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Chapter 256.  The Transcendental Beings (8)



‘Crimson Balrog!’

Muyoung has already had a run-in with an ordinary Balrog.

Enros.  The monster that was let loose in order to threaten his territory.

It was Bae Suzy, the one connected to Muyoung, who defeated the monster, but the power of a Balrog was beyond imagination.

Even Bae Sungmin had a tough time, and it was only after the support from Bae Suzy, who was connected to Muyoung, that the monster had been taken care of.

The Balrog was a monster that even many of the demon kings would dare to face.

But then that Crimson Balrog?

A form that was shaped by integrating every kind of hatred, and resentment was as scarlet as blood.

Even at a quick glance, it did not come across as an ordinary Balrog.


The ground shook.

It was because Crimson Balrog let out a horrible shriek.



Krung!   Krrrrrung!

Every monster went mad.

They cringed in fear of Crimson Balrog.

What was more surprising was the fact that even members of a ‘dragon race’ of the highest rank were included among them.  

Dragon.  An archaic race with strong pride.  They screamed loudly.  Even at the mere appearance of Crimson Balrog, they were trembling with fear.

Then the Crimson Balrog looked at Muyoung.

The resentment and hatred towards the world was being directed at Muyoung as well.

“I am your master.”


It was in a blink of an eye.

One of Muyoung’s arms was sliced off.

The Crimson Balrog attacked Muyoung.


He roared as he pounded on his own chest.

He did not recognize his master.   It appeared as if he would strike out at anyone in his hatred….

Muyoung put a smile on his face.


‘Divine blessing.’

The detached arm has instantly been restored.

There wasn’t much damage.  Muyoung allowed the attack on purpose.

Muyoung knew very well of the Demon Dragon’s hatred, the resentment of a bastard.

“Is that all you’ve got?  Did you not say that you would curse the world?”

Go ahead.

Vent out all your resentments.

Crimson Balrog looked into Muyoung’s eyes.

Muyoung did not avoid those eyes.

He only prepared to absorb the attacks that Crimson Balrog was about to launch at him.

At the same time, he has even chastised the Balrog.

Do your best.  Clearly choose the target of your resentment.


It was like screaming.  A howling.

However, it was like a movements of a baby in the end.

It was because his rage had started from the fact that no one has ever paid attention to him.

The scariest thing in the world was apathy.


Muyoung’s body levitated in the air.


Crimson Balrog struck down Muyoung.


Immediately, penetrating through the surface, Muyoung’s body was buried deep into the ground.

Red particles gushed out of Crimson Balrog’s mouth.

With that single attack, Muyoung was buried deep underground several thousand feet.

However… Muyoung wasn’t dead.

Tuduck!  Tuduck!

Muyoung reemerged out of the gigantic hole.

His entire body was a wreck, but his body was whole.

When it came to recovering physical body, the divine blessing skill level came close to being perfect.  Unless an impact which was beyond the healing range of the skill was delivered, Muyoung would continue to regenerate.

“You’re long ways away.  Your resentment cannot reach me.”

Be more angry.

Curse more.




After spewing out his own blood, Crimson Balrog made a sword out of it.

Then he sliced Muyoung’s body into two halves.


The fact that this much impact could be delivered to Muyoung, who has attained half divinity, with invincible skin, only emphasized Crimson Balrog’s power.

And the skill which turned his own blood in to a sword.

Had he attacked Muyoung without any hesitation, it would have even put Muyoung in danger.

However, he was indecisive.

It was because, like Muyoung, there has never been anyone who would openly accept his resentments.

The reason for his rage and resentment was due to extreme apathy and utter contempt.

No one has ever shown interest, and even if there was someone who had shown interest, that person would avoid him as if one was encountering something contemptible.

Anyone who had approached him has shown smile if he was useful, but once that usefulness dissipated, they had tossed him to the side without any hesitation.



However, Muyoung was different.

Muyoung’s interest was only focused on Crimson Balrog.

Without good or evil, he was just accepting of Crimson Balrog’s bratty behavior.

Bratty behavior.  That was right.  It was just bratty behavior.

Look at me… please pay attention to me… that was what this bratty behavior was all about.

And Muyoung was paying him exactly the right attention that he has been asking for.

His body was torn and regenerated for a countless number of times.

Even for Muyoung, exhausting his power at this level could be risky.  However, Muyoung did not give up.  He tried all he could to hear ‘his story’ until the end.

‘I even knew a person like that.’


This name was not his in the first place.

It was because Muyoung had the name of Yuyoung in the past.

If he hadn’t met the true Muyoung, his original personality Yuyoung while he was training to be an executioner, he would have lost his sense of self  early on, and could not even have come back to the past.

Muyoung, at this moment, knew as well as anyone as to how comforting it was to the Crimson Balrog in just listening to his story.    

After how many times has it repeated.

Krrah, Krrraah….

The Crimson Balrog plopped down and sat on the ground.

And he sobbed.

Sadness.  Just sadness….

As if he had become a child, he sobbed.

Muyoung approached him.

Although he felt like his body was being torn apart, all of his magical powers were exhausted and he had been pushed to his limits, he just wanted to tell him a few simple words.

“You are no longer alone.”

And… Right at that moment.




<Crimson Balrog has been influenced by the user, Muyoung.>

<’Soul Companion’ effect is maximized.  B+ -> S+>

<Crimson Balrog’s capabilities are increasing immensely.>

<Crimson Balrog is being endowed with a new capability, ‘Imprinting’>

<The ‘Imprinting’ has the same effect of a chick, considering the first being it sees as its parent.  Crimson Balrog’s capabilities will increase immensely, if a subject, who has succeeded in ‘Imprinting’, is close by.>

<Crimson Balrog’s comprehensive statistics are being displayed.>


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