Chapter 254:  The Transcendental Beings (6)


Someone was looking at me.

Bae Suzy, suddenly had that thought.

Although she looked around, she could not find anyone who was secretly watching her.

‘What’s going on?’

Bae Suzy’s sensory perception was on a different level than others since she was little.  Even recognized by Muyoung, those advanced senses had saved Bae Suzy’s life several times.

Especially after she had obtained the ‘Lineage of Light’ from the Sky library, that power has increased.

When she had briefly borrowed Muyoung’s power in the past, she had felt as if she had become a god.  That sensation still remained inside Bae Suzy.

And the power, which has reached its maximum level, was telling her.

That she must trust her senses.

‘Who is it?’

She was curious.  She was curious as to who would be watching her in secrecy in a frenzied situation like this.

Above all, she felt no presence of hostility from her senses.

Rather, she felt a sense of affection.

Affection, hmm.

‘Let’s find this person.’

Feeling that she couldn’t lose the person like this, Bae Suzy quickly utilized a flying skill.

She was confident when it came to speed.

It was not an exaggeration to say that no one has ever escaped from Bae Suzy’s pursuit.

Her maximum speed was near super-sonic level.

However, the one she chased with her senses hid himself even faster.

She went to the top of the cathedral, but found no one.

‘There is a trace of teleportation magic.’

However, using magic alone couldn’t escape her.  This opponent was underestimating Bae Suzy.

After having had assimilated with Muyoung, Bae Suzy’s sensory perceptions have already reached beyond anyone’s imagination.

It was like when the King of Fighting Wang had mastered everything about the ‘Mystery Moon’ sect.

The word genius wasn’t even good enough to describe Bae Suzy.

As a result, she was able to use the sight that could see the traces of magic, and the movements of the magic power.

“Whoever you are, won’t it be fun playing hide and seek with me?”

Bae Suzy, too, became unyielding.

To turn back at this point wasn’t like Bae Suzy at all.

Bae Suzy’s creed was finish what was started.  Behind such a character stood Muyoung, but to her credit, Bae Suzy was able to come this far without giving up.

Bae Suzy chased after the scent of mana.


And when she was about to reach the source of the scent, the target disappeared again.

Bae Suzy was impressed as the situation repeated several times.

‘A powerful sorcerer.  His spell casting time is close to 0.’

It was a well known fact that it takes a while to initiate teleportation magic for an ordinary sorcerer.  Or that there was a limitation as to how many times it could be initiated.

These limitations did not seem to apply to the sorcerer that she was after.

Hm, they said the great sorcerer Merlin has come to the great city, has he come here?

Although she might have been tired, Bae Suzy did not quit.

‘Getting interesting.’

It was becoming interesting for her

It was as if she had traveled back in time to her childhood.

There was some sense of having fun just like when she had run around with her childhood friends.

The opponent also seemed to be keeping pace with Bae Suzy, as well.

The hide and seek continued until the sun was setting.

Perhaps, impressed by the tenacity, at some point in time, the pattern of magic has changed.

Bae Suzy tilted her head.

“Now, that running away isn’t working, he has decided to entice me?”

The width and length of the entire territory of Mulalan might have been covered in this game of hide and seek.  Then all of a sudden, he was moving underground. Knowing fully that Bae Suzy was after him.

It dared Bae Suzy to approach.

Although it was a provocation, Bae Suzy felt like she was being enticed.

Perhaps it was because she had eaten sweets earlier,  that she decided to be entertained.


The Underground Sewers.

Bae Suzy ran on top of the flowing water.

She had, long ago, mastered the level of flying skill which allowed her to not fall into the water.

Even though she was able to run in the air, she didn’t need to be flying around in such a limited space.

How long has it been since she has been moving in that fashion?


‘Someone is here.’

She felt a presence.

The cross junction of the underground sewers.  

There was someone on the other side of the wall.

It was the moment that she could finally see the end of, after almost half a day of the game of hide and seek.

Bae Suzy approached cautiously.  As the unknown opponent was an incredible sorcerer, she could not let her guard down.

Having come into a certain range, she quickly stopped.

A man, wearing a black robe over his body, was standing at the cross junction.

And as soon as she saw the person, Bae Suzy shook all over.

The eyes that appeared to be like the Apollyon.

She couldn’t have forgotten it.


“You are….”

“Leave Mulalan.”

A low voice rumbled inside of Bae Suzy’s ears.  She was certain that it was the lich that was with Muyoung.

“Why are you here?”

“You need not know.”

Didn’t need to know?

And immediately telling her to leave didn’t seem fair.

Above all, why hadn’t he just left Bae Suzy high and dry.

‘With the skills that this lich had, he could have escaped from my chase a hundred times over.’

No matter how advanced Bae Suzy’s flying skill was, it was no match for the lich who had once battled against the demon king Enroth.


Come to think of it, a strange memory lingered on.

That day.

The day when she had assimilated with Muyoung, and faced Enroth.

Bae Suzy was captured, and finally lost her consciousness.

However, under a very blurry vision, she remembered seeing the lich who was before her.

Whether it was real or not wasn’t certain though….

But, his affectionate eyes, for some reason, remained in her memory.

And it was the same this time around.

If, indeed, it was the lich who was watching her with affection, and who played hide and seek as if he wanted to play with her then why?


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