There’s a limit to my patience!


Yu Ling Long didn’t expect that Xuan Cao would suddenly say that, she couldn’t help but laugh: “Run away, why should we run?”


Xuan Cao worryingly said: “Miss, you had stolen Madam’s meal, have you thought about the consequences? If we don’t run away now, we may never have the chance again!”


Miss had caused such a great disaster, she is also afraid that Madam had already made a hell of a fuss there, with their power alone, how could they deal with the Madam of Yu Courtyard? They might as well escape earlier, that way they might have a slim chance of survival


Yu Ling Long did not give a care at all: “Run away from what? If she dares to touch me, I will make her suffer!”


She is just a woman in a big house, is that even a big deal? Whether it’s violence or verbal struggles, if Madam Mu is brave enough, she can feel free to take action!


Hearing what Yu Ling Long said, Xuan Cao stared at her with astonishment, is she still the gentle and soft lady from before? Just yesterday, Yu Ling Long was still a misbegotten lady who even had to lower her head to those maids in Yu Courtyard when she had passed by them, yet today she was heaven-daring, enough to actually provoke Madam Mu?!


Before Xuan Cao was able to speak, a polite tone of sound came from outside: “Is Fourth Miss there?”


Xuan Cao was shocked, we’re finished, it must be someone that Madam had sent to trouble Yu Ling Long!


It was as if she didn’t saw Xuan Cao panicking, Yu Ling Long sit firmly on the chair, loudly asked: “Who goes there?”


The ragged door was gently pushed, a middle aged woman came inside, putting her sights onto Yu Ling Long, the smile on her face, a pair of eyes yet filled with a deep feeling: “My first name is Cui, we had met before.”


Yu Ling Long sneered, even though she had not seen her before, but during these days of living in Yu Courtyard, she had already heard about how capable Cui Mama is, Madam Mu would go so far as to send her, she must really think highly of Yu Ling Long after all.


Yu Ling Long nodded quietly: “Alright then, what brings you here?”


Cui Mama’s eyes swept over the table that was cluttered with meal boxes and teacups, the smile on her face had yet to disappear: “I have unfortunately come at the wrong time, disturbing your meal, pardon my offense.”


As the saying goes, “Never slap someone who is smiling”, no matter how fierce Fourth Miss can be, she couldn’t just simply slap someone she had just met, could she? Cui Mama knew that the elegant yet peerless lady may seem young, but since yesterday night till now, she had already caused trouble in the Yu Courtyard twice, she doesn’t dare to even look down slightly on Yu Ling Long.


For now she would serve her well, but for what’s going to happen, later on, Cui Mama pretending to be respectful as she lowers her eyes, hiding the coldness in her eyes, Fourth Miss wouldn’t be able to live for long anyway, there is no need for her to give concern about it.


Seeing Yu Courtyard’s famed and respected Cui Mama being so humble in front of her, Yu Ling Long was being alerted. She doesn’t fear those lackeys who rely on power alone to bully people, anyone who relies more on power, will be weaker once meeting tough opponents. But Cui Mama in front of her who speaks politely, she is mostly hiding a dagger in her smile. Someone like her, it makes people to let their guard down easily, therefore if she wants to harm anyone, it would be very easy for her.


Having thought this far, Yu Ling Long sneered, although her clothing seems plain and simple, yet she wasn’t diminished at all, what’s more special is that, although her smile is bright, but it was still filled with a sense of oppressive towards other people. Even someone like Cui Mama who had been used to facing countless big and famous lackeys, she couldn’t help but be temporarily inattentive. Yu Ling Long’s stunning face, she could also imagine her mother’s bright light, it was no wonder that the great Lord would be attracted to that woman……


Ignoring Cui Mama’s deep in thought’s looks, Yu Ling Long went straight to the point and said: “If you’ve got anything to say, spit it out.”


She is curious to know, after what had happened yesterday night and this morning, how does Madam Mu intend to deal with her?


Cui Mama came out from her thoughts, the smile on her face had unconsciously gave a feeling of hypocritical respect: “It was Madam who sent me here to see the Fourth Miss, you had already spent a few days living in the Courtyard, are you enjoying your stay here?”


Hearing this, Yu Ling Long slightly narrowed her eyes, inside her bright eyes, what leaked out was a feeling of coldness.


Before provoking Madam Mu, she had already thought about the possible outcomes, Madam Mu would send Cui Mama to send her regards, it may seem that she wanted to oblige me, appease myself, this wasn’t out of her predictions, it’s just only that, she did not expect Madam Mu could put down lower dignity to no limits, yesterday night when she tried to harm her life, yet today she could still shamelessly “Care” for me.


Could it be that this was trending in the ancient age, what you had done before, just by changing attitude could actually shamelessly make it as if it never happened before? If it was really like this, Yu Ling Long feels that the life of the ancient age is really interesting, it’s really damn interesting.


Seeing the smile on Cui Mama’s face, Yu Ling Long couldn’t help but sneer, since they have shown so much “concern” over her, she doesn’t need to be so polite anymore.


“To tell the truth, I’m not enjoying my life here.” Yu Ling Long looked at the ragged furnishings around her, hinting Cui Mama, “Are you blind? Can’t you see what kind of shitty place I’m living in?”


It was as if Cui Mama did not understand the hidden meaning of ridicule in Yu Ling Long’s tone, still smiling as before: “Please don’t be mad, Fourth Miss. Your return was too sudden, Madam couldn’t prepare a proper room for you in time, that’s why she couldn’t serve you properly, we hope Fourth Miss can understand.”


Although she said politely, Cui Mama was secretly biting her teeth, who does she think she is? Due to Cui Mama’s status in the courtyard, even the other misbegotten ladies would respect her, yet this Yu Ling Long straightforwardly takes her as a lowly servant, ordering her around, this makes Cui Mama who had felt good at herself to feel uncomfortable, she had also secretly made up her mind that she would let this woman who doesn’t know how to respect others to suffer more before her last breath, then can she only satisfy her deep hatred for her.


After hearing Cui Mama’s reasoning, it doesn’t seem that Yu Ling Long intended to forgive her at all, instead she pressures her even harder: “What about now? Such a big mansion, there couldn’t possibly no place for me to stay at all, could it?”


Cui Mama froze, she was just here to test Yu Ling Long, who knew she had trapped herself in this mess, she is just a servant, and how could she possibly have the authority of arranging a place for Yu Ling Long? If she answers that the arrangement is not complete yet, it would be like hitting herself in the face. She had mentioned that Madam had sent her here to send her regards, if such a small matter couldn’t be handled well, would it be due to Madam’s negligence, or because of herself? Cui Mama feels as if she’s a rat suffocating in a box, being in a bind.


Cui Mama’s face was white and red, “Please be patient Fourth Miss, I shall return to Madam, giving you a proper explanation as soon as possible” she said while biting her teeth.


Yu Ling Long raised her teacups leisurely, giving the signal to see the visitor out: “Do it fast, there’s a limit to my patience, if there isn’t a proper arrangement tonight, I’m afraid l will have to use my old methods again.”


Cui Mama was frightened, old methods? Yu Ling Long had stolen Madam Mu’s meal, now she wants to steal Madam Mu’s place to live?!


Remembering about the servant’s swollen faces in the Courtyard, Cui Mama is very sure, that if Yu Ling Long were to continue using violence, no one in this Courtyard would be a match for her, if she doesn’t prepare a proper place for her to live, she is afraid that Madam Mu really wouldn’t have a place to stay tonight.

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