010 Wash your mouth


“What do you just say?” Yu Ling Long stared at Yu Qian Liu, the smile on her face had already gone ,”Whose mother you say is a whore? Who do you said give an inch and she’ll take a mile?”

Yu Qian Liu felt really hurt, her tears had already fallen down, but she wouldn’t surrender: “How dare you kick me? I’m your sister!”

“Sister? What kind of sister?”

As soon as she finished her words, Yu Qian Liu felt hurt came from her head, Yu Ling Long had already pulled her hair towards the pool.

As Yu Qian Fang saw what was happening, she walked to them :” fourth sister, release her, if not, mother will find…”. She hasn’t finished her words, suddenly Yu Ling Long cuts her word : “So, you want to feel it too?”

Yu Qian Fang froze by her words

As for Mother Cui, from beginning, she had already hidden somewhere, the ladies fought each other, as servant, she didn’t need to be in there. But now, she saw what Ling Long did to Qian Liu, she wouldn’t come forward to help, because she remembered Mother Qian broken nose, and Shuang Tao dislocation hands, even if she had the brave, she would never ever provokes her again.

Now, Yu Qian Liu appearance was really a mess, her hair accessories had already fallen down, her look was not like the common lady, she tried to fight back, but Yu Ling Long was more powerful than her.

In front of Qian Liu was now a pool, she could figure out what Yu Ling Long was going to do to her, Yu Qian Liu started screaming: “What do you want to do? Hurry up release me!”

Yu Ling Long didn’t care for what Qian Liu had said, she then, pulled Yu Qian Liu hairs, and pressed her into the water.

Other people were shock to see this scene, My God, what if she killed her?

The bubble kept going up to surface, even though they couldn’t hear her voice, but she keeps struggling, everyone can imagine that will be really painful.

As Ling Long sees that Qian Liu struggled slower, she pulled her up.

Finally Yu Qian Liu had come out from the water, her make up had already washed out, she couldn’t speak anything, she kept coughing, unstoppable.

Yu Ling Long smiled, beside of her smile, everyone were goose bumps with her words :” Your mouth smells awful, I help you washes your mouth.”

Yu Qian Fang who heard her voice was really scare, she didn’t have the courage to help Yu Qian Liu, in her eyes, Yu Ling Long wasn’t a human, she was a monster.

Yu Ling Long threw Yu Qian Liu to other side, she cleaned up the water in her hands and walked away without looking at Qian Liu. Mother Cui followed Yu Ling Long quickly. She looked at Ling Long face that expresses nothing had happened, now, she really scared of her. Mother Cui had seen what had happened to Qian Liu, this made her hesitated with her plan. If her plan went well, it’s a relived for her, but if not, she couldn’t explain it to Mu’s family, and Yu Ling Long also would take a ravage on her.

While Mother Cui was thinking, suddenly a voice came up ,” Still far?”

Mother Cui answered her with smile ,” No, it’s already near.”

Yu Ling Long sees Mother Cui pale face , she smirks and stares at her ,”Why? You’re scared?”

“N..N.. No”, Mother Cui answeed her enviously, she thought, the fourth lady still small, but how could she know what in her mind.

Yu Ling Long looked at her and thought, she just a dog for Mu’s family, but, she’s a special dog, maybe it’s because Mu’s family gave her very much and big bone. But, this kind dog was the most dangerous.

Today, she took ravage on Yu Qian Liu, this might make Mother Cui afraid of her, she would think twice to run her plan.

Both of them had their own plan and walked toward the courtyard.

At the other side, Yu Qian Fang waited until Yu Ling Long had gone far, she went to help Yu Qian Liu, her face was pale, her eyes were closed, her make up had already mixed with the pool water, it’s really dirty and smelly, the water kept falling down from her face.

Yu Qian Fang kept pressing her philtrum and screaming,”Sis Qian Liu, Sis Qian Liu! Wake up!”

After a while, Yu Qian Liu finally woke up, Yu Qian Fang say ,”Sis Qian Liu, are you alright?”

Qian Liu totally woke up and remembered what had happened , she said ,” That damn girl, how dare she does that to me?”

Qian Fang sighed,” You too, you’re really careless. You already knows what she has done before, and you keep challenge her.”

But, Qian Liu wouldn’t give up, she rose and yelled,” Where is she? I want to find her!”

Yu Qian Fang thought, so what if she had found her, she wouldl be beaten up again.

Yu Qian Fang looked around her, and she realized that Yu Ling Long and Mother Cui walked toward that way ….

Yu Qian Liu confused with her sister stared,“ Sis, why don’t you talk? Do you know where is she ?”

Yu Qian Fang said,” Looks like she… walks to Pin Lan Courtyard.”

After she heard what her sister had said, Yu Qian Liu face changed,” What? Pin Lan Courtyard? For what?”

Yu Qian Fang was older than Yu Qian Liu, so she knew what Mu’s family had planned,” Maybe… it’s the courtyard that Madame give her.”

Suddenly, Yu Qian Liu laughed very hard, her laugh filled with gloat,” Madame is really clever, she gives her Pin Lan Courtyard. Yu Ling Long won’t have one peace day from now. Hahahaha”

Yu Qian Liu laughed too hard, it made her started coughing again, Yu Qian Fang quickly helped her and said,”Please be careful sis, let’s go back, you will be sick.”

Yu Qian Fang helped Yu Qian Liu, but in her eyes, there were hatred.


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