‘Has he given up?’

He probably knew it from the beginning.

That was, that this battle was absolutely unfair against him.

However, there was no intention of going easy.  Equality did not exist in the true sense, in this world.  Going around, screaming for equality only made one become an easy prey.

The King of the Dead stopped thinking.

Instead, he kept his focus on his own creation.


‘The embodiment of fire.  I’ll make the monster of monsters that burn up everything.’

The phoenix that was born of the hottest fire, the fire dragon that had the authority over fire, firetar, the fire giant, and the fire spirit of the highest level were combined.

Was that all?

Then the essences were extracted, from all the collected monsters, having the characteristics of fire.

Then a heart would be made by compressing hundreds of those extracted essences.


Then place the hide of gigantes, which was supposed to have the toughest skin, as the outer layer, and overlaid it with magic that induce fire energy, allowing it to blaze even more with fire mana.

Then imbue it with all the skill learned from making undead.

He dared to believe that he would definitely create the most powerful creation of all time.

The King of the Dead did not try to hide that process.


It was possible because he was certain of his victory even if Muyoung was to make a chimera with the characteristics of water.

If not, he intended to put him in despair before then.


Muyoung did not give up, nor was in despair.  He did not even give looks over at the monsters having water elements.

Muyoung continued his conversations even after the 60th hour of the 72 hours.

At this rate, it could have been easily concluded that he did not have the will to make a chimera.  Rather than being an artist of death, he might as well be close friend to the monsters, perhaps.


“It’s practically done.”

However, exactly right after the 62nd hour, Muyoung’s activities have changed.

With 10 more hours to go, Muyoung has stopped conversing with the monsters.

The ten thousand or so monsters had ten thousand stories.

But, it was impossible to collect all those stories.  Instead, it was possible to choose a ‘theme’ and resolve them in Muyoung’s own way.

‘The subject this time around is ‘Han’’.


We call sorrow, resentment, regret, and sadness as ‘Han’.

Muyoung gathered those filled with Han.  He didn’t take the monsters’ ranks into consideration, at all.

How big was the Han, how desperate and regrettable they were.

Muyoung had assimilated with them.  So, he was able to tell how big their Hans were.

The ‘demon dragon’ was the one that had the biggest Han of them all.

Furthermore, it was a very scrubby looking demon dragon at that.  It was a severely impoverished looking dragon that if it was to die, no one would think anything of it.

Born of the darkness, the dragon was cursing the world itself.





-I was abandoned from the moment of my birth.  I was betrayed, used, and lost everything.  My skin was torn, teeth were broken, and my entire body was repeatedly destroyed and regenerated.  I dare to curse the world even after I die.  I will even curse the god that gave me birth.


The demon dragon was able to barely retaining his life by only eating despair and curses.  Even the other dragons refused to give a kind look at the miserable dragon.

As a matter of fact, they evaded it as if it was filthy.

Muyoung has chosen him.  Muyoung undoubtedly believed that it would be the core of his work.

“You will be reborn as new.  You will spew out your loathing towards the world.  No one will be able to ignore you, and no one will be able to stop your loathing.”

Cursed and curse again.


Despair and despair again.

That Han will become a strong driving force that will lead to the birth of a strong emotion.

Muyoung gathered all their Han.

Even for Muyoung, who was the creator, the gathered Han became so overwhelming that it led to harnessing an incredible force.


If Muyoung hasn’t been able to overcome his limitations many times, he would have been drowned in that ‘Han’.

Muyoung did not even assign any particular form to them.

Only that, by fusing and fusing again, he has created them into a ‘Great Spirit of Evil’.

And finally, that Great Spirit of Evil began to take a shape on its own.

Muyoung granted his magic power to that and overlaid it with Luciferre’s power.

The Spirit of Evil grew in size on its own.

The yin energy has reached the most extreme level.  Burning red, that form grew horn and spread it’s wings.



<An incredible amount of yin energy has been collected.>

<The three ‘pieces of cracked fragments’ are beginning to pull together the yin energy.>

<The Great Spirit of Evil has successfully completed the process of self formation.>

<Please be careful.  The power of evil is not something that can be handled easily.  If the user’s capability is not sufficient, you may suffer a ‘spiritual contamination.’>

<The malice of evil.  The final form, ‘Crimson Balok’ has been created.>




The two pairs of red wings stretched out immensely.

The horrendous looking teeth and rough, red pupils.

The great monster, which was wearing a skeleton armor and shimmering with the power of Curse, has been completed before Muyoung’s eyes.


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