Fierce Illegitimate Miss

Chapter 15 – What now, you can’t let go? (Part 1)

After listening to Yu Linglong, Mu Shi was shocked. What was it all about? She had to be scolded, and Yu Linglong’s aim was only money?


Yu Linglong glanced at the sorrowful and hesitant look of Mu Shi, then asked coldly, “what now, you can’t let go of it?”


After being looked at with such unfriendliness, Mu Shi suddenly felt that the wounds on her body hurt like after being beaten, she hurriedly said, “no no no…come, someone please come, take the money!”


A group of servants who were watching aside with excitement, but dared not breathe aloud, all ran out in a hurry. And they all gave Yu Linglong a lot of jade-white money.


Yu Linglong glanced at it and thought, this is really a good amount. It looks like these people were willing to spend an awful lot of money in order to save the imperial mother.

“Please look at this…tell me if it’s enough?” Mu Shi’s timid voice trembled fiercely in the cold wind. She felt so cold that she couldn’t stand it. She was ripped off of all her clothes, and she was cruelly beaten…what made her feel even more unbearable was that everything happened in front of the servants of the Yu House. From now on, how could she face these people? And where could she find her reputation back?


However, at this moment, she could not consider these problems at all. Her only thought was to quickly meet the requirements of Yu Linglong and ask her to let go of herself!


After living for almost half a lifetime, she felt so low for the first time, and the other party was even a girl of the lower class!


Such a shameful disgrace has stopped her from having the slightest resentment. The woman who was only fourteen years old was simply the incarnation of the devil. All her means and ideas went into vain, and she even had to bear such a painful ending!


Yu Linglong took a few silver coin, and ordered, “for the rest, take it to my room!”


When she finished, she dropped the latch in her hand and left without looking back.


She really couldn’t be bothered to look at the naked Mu Shi who’s covered with injuries, she was still starving!


Yu Linglong walked away and left a mess behind.


After seeing that Yu Linglong had disappeared, the servants started to hurriedly lift Mu Shi up. The smarter and younger servants ran in to give a set of new clothes to Mu Shi. Finally, the imperial mother could get away with the embarrassment of being naked.


Fortunately, this is the inner court and there’s no man. Otherwise, Mu Shi didn’t want to live anymore.


“Oh my lady,” Cui Mama, who was beaten down, rushed with much difficulty at this moment. After seeing how Mu Shi was, she immediately burst into tears, “it’s all my fault, I made you suffer…”

Mu Shi had mood to consider about this now. After seeing Yu Linglong gone, her tightened nerves finally relaxed. And she instantly felt a huge amount of pain with her body. Her vision darkened and she fainted.




Xuan Cao was walking back and forth worriedly in front of the second door, and she was looking at the inner court from time to time.


It’s been a long time, why hasn’t the lady returned yet?


When recalling the way Yu Linglong walked out, Xuan Cao began to worry even more, has anything happened to the lady?


Just when her thoughts were running wildly, there’s a familiar voice next to her ears, “Xuan Cao.”


Under the moonlight, a bright figure was approaching. Although it was in the dark, nothing could cover her faint brilliance.


Xuan Cao was so happy that she almost cried, “my lady, here you are finally.”


Yu Linglong saw that Xuan Cao was almost crying, she couldn’t help but sigh, how could this little girl cry so easily. The day before, when they first met, she already couldn’t stop crying, and now she’s so anxious again after having to wait for a while.


Yu Linglong didn’t like weak people. In her mind, crying is a form of weakness, and it can’t solve anything.


However, her servant Xuan Cao liked crying. This made Yu Linglong really speechless. If she’s not brave enough, then how could she be with her in the future?


Seeing how emotional and excited Xuan Cao was after seeing her, Yu Linglong stopped herself from scolding her. All in all, this little girl was just being kind, no matter how fierce she could be, she still had to treat kind people with kindness.



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