long, while having felt great pain, was forced to stand up while her tears were dropping down her face like a waterfall. She thought that her life should be as important as sixth miss’ life was. “Why do I have to offer my blood to save my sixth sister’s life when she was the one who got herself in this mess?!!!”


She knew that they were only obeying orders, so she turned around quickly and climbed to Madam Mu who was sitting high up on the chair. As she climbed, she begged: “Mother, please! I beg of you to pity me, I am willing to use my life to serve you…… I beg of you not to let that thing bite me! I am scared……”

Madam Mu only gave her a hateful look, thinking that she was the world’s lowest of the low. Despite the fact that she was only 14 years old, without having matured, she was already considered a beauty. Although she had never seen her mother, Madam Mu could imagine her glorious past as a dancer looking at Yu Ling Long’s tender-looking face and sexy body shape.


But still, she had to thank Yu Ling Long’s mother for having that night with her husband, or else she wouldn’t have been able to save her daughter.

Three days before, the Sixth Miss Yu Qian Jiao was bitten by a poisonous snake while playing in the garden. Despite the use of many antidotes, she was still in a coma. Thankfully, a man offered a cure for the poison, he also told them to fight poison with poison. She needed to use the venom extracted from a scorpion to extract the poison inside her body. But against a weak body like Yu Qian Jiao’s, if she couldn’t control the dosage of the antidote, it could take away her life. Therefore, the blood from one of her relatives was needed to dilute the venom before using it.

Having remembered that her daughter was still in a coma and losing her life bit by bit as time passed, Madam Mu quickly retracted her leg, getting as far away from Yu Ling Long’s shaky hand as possible. Turning her noble face away, she said: “Are you people all dead? Can’t you take care of one single girl?”

Qian mama and the other servants heard her, and knowing that their madam was starting to lose her temper, they immediately went and caught Yu Ling Long and put her back where she was before she tried to crawl on the ground.


Yu Ling Long was only 14 years old, there was no way for her to resist all five of the servants who were big and tough. Although she struggled desperately, it wasn’t enough to break free from their steel-like arms. She was overwhelmed by them and was pushed near to the pot.


“Help, someone please help me! Please let go of me——”

It was as if Qian mama didn’t hear her terrified screams, she signaled to the other people that after stopping her movements, she would put her arm inside the pot. “Fourth Miss, why don’t you just obediently put your arm inside? After saving Sixth Miss, madam will definitely reward you highly——”

Yu Ling Long couldn’t hear anything after. Her slender body was shaking vigorously, as a huge fear  made her collapse. Her arms were clutched tightly by Qian mama, she couldn’t even struggle for a second.

She stared at the black pot that was releasing an evil aura with despair as she was forced to look at her hand get plugged into the pot.


Scorpions that were filled with hunger for days immediately started clinging onto that white-as-jade hand. Having seen this, even someone as cruel and cold-hearted as Qian mama couldn’t stand but to look away.

“Ah——” Yu Ling Long made a terrifying shout, she felt that her fingers were stung by countless sharp needle-like stings. Having felt this immense pain, she died immediately.

The pain on her fingers were soon about to fade, as the scorpions climb up her arm. As though they were like a hungry python, climbing all over her body, tranquilizing anywhere they touched. Yu Ling Long wanted to cry, but couldn’t make any more tears. She tried to shout, but she couldn’t make a single sound, even moving slightly wasn’t possible.

Qian mama did not even notice that her face was already green, she only cared about ordering her servants around, “Hurry up and bring me the pot!”

The pot was brought as Qian mama hurried and took a knife and opened a cut on Yu Ling Long’s white hand without thinking twice.

Madam Mu suddenly stood up nervously while looking at the reddish-blood flowing inside the pot, she was so nervous that she couldn’t blink her eyes even once.

Outside, it was still a heavy downpour as roaring thunder struck down from the sky.

“KA——” another bright ray of lightning pierced through the night sky, landing straight on the rooftop. It even broke a few bricks.

Inside, without anyone noticing, the strength-less Yu Ling Long opened her eyes slowly. Her face was filled with despair just a while ago, but now it was as cold as ice.

Yumei felt as if she had passed through a long but tight tunnel, she was nearly breathless. Having seen a light in front, she quickly ran towards it. The light was getting bigger, but as she saw what was in front, she couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Having your own arm getting clutched while your body was heavily crushed onto the floor would already make you mad, what made her even more mad is that an old lady wearing a weird-looking skirt was pinching her wrist, transporting her blood into another pot.

You dare to take my blood?!

Damn it, which gang’s leader is so daring to even touch her?!

Yumei did not give the situation an extra thought, her initial reaction was to kick away the lady that was clutching onto her arm.

“Ouch, that hurts!” Qian mama did not expect that the Yu Ling Long that had fainted would suddenly give her a kick. She then shouted in pain. Yumei immediately gave her a second kick, not giving her a chance to breathe, causing another lady to fall on the ground as well.

According to Yumei’s many years of war experience, that kick she gave should be able to knock that lady out.

After regaining her freedom, Yumei picked up her bleeding wrist, and immediately gave Qian mama another fierce punch.

This punch was filled with all the anger from Yumei. She didn’t care where she was or who Qian mama is, she couldn’t stand still because she dared to take away blood from her. She wouldn’t be satisfied unless she had beaten her into a pulp!

Qian mama did not expect that the defenseless Yu Ling Long would suddenly become as fierce as a mother lion. The punch hit her straight on the nose, and releasing a loud cracking sound, Qian mama’s face became a mess, and blood started bleeding out like a river!

Yumei’s anger was sated after seeing Qian mama being punched and kicked to the ground without being able to say anything. She bluntly took the piece of cloth that was hanging on Qian mama’s chest, and then bandaged her own wounds.

Having experienced many fights, this little wound didn’t mean a thing to her.

Everyone inside the house was shocked, it had not been long since the fourth miss had entered the house. She had always been kind and obedient! Even though she knew madam would take her blood to breed the Sixth Miss’ medicine, she still wouldn’t dare to disagree, how could she suddenly become as fierce as a tiger?

Although Qian mama and the others did not know any martial combat techniques, all of them had built up their bodies. Anyone who breaks the rules of the house would usually be taken care of by them and they would punish them. They could easily beat up anyone so badly that they wouldn’t be able to stand up for half a month. These monster-like servants were actually blown away by Fourth Miss’ few punches and kicks!?

Madam Mu was the first to be aware that the situation seemed to be awry, staring at the blood that was poured by Yu Ling Long’s fierce punches, she was reminded that her own daughter was still struggling for her life. She was enraged, “Yu Ling Long, how dare you?!”

Yumei heard it, she looked around her surroundings, and saw a middle-aged woman was looking at her with a stare filled with anger.

This old lady is talking to her? What is this so called Yu Ling Long?

After knocking out Qian mama and the other few people, she began to realize that something was not right. The wound she bandaged felt strange and foreign to her, this delicate small hand could not be hers, especially this white as jade-like and elastic skin. It didn’t look anything like a hand that had experienced ten years of fighting and bloodbath.

Looking at the tight robes that the ladies were wearing in front of her, she noticed immediately: she started to catch on to the trend. She seemed to have warped through time and space.

Regardless, with her ability to adapt, mixing anywhere is the same. Yumei, no, this brand new Yu Ling Long, bluntly pulled a bench from the side, sat down comfortably, all the while staring coldly at Madam Mu “Hey old lady, you got any business looking for me?”


This one sentence could almost make Madam Mu vomit out blood, although she was only over forty years old, she had always felt proud of her excellently maintained delicate face. She was very sensitive about the word “old.” Yu Ling Long actually dared to say that she’s old?!


Madam Mu pointed at her with a shaky finger: “You, what did you just say?!”

Yu Ling Long continued to tease her some more: “Are you so old that you became deaf and blind? Did you not hear what I said?!”


If not for quickly adapting to the old-age life, she wouldn’t even care to listen to this old lady’s nonsense. After seeing her dress up like a madam-like lady, she only thought of calling her old. She even dared to talk loudly, she really doesn’t know her manners.


Madam Mu looked at Yu Ling who had her legs crossed and her high and mighty look. Seeing Qian mama and the rest covering their wounds while lying on the ground, a deep burning rage grew inside her. Without thinking of the consequences, she immediately gave the order: “Punish her! Beat this insensitive and arrogant girl!”



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