Volume 62:  The Transcendental Beings (2)




Muyoung’s command was simple, yet difficult at the same time.

Unite the humanity and have them go against the demon kings.

Bae Seungmin thought about how to do that over and over.

‘Would the entire humanity unite because of a single dragon lord?’

He was pessimistic.  Of course, they would at least gather.  However, it was difficult to think that the ‘entire humanity’ would come.

Muyoung’s command was absolute.  At least, it was so to Bae Seungmin.  Among all of his underlings, Bae Seungmin was the most loyal one of them all.


Hence, regardless of the method and strategy, the task must be completed.

‘The very first thing to do is to make the leader of each city a puppet.’

That would be the easiest way.

Bae Seungmin had his own opinion when it came to mental manipulation.  The problem was that it would take a long time.  Furthermore, Muyoung did not have sufficient time.

Bae Seungmin, would he not know that.  Muyoung was now walking on thin ice.  A single wrong step could be the direct drop in to a pit.

Of course, Muyoung would not lose.  He has always won, and he only mobilized in order to win.



‘The master is overplaying his hand.’

He did not take a single step back.  The exhaustion from doing so has accumulated until now.

When and how it would explode was not known.

Muyoung would deny it, saying that he could persevere, but Bae Seungmin was worried.

Even a solid wall could be demolished by a single tiny hole.

As a result, with all he could, Bae Seungmin would have to take the role so that such a hole would not get created.

That was, to reduce Muyoung’s exhaustion even by a little bit.

Delaying would only drive Muyoung to overplay.  And when such exhaustion accumulates, cracks would form in the wall and would ultimately shatter.



To be honest, it was hard to believe that all he had done up to this point has been charging forward.

‘I must be the pillar.’

Bae Seungmin had no memory.

On the day that he was saved by Muyoung after being eaten by the ancient spirit, Bae Seungmin has been blindly following Muyoung.

Was it because he was an undead created by him?

That didn’t seem to be the only reason.  Even if his memory was perfect, Bae Seungmin would have followed Muyoung.  Suddenly, he had such a thought.

As a result, Bae Seungmin has determined to become the pillar of Muyoung’s spirit.  Of course, that may not be necessary.

Muyoung was stronger than anyone that Bae Seungmin has run into, so his concern might have been simply unfounded.

However… Even if that was so, he just wanted to provide support.

Muyoung had the right to deserve that.

‘As fast as possible.  The sure method to unite the humanity.’

Bae Seungmin thought about it.




Disguise as a demon king’s intruder?

If it were Enros and Soara, it would be possible to hit with incredible threat.

A disguise was needed.

A scene in a play was needed.

‘The element that they will definitely believe.  The Green Temple and Merlin.’


Humans were thinking of Merlin as a savior.

There were even rumors that when the demons were to attack, Merlin would appear and protect them.

Bae Seungmin drew a picture.

First, Enros and Soara.  A strong demon tribe would launch an attack.  At the critical moment, Merlin, the grand sorcerer, would appear to wield his power and defeat them.  Then, with Hansung, the dragon lord, would lead the humanity together.

The pieces did fit.

The ripple effect would be beyond imagination if and only if it could be proven that it was the real Merlin.

However, it wasn’t possible to bring Merlin out of the Green Temple.

‘Need someone who would play the role of Merlin.’

A play….

Fortunately, there was one who was perfect for the role.

Oscar, the Merlin’s apprentice!

There was definitely someone like that inside Muyoung’s territory.







“Who, me?”

Oscar had a lost expression on his face.

Play Merlin!

Certainly, he had learned the real magic under Merlin’s guidance.  However, it was for a very short period of time.  He had run off due to boredom.

His skills have improved a lot during the time that he has been living in the territory, but play Merlin.

However, he could not readily reject the idea.


The entity before him.

Bae Seungmin, the elder lich, was like the assassin of death.  In fact, there was more who feared Bae Seungmin more than Muyoung.

The perfect work, the quick action in taking care of business that was to say, even by ‘grinding’ down the individuals.

Although Muyoung ruled the territory, it was Bae Seungmin who had the complete control of the whip on the laborers.


“You’re the right person who knows and imitate Merlin.  I’ll support you, so no reason to be overly concerned.”

“That… That is like scheming the entire humanity, no?  Would I be able to take on such an important task?”

“You’re the only one.”

It was a silent pressure.




That couldn’t happen.

Even Oscar knew him.  That he could be turned into an undead, himself.

“Damn it.’

The reason for Oscar to have run off from Merlin was because the lessons were boring.

To live freely was what Oscar was after.

However, after meeting Muyoung in the demon world, such a dream had been completely destroyed.

“If you are successful, I’ll anoint you with a title with my authority.”

“Is, is that true!”

“My lord has given me all the authorities, including human resources.”

Oscar’s eyes opened wide.


Muyoung’s territory grew bigger by the day.  The population was reaching two million, after having passed one million.

How the foreign tribes and goblins kept coming in droves was a mystery.  The dwarfs and the elves, and even the dwarfs were hoping to move all together while the orcs were trying all that they could to enter.

Certainly, the current situation called for someone with a ‘title’ to manage them.

And such individuals would receive special benefits.

They could live like a ‘king’ if management and human resources authorities were given to them.

There were also a lot of side money that could be made, and the foreign tribes of this world did not even mind as to how many wives one might have.




‘I, too, can live a big life by having at least three elf wives?’

It was a dream.

Even just from imagining it, his cheeks would reach the sky.

However, a con on the humanity?  There was much risk.

“I’ll try to get you the title that you desire.  If you want, even the position of the honorary sorcerer….”

Honorary sorcerer!


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