Why Do Women Pick on Women


“Is that how you handle things?” After hearing Cui Mama’s report, Madam Mu was very angry.


He heavily dropped the teacup in her hand, Madam Mu was really angry, she had clearly ordered Cui Mama to handle that Yu Ling Long, not only Yu Ling Long is still unharmed, but now she wants us to arrange a place for her to stay? How would other people look at this? Just this morning she had been flagrantly bullied by Yu Ling Long, yet now she demands a place for her to stay, she is clearly making everyone feel that a dignified Madam of the courtyard is scared of a little concubine’s child? How could she show her face to anyone now?


Cui Mama had already thought about a countermeasure, seeing Madam Mu being very mad, she quickly said: “Madam do not worry, please listen to what I’m about to say.  Madam how great your status is, there is no need to bother yourself with the likes of her, about what happened this morning, if you were to appease her now, if others knew about this, they would praise Madam for being broad-minded, definitely no one would feel as what Madam had said, you could also stop those people who gossip behind your back. If Madame heard about this, she would naturally feel that you handled things appropriately. As for how we should arrange Fourth Miss a place to live, I’ve got an idea about it.”


Listening to Cui Mama’s analyzation, Madam Mu’s expression was better, Cui Mama was right, as a Madam that’s controlling the courtyard, if she were to bother with the likes of her, wouldn’t that be a bigger joke? It’s better to be generous, pretending that I wouldn’t mind about it, that way not only Yu Ling Long can be appeased, a good reputation can be forged if I treated a concubine’s child kindly.


Madam Mu nodded her head noncommittally, she asked: “What kind of idea do you have in mind?”


Cui Mama quickly whispered in her ear, said a few words, Madam Mu’s expression suddenly cleared, she can’t refrain from smiling: “What a good way, with this, we can kill two birds with one stone.”


Cui Mama was relieved: “So……. should I arrange the plans now?”


Yu Ling Long gave them a deadline, if they don’t handle things in time,  I’m afraid Yu Ling Long would cause them an even bigger trouble.


Madam Mu let off a cold humph: Alright, we’ll do it this way! Also, when the sun starts to shine tomorrow, I don’t want to see that again!”


It was to urge Cui Mama to quickly dispose of this disturbing wench called Yu Ling Long.


Cui Mama wouldn’t dare to lower her guard, she quickly answered: “Madam, please do not worry, I had already made arrangements, I guarantee that good news will come tonight.”




In the garden behind Yu Courtyard, Cui Mama was in front of them while leading them, Yu Ling Long was bringing Xuan Cao along, as they walk, they were admiring the scenery.


The Yu Courtyard was just a normal General Mansion, it wasn’t really big, but the garden’s scenery is worth admiring, it was night time as well, the garden was filled with green plants, beautiful mountains, elegant pavilions, paired with murmuring of running water, a really good place to relax and ease up.


In Yu Ling Long’s heart, she looks down on those ancient girls, every day staying inside their homes not being able to go anywhere at all, no need to worry about food and clothing, of course, she could only find some intriguing games to play, otherwise life would be so boring.


When she had just turned at a corner, she immediately faced two people who were obviously here to nitpick.


“Oh, isn’t this Fourth sister? “ This fake warm-hearted voice, why does it sound so fake.


Two young girls with age of about 15 or 16 appeared in front of Yu Ling Long, one of them seemed to be slightly older, and had a slightly large body, delicate face with a slight smile on it, it was as if she is gentle and amiable. Whereas the other one had irresistible charming eyes, light-weight body, she looks like someone with dignity, yet she gives a scornful look at Yu Ling Long.


Cui Mama bowed and greeted them: “Greetings Second Miss, Third Miss.”


Yu Ling Long gave an annoyed glance to those two who were so called sisters, Second Miss Yu Qian Fang was still alright, at least she wasn’t showing any obvious signs of hostility. But this Third Miss Yu Qian Liu, at first glance I knew that she was someone extremely difficult to get along with. If I had not encountered her face to face, I wouldn’t be willing to respond to this eccentric person.


Yu Qian Fang slightly smiled at Cui Mama: “Where are you headed to, Cui Mama?”


Cui Mama smiled back and said: “Madam had arranged a place for Fourth Miss to stay, I am leading her to her new yard.”


Just when she was finished, Yu Ling Long felt a look filled with jealousy was cast upon her. Needless to say, it was obvious that nitpicker Yu Qian Liu.


About Yu Qian Liu’s deep anger, she herself as a concubine’s child had endured suffering for so many years in the courtyard, yet Madam did not even treat her with proper respect. Whereas this Yu Ling Long who had only entered the courtyard for a few days, she had already beaten up Madam’s underlings, taking away Madam’s lunch box, not only Madam did not punish her, instead, she gave her a place to stay? Why is Madam treating Yu Ling Long this nicely?


Yu Qian Liu wouldn’t dare to challenge Madam Mu, she could only abreact her deep anger onto Yu Ling Long, he had disdain the concubine’s child who had entered the courtyard before, now that we’ve met face to face, naturally she would have to take the chance, and dispose of this wench that came out of nowhere!


“Fourth Miss, you are so lucky, Mother treats you with such good care, and you should show filial piety to Mother! Otherwise, wouldn’t you be an ungrateful wench which doesn’t know how to appreciate what’s good?” Yu Qian Liu said the two words “Filial Piety” heavily, her voice was filled with mockery.


Filial Piety? Who doesn’t know what Yu Ling Long had done to Madam Mu this morning? Brave enough to take away Mother’s lunchbox, isn’t this already being ungrateful?


Yu Ling Long slightly squinted, coldly said: “Whether I show filial piety or not, what does that have to do with you?”


Everyone on the spot was frozen, she actually burst foul words? Is this the things a rich young lady should say?


Yu Qian Liu was stunned for a minute, then she recovered from it and said: “You, what did you just said?”


Yu Ling Long continued further, staring at the stunned Yu Qian Liu, her exquisite face still filled with disdain, the air pressure of the surroundings were extremely lowered.


“I said: What, Does, That, Have, To, Do, With, You!”


One word at a time, it was as if every word was a heavy punch, pushing Yu Qian Liu back a few steps.


A young lady like this, not mentioning whether she had seen it before, she had not even heard about it!


Seeing Yu Qian Liu being at a disadvantage, Yu Qian Fang quickly pulled her away, smiling to Yu Ling Long and said: “Please be patient Fourth Sister, Third sister was just concern about you, let’s talk things out.”


Yu Ling Long let off a cold humph, concern, is there a wench that would care so much?


“Alright, a good dog should get out of the way, now scram!” Yu Ling Long had no mood to argue with them, letting them off this easily was already very nice of her.


But, her kindness was taken in a bad way, Yu Qian Liu’s brows were straight, she said angrily: “Yu Ling Long, don’t you dare to act like you’re someone important! Who doesn’t know that your mother was just a lowly whore? Who do you think you are, after showing you some of my kindness and you repay me with such rudeness?”


Yu Qian Fang who was standing beside heard that something was off, quickly trying to pull Yu Qian Liu away, it was only too bad, because it was too late.


Yu Ling Long swiftly stopped her footsteps, a cold smile appear on her pretty face, show some kindness? We still don’t know who is repaying kindness with rudeness yet!


Seeing the cold smile on Yu Ling Long’s face, Yu Qian Liu couldn’t refrain from acting timid, she had changed her mind but she had already straightened her back, although she is a concubine’s child, she is also Yu Courtyard’s miss, she is also Yu Ling Long’s sister! What’s wrong with teaching her a few lessons? Surely Yu Ling Long wouldn’t really dare to slap her?


Unfortunately, before she was able to recover from thinking, her leg had already suffered a heavy kick!


How Could Yu Qian Liu’s small sized-body be able to endure such a heavy kick from Yu Ling Long, she immediately kneeled on the ground!

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