Hiding Murderous Intention


Madam Mu looked up, and saw a fatty figure of a middle-aged woman walking into the room, she then bowed to Madam Mu: “I pay my respects to you, Madam.”


Madam Mu asked curiously: “Weren’t you supposed to deliver something to Madame? Why did you return so early?”


It was Cui Mama, one of Madam Mu’s trustworthy and capable servants, she answered: “Madame was pleased to see what Madam had sent to her, she let me stayed for a night, but then she mentioned that many things were happening in the courtyard, so she sent me back earlier.”


Madam Mu nodded her head: “Alright, you can return first, wait for me to handle that girl, then you can answer me later.”


Cui Mama rolled her eyes, and said while smiling: “Patience Madam, it’s just a small matter, if Madam was bent out of shape due to this small matter, it wouldn’t be worth it.”


Madam Mu thinking about her own meal being stolen was enraged: “Small matter? Didn’t you heard what they said, this young girl dares to bully even me, isn’t it that she has a death wish!?”


Cui Mama smiled again: “Madam your status is noble, why you would want to bother against a small lady? Why don’t you have your breakfast then only decide.”


Madam Mu seeing Cui Mama preventing her for countless of times from looking for trouble from Yu Ling Long, she couldn’t help but feel curious: Cui Mama is one of her precious servants, why would she hinder me from my actions in front of so many underlings?


Thinking that Cui Mama had just come back from Madame’s place, Madam Mu changes her thoughts slightly, could it be that……


Thinking until here, Madam Mu cleared her throat, said: “Alright then.”


Cui Mama was relieved, she turned back and commanded the servants: “Hurry up and send Madam’s breakfast over!”


Shuang Tao and the others heard Madam Mu’s decision, not daring to say anything else, they immediately went and prepare her breakfast.


When nearly everyone had left the room, Cui Mama walked ahead, walking to Madam Mu’s side and said: “Madam, I have something to report.”


Madam Mu seeing Cui Mama’s look, she knew that her predictions were on spot, something had really happened at Madame’s courtyard, she then said: “Let me hear it.”


Cui Mama lowered her voice: “I had a talk with Madame yesterday night, she asked about Sixth Miss’ injuries, I answered her that thankfully everything was taken care of nicely, all she needs now is to recuperate, her body should be back in full shape in no time.”


Madam Mu nodded her head when she heard what Cui Mama said, three years ago, Madame Yu had gone up to the mountains to focus on Buddha prayers, praying for Yu Courtyard, she did not take a notice to what had happened in the courtyard during all these years, when she asked about Sixth Miss’ injuries, she could tell that her granddaughter was still important to her.


Cui Mama carefully looked at Madam Mu’s expression, she said: “Madame even asked about Fourth Miss……”


Madam Mu couldn’t help but frown, how, this Yu Ling Long only came into the courtyard for a few days, how did Madame already knew about this? What about when she forced Yu Ling Long to sacrifice her blood just to cure Sixth Miss’ illness, does Madame also knew about this?


Looking at Madam Mu’s indefinite expression, Cui Mama quickly said: “Madame only said one thing: she is Yu Courtyard’s flesh and blood after all, I hope you can take care of her.”


Madam Mu smiled coldly, take care of her? With this girl’s unbearable and rude attitude, how could she actually take good care of her? Fourth miss was just a one-night debt of her husband in the past, now Madame expects her to clean up his messes? How could Madame even have the audacity to say such a thing!


She is the Madam of the courtyard for many years after all, Madam Mu’s anger was disappearing, what replaced it was the feelings of worry, didn’t Madame already left the Courtyard in the past? How did she know every detailed news inside the courtyard? She even knows a small matter such as a concubine’s child entering the courtyard, perhaps it was……


Glanced at Cui Mama, Madam Mu knew that she happened to share the same thoughts as Cui Mama. Madame might have gone up to the mountains to pray for Buddha, but there must be someone under her command hiding inside Yu Courtyard, only that way she can get notified about the news in the courtyard in a short time. In this situation, although Madam Mu seems to have everything in control, but there must be someone watching her every move behind her back.


Thinking until here, Madam let of a cold humph: “Wanting to hide leisurely, also wanting to intervene the courtyard’s business, such things would be too good to be true!”


Entrusting her with such an awful mess, also wanting to command her every move? It’s just a small young girl, yet she still wants her to waste her efforts into taking care of her?


Cui Mama advised: “Madame still has her status and power, Madam need not to be enraged by this. Not to mention, even if Madame wants to intervene, it’s still futile as she can’t do much, this courtyard values and respects Madam much more.”


To Madam Mu, it was a very pleasant thing to her ears, her mood seems better now, but when she thought about Yu Ling Long, she looks moody again: “This young girl sure doesn’t give people time to think, she only came in the courtyard for a few days but she had already caused so much trouble, people with low status are bound to give birth to trouble beings!”


Cui Mama had served Madam Mu for so many years, she could naturally tell what Madam Mu is thinking, smiling she said: “Madam, you are like a precious jade, why would you even need to confront with a rock beside a road? She is just a normal lady, when Madam has the time, you can teach her a few lessons, but if you were to be offended by her, naturally there are many ways to deal with her.”


All those smiles and warm words, hiding inside was a deep cold meaning.


Madam Mu couldn’t help but to slightly smile: “What you said was true, it was just that I couldn’t control my anger.”


Cui Mama hurried and answered: “That’s not true Madam, lately u had been worrying about Sixth Miss’ wounds, why would you care for such a small matter? When Sixth Miss is back into shape, Madam can take action immediately and deal with everything in the courtyard.”


And also “Deal with” a few people in the courtyard.


Madam Mu lowered her eyes, softly said: “I shall entrust this problem to you, doesn’t she like eating my meals? Alright then, we shall let her have more.”


A hidden meaning of ridicule was hidden in her words, yet it was filled with a thick intention to kill.


Cui Mama left after hearing her orders. It wasn’t her first time having to deal with such a situation, in Yu Courtyard, any who dares to challenge Madam Mu’s authority status all to share the same end: Death.



Inside the yard where Yu Ling Long was living, there wasn’t even a shred of tense atmosphere before facing disasters, Xuan Cao was pulled by Yu Ling Long to eat the food that was taken away from Madam Mu, yet she was still feeling uneasy, standing up and peeked out of the window whenever a slight movement of the grass was heard, it was as if there was flood or a beast.


She was courteously savoring her first meal ever since coming to this age after all, how could she not enjoy it? Not to mention, the chef in Yu courtyard has some pure skill, although the meal made for Madam Mu was simple, it was still enough to let her have the appetite for it, she couldn’t help but to eat a few mouthfuls because she had been used to the food in the modern times.


Xuan Cao pinched the bun in her hand that she had already bitten once, putting on a long face as she was watching Yu Ling Long, she hesitated to speak.


After eating and drinking to their heart’s content, Yu Ling Long put down her chopsticks and looked at Xuan Cao: “Why aren’t you eating any at all, what are you thinking about?”


Xuan Cao put down the bun that was in her hand, suddenly saying: “Miss, let us run away from here!”

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