<Comprehensive level: 785>  Power 910(700+210)  Agility 845(650+195)  Stamina 910(700+210)  Intelligence 715(550+165)  Wisdom 715(550+165)  Resistance to Magic 780(600+180)  Magical Power 780(600+180)  +Soul Companion (All capabilities+15%)  +Initial Recognition (All capabilities+15%)  +Cursed Cries (S),  Blood Sword (S++),  Blood Wave (S+),  Demolisher (S+),  Berserker (S+++, Activates only in special circumstances) Skills available for use +All Attributes Resistance (+80%)


They were awesome statistics.

Even if there weren’t any additional stats, the status window showed the powers that come close to Bae Seungmin’s.

Who would have thought that the base stats would be strengthened by a peercentage?

The skills, or even the base stats, there were nothing to throw away.

At this level, even Enros would not be a match.

He dared to say that this was the most powerful monster ever.

Muyoung smiled with satisfaction.

“I’ll leave it to you now.”

This type of exhaustion was felt for the first time in a long while.

The feeling that his own body was not like his own.

Was it because he has been torn apart and regenerated a countless number of times?



Crimson Balrog shook.

Perhaps, he was more surprised to have such feelings for the first time.

His consciousness became blurred.

Muyoung spoke the final words as he closed his eyes.

The words that would turn everything upside down.

“I trust you.”



The King of the Dead sneered and laughed internally.

‘You have created something quite great, but….’

It was unexpected.  He did not anticipate that something like that would be created.

He has created the form of Crimson Balrog by integrating every form of resentment.  It was a unique monster that might appear and might not appear, at the same time, like chimera.

However, the problem was from that point on.



Crimson Balrog did not listen.

The cries of curse.  It was an embarrassment to have created such a monster that listened to no one for someone who was competing in the art of death.

The creation that he had himself made did not listen to him.

But then the bastard went a step further.

‘It’s gone mad.’

By foregoing defense, he was taking all the attacks without any resistance.

No matter how great the ‘level’ was, even for Muyoung, taking such hits would be risky.


It was like an act of suicide.

‘I’m the victor of this battle.’

The King of the Dead turned his head.

Although it wasn’t sitting well with him for winning for doing almost nothing, it wasn’t something that he would reject.

As the bastard has voluntarily walked towards death, the King of the Dead just needed to seize the victory at leisure.

And not too long after, he has completed his creation.

The Fire Beast, the shape of fire, itself.

Whoowooong!  Whooooowoung!

Would the God of Fire be like this?


The assembled fire was flaring up like active volcano.

The essence and sprit of fire, it was a harmonious creation from combining the fire monsters.

However, it wasn’t just a fire.  Even hell fire wouldn’t come close.

‘The fire that destroys everything.’

The King of the Dead was satisfied.  The level of its completion was in the top three among his creations of all time.


However, as far as ‘purity’ was concerned, nothing came close.

The fire in its extremity ignores all attributes.

‘Did they say that Haures, the fire demon god, was destroyed with fire by Diablo?’

He had an idea from that story.

Even though he was a ruler of the northern region, he was well aware of everything that was going on in the demon world.  And what certainly has attracted him was the appearance of Diablo.

Was it possible to destroy the Fire Demon God with fire?

However, he thought that it was possible as he gazed upon what has just been created.

‘This fire that has been strengthened to the ultimate, and thus became pure would crush every lesser fire.’

No foe was to be feared at this level of completion.



No matter how awesome a monster this bastard created, it would be rendered useless before this Fire Beast.

The King of the Dead was confident.

There could be no defeat.

For someone like himself, who has trained for several hundred years in the Art of Death, it was impossible for him to lose to someone who had an embarrassingly low level of training in the same skill.

“…I believe.”

The King of the Dead turned looked at his foe.

‘It’s done.’

At that moment, Muyoung fell to the ground.

It was truly a foolish move.  That lump of curse would not listen to him no matter what.

The monster that has piled up curses and resentments.


Even the King of the Dead had made such things many times.

And the result was always the same.

By cursing itself and cursing the world, it would lead to self destruction in the end.  That is after destroying everything in its vicinity.

It can never be controlled.  The King of the Dead was certain.

‘He will die.’

‘If he has fallen, that will be the end.’

He could not even regenerate as he has fully exhausted himself.


Even if that monster, in the form of Balrog, was to step on Muyoung, he would die slowly without being able to do anything.

However…  That was supposed to be, but.


Crimson Balrog turned his body.

Kwang.  Kwang.

And then it walked towards the ‘Fire Beast’ which the King of the Dead has created.


It was unbelievable.

Has he put the monster that was formed only with resentment under his control?!

Even the mad, reckless behavior needed to be re-thought.

Certainly.  The King of the Dead has readjusted his assessment of Muyoung at a higher level.

However, it was no use.

It has been about 10 hours since that Balrog has been created.

The level of completion would certainly not be high.

“O, Fire Beast, burn him.  Do not leave even ashes.”



The Fire Beast flared up even bigger, the fires which shrouded his body.


And the Crimson Balrog rushed in to launch an attack!


The Fire Beast withstood the Crimson Balrog’s attack.

However, a big hole was made on the ground.

Crimson Balrog did not fear the flames that the Fire Beast had at all.  Instead, he grabbed the neck of the Fire Beast with both hands and bit it.

Whoowoong!  Whoowoooong!

Flaring up even more, the Fire Beast’s flames engulfed the Crimson Balrog’s body.

However, there was not the slightes movement on the part of Crimson Balrog.  Instead, the Fire Beast’s arm was bitten off.  As the attack became more extreme with more power, the body of the Crimson Balrog began to explode, unable to withstand the horrifying heat.



The great shrieking sound.  The fire thrashed with the shrieking of Crimson Balrog.  The fire that was engulfing crimson Balrog was instantly blown away by the sheer fury of that scream!

Kwang!  Kwang!  Kwang!  Kwaaang!

After putting the Fire Beast to the ground, Crimson Balrog began to throw punches with both hands as if he has gone mad.

With every punch thrown, the ground shook, and the facilities that had been strengthened with magic have become demolished.

The King of the Dead stood agape, unable to comprehend.

What Crimson Balrog showed Muyoung was infinitely charming.

It would be believable even to say that the Crimson Balrog had the appearance of a very strong demon god, based on the power that has been demonstrated just now.

“… How.”

Blood came flowing out of the hands of the Crimson Balrog.

The blood formed the shape of a sword, and holding one sword in each hand, Crimson Balrog slashed the Fire Beast as if he had gone mad.

It was gruesome.  The King of the Dead has never seen such a gruesome scene.

Even though it was a monster of integrated curse, its purpose was to follow Muyoung’s instructions to the end.

Crimson Balrog stopped only after the Fire Beast’s body has been squashed, torn to pieces, and its head was cut off.


And it let out a victorious scream.

It happened in a blink of an eye.

The King of the Dead uttered in a delirious manner.

“How can this be….”


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