She Must Be Crueler Than The Bad People!


The servants that Madam Mu brought were all loyal to the Yu Courtyard. Once they heard the command, they didn’t even dare to tarry any longer and immediately rushed to the front, each of them grinding their fists and rubbing their palms. Their eyes were looking at Yu Ling Long fiercely, as if they wanted to swallow her whole.


Yu Ling Long smiled coldly. Although these people looked furious, in her eyes, they’re not even comparable to a paper tiger, just some paper rats. They had small arms and feet. Don’t even talk about wanting to sweep her away, they might not be able to kill a chicken.


If it wasn’t for the fact that the owner of this body was too timid and weak, how would it be possible that she died just because of these little dogs? At that thought, Yu Ling Long suddenly felt as though there were an invincible flame that burst in her heart. Damn it! She was still angry about herself mysteriously transmigrating into this world, and to top it off, these blind people still wanted to find trouble with her? If she doesn’t beat them up good, then she’ll definitely feel sorry for herself!


In the blink of an eye, more than ten servants had already rushed to squeeze her. Yu Ling Long agilely took the stool she was sitting on and brutally threw the stool right at them!




“My mother~”


All of them had been caught off guard and they were smashed by the stool in close proximity. One of them got their forehead smashed by the feet of the stool and fresh blood immediately spewed out. That servant squealed and fainted on the floor. At the same time, the back of the chair changed its direction and bluntly smashed onto two of the other servants. Suddenly, three of them fell on the floor and rolled together while crying out loud. Meanwhile, they even bumped into the people beside them.


For just a second, the opposing force had been reduced by half. All that were left were a few of them struggling on the ground. Not waiting till they climbed up from the floor, Yu Ling Long had already kicked them away, and for the last one, Yu Ling Long stared at Madam Mu. She directly kicked that servant, aiming right for Madam Mu!


In a short amount of time, these bunch of people that Madam Mu had brought were all lying on the ground.


“You, you bastard! Don’t you want to live anymore?!” Madam Mu collided with the servant so hard that she couldn’t stand properly. The ornaments in her hair became scattered and messy. She angrily scolded Yu Ling Long while trying to keep her hairpins from falling.


Yu Ling Long humphed at her. Don’t want to live anymore? The owner of this body wanted to live, but did you let her live? Wasn’t she tortured until death by you? Yu Ling Long had never believed that tears or begging could be exchanged for anyone’s pity. In her dictionary, there’s only one rule: She, herself, must be crueler than the bad people!


“You- you- you impolite and wild girl! How dare you do this to your legitimate mother——” Madam Mu was so exasperated that she scolded Yu Ling Long loudly and completely threw her demeanor as an elegant lady away.


Yu Ling Long frowned her eyebrows. This kind of woman was way noisier than a hen trying to lay an egg. Combined with the mourning sound from the servants struggling on the ground, the noise was really a disturbance and made her feel annoyed.


However, throwing them away one by one was way too troublesome. Yu Ling Long’s sight was locked on the earthen pot that had fallen on the ground earlier and suddenly she had an idea.


Yu Ling Long lifted her long skirt and walked over to the crowd. Without any hesitation, she picked up the earthen pot and threw the pot to the grumbling Madam Mu!


When Madam Mu saw the heavy earthen pot coming in her direction, at that instant, she was actually stunned by the unexpected shock and she couldn’t come to her senses fast enough to dodge the pot. A servant with slight injuries immediately pulled Madam Mu down in desperation. Although Madam Mu had fallen to the ground, she managed to dodge the heavy attack.


“Piak!” the sound wasn’t so loud, but it was clearly heard by everyone in the room. All of them suddenly stopped mourning and looked at the spot where the earthen pot had smashed to pieces on the ground——


The nest of scorpions that were locked up for several days had finally obtained their freedom. They immediately climbed out of the earthen pot fiercely. Soon, the whole room was filled with numerous scorpions climbing on the ground!


“Oh my god!”




“This is bad, hurry, someone help!”


Until now, the crowd had still been laying on the ground wailing, but at the sight of the scorpions, everyone quickly climbed up from the ground as if they were shot by steroids and rushed to the forefront, trying to escape from them.


There were two loyal servants who didn’t forget about Madam Mu. As they quickly ran for their lives, each of them carried one side of Madam Mu as they tottered while following the crowd to escape out of the room.


In just a second, the whole room of people had emptied.


Looking at the crowd covering their heads and scurrying away like rats to their holes, Yu Ling Long smiled coldly.


Is that all they’ve got? And they still dared to offend her? Go back and train for a few hundred years before bragging!


Since the world regained its peace, Yu Ling Long could finally sort out her mind.


Fine, she transmigrated. She accepted the fact. But the problem was, whose body had she transmigrated into?


Her head immediately popped out a few images and information. As if her brain were a computer, it automatically responded to her with the answers. Yu Ling Long rubbed her forehead, trying to analyze in detail about the body’s past memories.


Yu Ling Long, the Fourth Miss of General Yu’s Estate, was a concubine’s child. But even so, she didn’t grown up in the Yu Estate. Yu Ling Long’s real mother was called Yi Lan, a dancer that came from the West. She spent a night with General Yu and hence Yu Ling Long was born. However, Yu Ling Long had a humble origin so she did not enter the estate until Yi Lan had just passed away. General Yu had no choice but to let the 14 year old Yu Ling Long enter the estate and recognized her as his daughter.


Yu Ling Long had nobody to rely on. Once she entered the estate, she immediately suffered bullying and torment. Even the lowest rank maids did not put her in their eyes. Sadly, Yu Ling Long had a soft and weak temperament. Even though she was bullied, she could only hold her breath and swallow the insult. Her soft temperament did not earn her any pity or respect from the others. Instead, she turned into Madam Mu’s drug tester and had such a tragic ending.


After she understood her situation, she squinted her eyes and was enlightened. It’s no wonder that her legitimate mother didn’t like her at all. Because she was General Yu’s illegitimate daughter, that’s why Madam Mu wanted to put her to death!


Yu Ling Long randomly took a decoration from the table which was a bronze mirror. She looked at herself and measured her brand new body.


Although the gods had arranged an unexpected but not surprising transmigration, and moreover, out of all the people she could have transmigrated into, she had to transmigrate into a suffering concubine’s daughter, she must admit that she was very satisfied with her look.


Yu Ling Long had completely inherited Yi Lan’s appearance. Although she was only 14 years old, her height was slightly taller than other children of the same age. She observed that she was around 1.65 meters tall, her body was skinny but it didn’t hide her beautiful shape. Her white skin was as smooth as milk and her eyebrows were finely arched and thick. Her prominent nose served as a foil to accentuate her facial features. Her gorgeous looking lips were red as if a rose had just bloomed, especially that pair of eyes of hers, the thick and long eyelashes couldn’t even hide her pair of watery black eyes.


Yu Ling Long smiled softly, in the mirror correspondingly appeared an exquisite face. Her beauty could overthrow a kingdom and capture the hearts of all beings.


She never knew that she could become an ancient beauty after she transmigrated!


As she was admiring her own face, the closed door was suddenly pushed open by someone. Yu Ling Long didn’t have time to react before a young girl drenched in water had already rushed into the room and ran towards her!


Yu Ling Long couldn’t refrain herself from getting shocked. How is it possible that there were still people who dared to rush into the room filled with scorpions that were climbing all over the floor? Don’t tell her that the room is haunted?


Not waiting for Yu Ling Long to clearly look at the appearance of the girl in front, she found herself already hugged tightly by the girl. A voice suddenly sounded by her ears. The voice had obviously been suppressed for a long time——


“Miss, you are all right! That’s great!”


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