You Are Doomed


When the servants who were delivering Madam Mu’s meal took a turn at the corner, they encountered Yu Ling Long.


One of them was a servant who had received a beating yesterday from Yu Ling Long. Having seen Yu Ling Long calmly standing in the middle of the road, she couldn’t help but back away for a few steps, using one hand to subconsciously rub at her swollen wound from yesterday.


Although Yu Ling Long had yet to say anything, she was obviously here to make trouble. The lady who had suffered from her before, quietly lowered her head while the others were not aware, and she slowly backed away, hiding behind them.


Among the servants, one of them who had yet to experience and witness how Yu Ling Long had fought yesterday, once they saw Yu Ling Long and her servant standing in the middle of the road and blocking their way, immediately started to scold them.


“Where did this rude girl come from? Doesn’t she know the rules? What are you still standing here for? Step aside!”


Yu Ling Long took a glance at the talking servant. She realized that the servant was actually one of the servants under Madam Mu, whose name was Shuang Tao. Her words were sharp and she was always very arrogant only based on the fact that she thought she was more special than other people. The past Yu Ling Long had always been bullied by her.

Alright, since you were stubborn enough to come to make trouble, don’t blame me for being blunt!


“Rules?! Today your Miss will tell you what the rules around here are!” Although she said it with a soft voice, her tone was filled with disharmony. “Who do you think you are, don’t you know how to show proper respect? Open both of your dog eyes and look closely, I am the Estate’s Fourth Miss!”


No matter what, even if she’s a concubine’s child, the blood of General Yu flows within her. How can she be insulted directly by a slave?


Shuang Tao froze, this girl had always acted like a mouse who ran away after seeing cats. How could the Fourth Miss suddenly be so bold and mighty? To the point that she even dared to talk back?!


Presumably, since she had the habit of bullying Yu Ling Long, Shuang Tao had always looked down on the Fourth Miss. Last time, she had even given Yu Ling Long a slap. Even though Madam Mu knew about it, she did not punish her. Having someone to rely on, how could she be afraid of such a small rat?


After hearing what Yu Ling Long said, Shuang Tao laughed loudly: “Ha ha ha! What a funny joke! Why don’t you go and take a look at your reflection in a puddle or something first? You alone dare to claim yourself as a Miss? Not to mention the fact that each of our Miss’s in the Yu Courtyard were born from noble families, even we servants who were born from normal family backgrounds have more power than you! Don’t forget that your mother was just a dancing girl who entertained other people. Who knows where a bastard illegitimate child like you came from?! It was all thanks to our lady’s leniency. That she was willing to take you in——”


When Shuang Tao said the words “bastard illegitimate child,” Yu Ling Long had already intercepted her.


“Pa!” Before Shuang Tao was able to finish her sentence, her cheek was already red hot from the slap that Yu Ling Long had delivered!


Shuang Tao covered her cheek that was slapped with her hand, staring at her with round eyes, “You…… You dare to slap me?”


Her answer was two quick slaps!


“These two slaps are from before, and now I will pay you back two-fold!” Yu Ling Long’s cold and scary look could frighten anyone who looked directly into her eyes.


Shuang Tao still had some self-respect, even in front of Madam Mu. She wouldn’t let herself suffer such a big loss for no reason at all, not to mention the fact that she got herself into this mess in the first place. This time, she was at a disadvantage. How could she stay still after getting slapped by Yu Ling Long? She immediately stepped forward, scolding her: “Who do you think you are? Do you dare to fight me? Bring it on!”


Shuang Tao ferociously ran towards Yu Ling Long, raising her hand up and swinging it towards Yu Ling Long’s face!


Yu Ling Long smiled coldly as she relentlessly and agilely caught hold of Shuang Tao’s swinging hand. Then she twisted her hand boldly!


“Ka!” A loud noise rang as Shuang Tao’s wrist collapsed down softly.


Everyone was frozen.


Since when did the Fourth Miss become so mighty?


Shuang Tao was holding up her wounded wrist, her face was temporarily pale while cold sweat was dripping from it. Her sweat brushed away the makeup on her face, making her look extremely pitiful.


Looking at the suffering Shuang Tao, a few of the other servants also came and helped her. The stewardess of the kitchen, Lifeng Nian Jiade, rolled her eyes and walked up to Yu Ling Long and said: “Fourth Miss, do you know what we’re responsible for?”


Yu Ling Long glanced at her, what did she mean?


Lifeng Nian Jiade, upon seeing Yu Ling Long keep her silence, proudly smiled and said: “We were supposed to deliver Madam’s meal. It’s OK if you, the Fourth Miss, were to knock out Lady Shuang Tao, but if we are late in delivering Madam’s meal, he he he——”


Even idiots could understood the underlying meaning in that sentence, it was an obvious threat.


Yu Ling Long did not get mad, instead, she laughed. Just because you slaves are here to deliver Madam’s meal, does it mean that I have to be afraid? My purpose here is exactly to steal that meal away!


Seeing Yu Ling Long’s bright smile, Lifeng Nian Jiade thought that she was starting to grow fearful after hearing what she had said. Wanting to show some good intent, she said: “Fourth Miss, you should quickly step aside. If the meal gets cold, we won’t be able to plead for you.”


What a joke, does it look like I need your pleading? Do they really think that I am a trussed up pig, ready for the picking?


Yu Ling Long’s soft and bright voice sounded out, but her words made the smile on Lifeng Nian Jiade’s face fade.


“Step aside? Sure! All of you can step aside, just leave the meal here.”


Lifeng Nian Jiade was angry, her face became red: “Just because I called you “Fourth Miss,” doesn’t mean you should take it for granted! Do you really think you’re really a Miss? If you don’t go away, then don’t blame us for being blunt!”


The slap that Yu Ling Long gave Shuang Tao just now did not scare anyone. Although Shuang Tao was one of the servants under Madam Mu, she was just a soft lady. It was easy for Yu Ling Long to give her a beating, but considering the fact that Lifeng Nian Jiade and the rest of the servants had big and solid bodies, it wasn’t going to be half as easy to take them on for Yu Ling Long.


A few of the slaves that were standing behind Lifeng Nian Jiade were rolling up their sleeves. They did not respect Yu Ling Long at all.


Although they had heard of what happened yesterday night, they didn’t really take it seriously. She was just a concubine’s child who had entered the courtyard recently, how powerful could she be? They had been used to bullying her. There was just no way that she could change so much overnight! Not to mention her small and weak body, how much strength could she muster anyway?


Yu Ling Long took a glance at Shuang Tao who was carried away while moaning in pain, all the while smiling coldly. She thought that giving a small warning would be enough, but she did not imagine that there were still people who were stubborn. Alright, since someone was itching for a fight, she wouldn’t mind being kind and curing everyone’s itch.


Seeing that Yu Ling Long had no intention to leave at all, Lifeng Nian Jiade’s face was black. She walked in front of her and stretched her hand out to push Yu Ling Long away. The others followed closely behind her, immediately ready to take action!


Yu Ling Long did not feel any fear, she leisurely pulled out the wooden hairpin from her hair and pierced Lifeng Nian Jiade’s face mercilessly!


“Ow!” Lifeng Nian Jiade wasn’t able to protect herself in time. It pierced her chin. Even as the wooden hairpin broke, it let off a huge cracking noise and a long stain of blood dripped down her face. She could be considered lucky, lucky that Yu Ling Long had only used a wooden hairpin! If it had been a steel hairpin, her face would have already had a big, bleeding hole!


Lifeng Nian Jiade was shocked. To think that this young lady could actually be this cruel! She couldn’t help but feel fear in her heart, while her foot steps suddenly stopped unconsciously.


The others who had been following behind were still rushing ahead stubbornly. In the meantime, Yu Ling Long was punching and kicking away. If one came, then a punch went there. If two came, then both of them would be knocked out with one punch. Suddenly, the aggressive slaves were all knocked out and spread along the floor, lying down without being able to move.


The only one who did not take action was the one who had already received a beating once from last night. It was at this moment that she realized that what happened last night had happened again right in front of her. She couldn’t help but tremble as she decided that she wouldn’t try to make a run for it.


Yu Ling Long softly clapped her hands, not even sparing a glance at the servants who were lying on the ground, moaning in pain. She told Xuan Cao: “Go, go and take those meals from over here.”


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