Chapter 257.  The Transcendental Beings (End)



Death Lord had been watching what has been unfolding from the beginning.

Having left the Darkness, he was, at one time, active in the demon world, and more recently, had taught the one called the ‘King of the Dead’.

Afterwards, the King of the Dead had been able to establish the foundation of a transcendental being, but he could not influence the Death Lord’s mind.

‘King Slayer, is this what you saw?’

Muyoung’s way was very crude.

It was different, dangerous, and unconventional.

What of that?

The Death Lord saw the possibilities from that.

Seeing and feeling things that which have not been seen or felt before, he could, somehow, understood them when he saw Muyoung.

It was possible that King Slayer realized this side of Muyoung.


Therefore, King Slayer had bet all of his hopes on Muyoung.

That was on Muyoung who had endless possibilities….

‘This is not an undead.’

What was more surprising was the very essence of the Crimson Balrog.

Even though he was born, filled with resentment and curses, there was overwhelming life force unlike the undead.

How could there be such life force from the entity that had such extreme yin from the beginning?

It was as if he had been revived from the dead.

Death Lord of the past had wanted to create true life.  He despaired because he couldn’t do it, and he had lost the possibility when he become a lich himself.

However, Muyoung’s way has given him a new beginning.

It was as if was teaching Death Lord that there existed a way, such as this.


‘Create life with death.  No, transcend a story into life.’

Death Lord trembled.

It was on a different level than any other undead that  Muyoung has made so far.

It was a true work of the Art, created by Muyoung who has attained semi-divinity, and numerous enlightenments.

This was a beginning.  It was simple, yet the method was never simple.


However, it wasn’t exquisite.  That was strength and yet, it was also a weakness.

If the experience of Death Lord was to be added.

Muyoung would attain the power of death, and the true power of creation.

Death Lord became certain.


That was, the certainty that by being able to leap beyond his own level, Muyoung would be able to step into the territory that Death Lord wasn’t able to reach!

“O, Artanis!  This duel is a mistake.  The method of using that power is sinister and blasphemous, so, I, respectfully, ask you to reconsider.”

The King of the Dead begged when the fire beast fell.

He insisted that Muyoung’s art was wrong.

“I’m the traditional one who wields the power of death.  I am the only one who can maximize this art.”

The King of the Dead knew well that Death Lord was looking into this space.


Truly…  The King of the Dead was much like Death Lord.

That was, he could be called a… traditionalist.

Everything, starting with that method, was following the way of Death Lord.

So, his limitations were very clear.

More than anything, the King of the Dead didn’t like to go out beyond the boundaries.

After establishing a place in the north, he was just happy to be living while ruling the territory.  That was the reason as to why Death Lord has ignored the King of the Dead until now.

On the other hand, how about Muyoung?

‘Face head on and be victorious.’

That was the mentality that naturally attracted attention to Muyoung.


-Winner and loser have already been determined.  If you are not going to surrender, your soul will be burned and I’ll make a puppet out of you.-

The King of the Dead shuddered.

His soul was in the hands of Death Lord.

Although he had been endowed with many benefits, with a single word from Death Lord, his soul would be wandering about the netherworld.

-Follow him.  Then you will learn the reason for your defeat.-

“Do you think he can truly see the highest Art?”

-I’m not sure, either.  However, he is the only unique one who has a chance.-

Death Lord accepted.

That was, the fact that King Slayer has placed a hope on Muyoung.

He felt that, too.

That only Muyoung could take care of this irrationality, this confusion.

At the same time, Death Lord probably understood his own limitations.

In fact, it didn’t matter to Death Lord as to whether this world was going to be destroyed or not.

What Death Lord wanted to see was the Art of the highest level.  The realm that he wasn’t able to reach!

He just wanted to see Muyoung enter that realm.

‘As promised, I’ll hand over everything of mine to you.’

Death Lord struck the ground with the staff that he was carrying from the Darkness.

At the same time.

As his essence was gathered, his soul crossed over from the Darkness, and entered into Muyoung.


Death Lord’s body turned to powder and scattered away.

His room that was in the Darkness has also vanished.





Muyoung opened his eyes.

‘I feel rejuvenated.’

Although his body has been torn apart many times, he felt power as soon as opened his eyes.  In fact, he felt even stronger than before.

“You are awake.”

It was inside Muyoung’s place, in the middle of Gremory’s Temple.

The King of the Dead was there.

Next to him was Crimson Balrog who, too, was looking at Muyoung.  They appeared quite happy, perhaps, as it was the effect of ‘Imprinting’.  


However, speaking with the King of the Dead was the very first thing to do.

The fact that Crimson Balrog was intact meant that Muyoung was victorious from the duel.

“I’ve lost.  The Crimson Balrog that you have created was beyond my imagination.  However, it does not imply an acceptance of a complete defeat.”

“Then what is the reason for you to be waiting for me to awake?”

“Death Lord has said.  By following you, I would understand my own inadequacies.  So, I’ll be following you until I come to that understanding.”

The King of the Dead volunteered to come forward even though Muyoung did not say anything.

An unexpected harvest.


It meant the King of the Dead has surrendered.

Muyoung checked it again.

“I’m thinking about a full-scale war with the Demon Gods.  Will you still follow me?”

“Demon Gods do not scare me.”

The King of the Dead said nonchalantly.

As if he really did not fear the Demon Gods.

He was truly a strong ally.

Muyoung spoke as he smiled.


One of the four transcendental beings.

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