Chapter 258.  A War with the Demon Gods (1)



Hansung, the Dragon Lord and Merlin!

Their presence was highly symbolic.

Hansung, a transcendental being and a representative of the humanity, and Merlin, the sorcerer and protector of the humanity, were gathering the people.

On top of that, with the formal proclamation of Mulalan’s ‘Great Alliance’, it spread like wildfire, a feverish desire to ‘overthrow the Demon Gods’.

And…even Kim Taehwan, who has risen to the position of the vice guild master of the Radiant Guild, was amongst the great Host.

“This is truly a mighty force.”

“Even many from Gunja Province have joined.”

“Seo Eunsae, the head of the Commanders, is the real power… They are saying that even the ruling family of Mulalan takes a step back from the Commanders’ quiet orders.”

“Wow, really pretty.”

“No matter, still an old lady inside!”


“Shh!  Shhshh!  You might be overheard!”

Everyone who was following Kim Taehwan was scolding the impertinent speaker at the same time.

Walking at the front of them, Kim Taehwan surveyed the Host for a while.

‘I’ll say roughly 3 million.’

3 million!

And that number was based only on those who were able to fight.


This great number of people were marching over the hills.  There has never been this many humans at one place in history.

‘It was too simple.  As if someone was manipulating it.’

However, the alliance formed very, very quickly this time around.  As if everyone was under a spell, they all wanted to join the ‘war with the Demon Gods’.

Was it Merlin’s power?

Or perhaps, because the dragon lord Hansung and Mulalan have joined.


“But, leader.  I’ve heard that it wasn’t just us humans who were going to fight in this war?”

Breaking away from his thoughts, Kim Taehwan looked at the man who has approached him.

He spoke quietly to the man with pronounced buckteeth.

“The Grand Sorcerer has said that this war wasn’t just our war.”

“So, does that means that everyone is gathering at a specific location within the Demon Gods’ territory?  Could this be a trap?  I also have a hard time believing that there will be good cooperation among the races that will meet each other for the first time.”

It was a reasonable doubt.

The progress was going smoothly, but the problem was what happens later.

Merlin, who has started the war with the Demon Gods, vowed to help wiping them out.

‘I can’t believe that the objective of the Demon Gods is to end every other life form.’

On top of that, Merlin also spoke several truths about this world.

The proof of the Demon Gods’ mobilization, and their unpreparedness to resist was one of them as he pushed for quick response from humanity.

It wasn’t possible for the humanity to not mobilize.

They have already been threatened several times by the sky demon.

Rather than self-interest, a great cause and survival have become the highest priorities.  As a result, cooperation came quickly.

Furthermore, if the Demon Gods were truly mobilizing, they all knew that extinction was inevitable without humanity coming together.


“If what was said by the Grand Sorcerer was true then there isn’t much time.  It cannot be untrue since the Pope and Mulalan have come to lead.”

More than anything, Mulalan’s leadership provided the major effort.

The Pope, who abides by god’s words, have declared a holy war, and sought support from the Great City and Gunja Province.

He has also sent official notices to countless number of small cities in order to gather the people.

An atmosphere, which caused one to be treated as a ‘pariah’ should they not mobilize, or come join quickly, has been created.

As if it was someone’s script… Everyone was coming together like flowing rivers that merged at the sea.

All this in less than a month.



There came a signal from the front of the line.


“We’ll be entering the Demon Gods’ territory.  Everyone stay within the formation, and do not drop your guard!”

The Demon Gods’ territory!

The place where the Demon Gods and the demon tribes were running rampant.

It was still a mysterious place to humans, where every kind of monsters lived.

It has become a forbidden place, where no one would enter, after many expeditions experienced total annihilation dozens of times in the past.


Unless the expedition team was led by strong people, no one had dared to enter, until now.

“Damn, can’t believe we’re at the Demon Gods’ territory.”

“If I should die first, make sure to bury me at a sunny place.”

They moved forward in a somber atmosphere.

They were wary of the surroundings.  No one dared to let down their guard.

Although there wasn’t any intel about the existence of threatening monsters around here, there was so litle information about what could happen here.

Especially… Like now.

Kwoong!  Kwoong!  Kwoooong!

The earth shook.


Behind a great dust storm, something was rushing towards the Expeditionary Force!

It wasn’t just one or two bodies.

They were easily over ten thousand!

“Ready for battle!”

“Ready for battle!”

Chang!  Chunng!

Everyone took out their weapons.  Even Kim Taehwan held his great sword as he swallowed his own dry mouth.

“It looks like an elaborate welcoming party.”

“That looks like a Bultar, way at the front?”

“A Bultar?  A fire giant?  Great.”

Bultar were at the top of the food chain.


It was a known story that the areas, near where the fire giant Bultar resided, other species usually got decimated.

Bultars had high intelligence, and as a result, they were known to be difficult adversaries.

There, coming at them, were Bultars numbered close to ten thousand.

“Leader, leader.  Are we going to get slaughtered as soon as we got here?”

“Humanity becomes stronger when we come together.”

Kim Taehwan let out a big breath.

That was right.  Humans become stronger the more they came together.

It was also true that there would be more tactics available when people with specialized skills were assembled.


That was certainly a difference from the other races or monsters.

Humans would not be bound by the formula of 1+1=2.  Therefore, they built cities after coming together.

Certainly, if 3 million elite troops came together, they would certainly be able to face ten thousand Bultars.  Although suffering casualties was inevitable, it wouldn’t be too difficult to push on forward.

It was then…


The Bultars that were rushing came to a halt right before us.

As the dust settled… There was blood all over their bodies.  As if they have just come from a battle.  

“Merlin!  It’s good to see you again.”

The Bultar that was at the front called out Merlin’s name.

Then levitating up to meet the Bultar’s eyes, Merlin replied with smiles.

“Ogar, sorry to have you come a long way.”

“Haha!  It’s nothing.  I’ve cleaned up the path that you are you are on, so it won’t be too much trouble for you to keep going.  By the way, there are so many humans!”

Ogar looked at the humans.


The average size of a Bultar was about 10m.  The scene in which ten thousand of them have gathered has never before been seen by anyone who was here.

“Who represents the humans?”

Ogar, laughing loudly, stepped forward.


The Dragon Lord Hansung came down, riding Shandalton, the light dragon.

He was wearing a golden helmet and armor for high visibility, and at his side were Shandalton and the demon dragon Akrisha, creating a sight to behold.

“I’m Hansung.”

“A human has trained two dragons?  Huh!  And one is a dragon of light, that is known to be of high level and proud, and a demon dragon as well.”

The magic powers and levels of dragons were classified based on the age.

Ancient dragons were at the peak.  That was, it was known that they were very rare, and one of them was stronger than five ordinary dragons.

It was nearly impossible to train dragons, yet Hansung has trained two of them.

“I was lucky.”

“I don’t believe it was just a simple luck… At any rate.”

As Hansung replied humbly, Ogar formally introduced himself, despite being impressed.

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