Oscar was a probate sorcerer.  There were less than ten honorary sorcerers in the entire territory.  Only those, who were extraordinary in sorcery within each tribe, could rise to that position.


Oscar hasn’t yet reached that level of sorcery.  Furthermore, unfit position was a shortcut to a short life.

“No, no!  Human resource manager position would suffice.”

“Hm, are you sure that would be sufficient?”

“Yes, in fact, that would be more than enough.”

As soon as he let out those words, he felt a sting inside.  It was because that was the same thing as having committed to play the Merlin’s role.

Bae Seungmin nodded his head.

“Do your best to come up with the most detailed image of Merlin that you know.  I’ll take care of the rest.”

That’s how the great con has commenced.









The territory has prospered.  It was because Muyoung’s influence still remained even though he wasn’t there.

Every tribe has gathered.

Those tribes, which were tired of fighting, needed their own places, or were weak and sought equality.

As long as they had promised to not cause a stir, everyone was welcomed.

Then they were protected and given their own land on which they could become self sufficient.

In return, the promise had to be absolutely kept.




Those who caused disharmony were firmly ‘annihilated’.  They made good examples out of them.

That was Ogar’s role.  Bultar, the fire giant, that was, Ogar who has become the chief of the place.  As he, who was the top predator, was in charge, there was no possibility of any disharmony.

However, it wasn’t that he was always very strict.

“Grow the strength in your wrist.  A sword is not wielded simply by strength alone.”

Ogar was different than Bultar who wasn’t flexible at all.


He insisted on being the ‘instructor’ and taught how to use weapons to others.

As he did not have any reservations when it came to learning what he didn’t know, he was also learning many kinds of military warfare.

He had both the refinement of a tribe chief and the passion for self teaching.

And, he did not hesitate to transfer those techniques to others, either.

As a result, all sorts of tribes approached Ogar to be taught by him.

That number has already passed one thousand.


‘The harmonization of other tribes.  The understanding that such was possible was realized by watching Muyoung.

Someone thought about it, but none put it into action.

The incredibly strong demon tribes.  How could they who fought each other for survival create harmony.  Even if they were to come together, disharmony was expected.

However, Muyoung was a strong leader.  Muyoung’s underlings weren’t pushovers, either.  There were many who put their lives on Muyoung’s words alone.

Furthermore, Ogar considered Muyoung to be a true ‘friend’.  He wanted to emulate Muyoung.

‘Even the Bultars need to be changed.  It isn’t possible to survive alone.’

Ogar took the lead in that.



He had the critical role of teaching them, and bringing them to understanding.

‘The demon tribes were hunting indiscriminately.  Recently, the number of immigrants who wanted to enter the territory has grown exponentially.’

The problem was that the number was growing greatly by the day.

It was because the demon tribes and demon gods were moving in earnest.  As if they had grudges against every tribe, but the demon tribes, they were killing everyone.



Many have lost their homes, trying to avoid him.  Even the Bultars could not escape from that influence.  Ogar has been recently feeling very strongly that unless powers were combined, there would be no hope.

“Sir Ogar.”

It was then.  Bae Seungmin came to pay him a visit.

Ogar stopped in his tracks.

“Enough, we will have a short break.”

One thousand students nodded their heads.

“You’ve returned.

”I’ve heard the news.  So, what brought you here?”

There was no way that Bae Seungmin would pay him a visit for no reason.

Communication was possible.  It was a fortunate thing for Bae Seungmin.

“There was a message from the master.”

Bae Seungmin would speak informally, even to Takan, but only to Ogar, he kept his formality.

Ogar is a friend of Muyoung.

Friends are on an equal plain.

Therefore, Ogar, too, wasn’t someone that Bae Seungmin could speak informally to.

“A message?  Hm, that’s new.”


“The master would like to see you join the ‘war’.”

“Join the war?”

“Please lead everyone who can possibly be mobilized and start a war, throughout the territory, with every tribe other than the demon tribes.”

“All Bultars, along with my ‘students’?”

“Yes, he wants you to conquer them by absorbing those who lose.”

Ogar swoop his chin.






An earnest prelude to a great war.  That was what Bae Seungmin was talking about.

The true ‘conquering war’ by Muyoung has begun.

The request was for Ogar to start that.

This was a very dangerous proposal.  After conquering many areas with his troops, there might not be a good solution should Ogar develop a different idea.

It was possible as trust was there as the very fundamental prerequisite.

“After having increased the territory?  Wasn’t a good justification needed for a war?”

“It would be freedom from every control.”

“Freedom from control?  That’s hypocritical.  Ultimately, everyone will be under Muyoung’s control?”

“Overthrow Baal!  Including Gremory and a few demon gods will help us.”

“…!  Demon gods?”

Ogar was shocked.


Muyoung.  He has truly reached out even to the demon gods.

If only Baal could be overthrown, if that possibility existed, there were many who would accept another control.

“My master has destroyed demon gods Dantalian and Lerajie.  He has obtained their powers and authorities, and preparing an attack on Baal, along with demon gods who oppose Baal.”

“Ha, He’s gone mad.  He has really started something!”

Ogar trembled.  That bastard has finally taken out demon gods.  The one who was definitely a ‘weakling’ when he had first met has developed to reach such a level.


It was hard to believe.  However, Bae Seungmin had no reason to lie.  If it was true, Ogar could not just stay put idly.

‘Overthrow Baal.  Haha!’

It wasn’t possible to think of that even in the dreams.  Furthermore, the fact that he has intended to join forces with those opposing demon gods could have never been thought of.

No more time was needed for consideration.

With slightly flushed face, Ogar smiled softly.

“I’ll gladly take the lead.”

Now, Muyoung wasn’t alone.  He had hands and feet that would move for him.

And very trustworthy ones, at that.

A turbulence that will shake up the demon world in Muyoung’s territory was starting.





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