It was the moment the King of the Dead, the Master of the North, has joined Muyoung.




* * *



The King of the Dead.

The word about him, having left the northern territory and going to war, spread quickly.

Especially, the remaining transcendental beings were the first ones to learn of the news.

“O, King of the Dragons.”

The Dragon lord Hansung.

Hansung met the King of the Dragons in the grand garden, in the western territory.

Bae Seungmin was next to him.


An incredibly huge being raised its head and looked at Bae Seungmin.

-You’ve brought an unpleasant one.-

“You are probably aware of the news about the King of the North having entered the war.  I’d like to inform you that this person’s master is the one whom the King of the North follows.”

“I’m Bae Seungmin.”

Bae Seungmin displayed an appropriate decorum.  At any rate, that was how much power the transcendental beings wielded.

Especially, the King of the Dragons…  He was the ruler who could mobilize all dragons.  He was the most powerful entity, among all the transcendental beings.


However, the King of the Dragons did not intervene in this world.  Yet, after meeting Hansung, the dragon lord, Bae Seungmin wanted to meet the King of the Dragons.

-You must want me to enter the war with you against the Demon Gods.-

Even without saying anything, the King of the Dragons was already seeing right through him.

He said it with certainty, deducing that there was no other reason for Bae Seungmin to pay him a visit.

And Bae Seungmin, too, did not deny it.

“If you, the King of the Dragons, were to enter the war, it would clearly be very helpful in putting the radical Demon Gods in their places.”

-However, I seek balance, so I have a fundamental policy of not getting involved in this world.-

“The balance has been destroyed a long time ago already.  They want the annihilation of all the races, including the dragons.”


In short, unless he was to enter the war, it meant every race, including the high and mighty dragon race, would be annihilated.

Although it was nearing a threat, the King of the Dragon did not budge.

-I do not fear them.-

“Lerajie, the dragon hunter, has fallen.  My master has personally destroyed him.”

Lerajie, the Demon God of War.

He was also the Demon God whose name was known as the Dragon Hunter.  Muyoung had condemned the one that was considered to be the arch enemy of the dragons.


-Your master has annihilated Lerajie?  That’s strange.-

Even the King of all the Dragons could not see the truth in such news.

“The original rumor was that Solomon had destroyed him, but that is not the truth.  It was a ‘fake rumor’ that my master had spread on purpose.  It was a maneuver to bring confusion to the radical Demon Gods.”

-Is there a proof to your story?-


Bae Seungmin spun his staff, once, in the air.

Then a magical field formed, and a huge arm appeared in the empty space.


The King of the Dragons spoke after seeing the arm.


-That is Lerajie’s arm.-

“This is the proof that my master has annihilated him.  Just for a special occasion, this arm has been preserved.”

From the start of the hunt for Lerajie, Muyoung was thinking about the King of the Dragons.  Hence, one of the arms was kept preserved, and that was what Bae Seungmin has displayed here.

“O, the King of the Dragons!  The threat that was hunting the dragons is no more.  However, the radical Demon Gods continue to make threats whenever possible.  My master wishes the support of the King of the Dragons.”

“I, too, beg you.”

Hansung, the dragon lord, also knelt down on his knees.

Bae Seungmin who suddenly appeared.  And, after hearing Bae Seungmin, Hansung wanted to join forces in aggressive manner.

He has instinctively sensed the blowing wind.

In that past, Hansung also had the experience of standing at the forefront in the effort for  humanity’s victory.

If given a minute possibility for victory, he was ready to bet everything on it.

The King of the Dragons was quiet.

The death of Lerajie was very pleasing to him.

Furthermore, if it was Bae Seungmin’s master who had killed Lerajie, he was ready to endow him with many gifts.

However… Not being able to decide readily was because there was risk.  He needed to take his time and carefully consider over and over again.


Then, Hansung brought out several pieces of a sword from his coat.

“O, the King of the Dragons, I was under orders to find the owner of this sword.  Along with Shandalton, the Dragon of Light.  Do you recall?”

-I do.  I had personally ordered you to locate the owner of that sword.-

“And I’ve found him.  However, his trace no longer exists.”


“The noble Knight of Glory has been murdered.  By a very strong being… a being that is able to twist time and space, that is.  I was only just able to recover a few artifacts that belonged to him.”

He then brought out the cracked armor suit.


The King of the Dragons quietly gazed down on it.

There was a slight shaking in the king’s eyes as he looked at it.

-He is dead?-

“The honorable Knight of Glory.  I did not know of his existence, but I’ve learned a few things during my investigation.  I’ve found relevant literature by searching out wise men and going through their libraries.  That is… the fact that he and the King of the Dragons had a relationship.”

Hansung lowered his head even further.

“However, that knight is no longer living.  I do not know what he had fought for, but I know of someone who is continuing on with his strength and mission.”

-Speak.  Who is it.-


Hansung spoke, pointing to Bae Seungmin.

“His master, Muyoung, is continuing the legacy of the power of the honorable Knight of Glory.”

Hansung did not stop speaking.

“We have to mobilize.  O, king, we do not have much time.  And it was also possible that the honorable Knight of Glory might have been fighting against strong enemies in order to protect this world.  The one who is continuing his legacy is in the middle of the battlefield.”

The King of the Dragons.

His relationship with the honorable Knight of Glory was very deep.

Although Hansung did not mention it, the King of the Dragons was one of the beasts that had been nurtured by the knight.

Since his fate was to rule the dragons, he was watching the northern territory, yet the knight’s death was also very sad to the King of the Dragons.

Finally, the King of the Dragons came to a decision.

-Did you say Muyoung?  I shall meet him.-

The transcendental beings began to mobilize in earnest.


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