“Glad to meet you.  I’m Ogar, the leader of the Bultars.”



It was a great big castle.

As if the dwarfs have built it, the exterior of the castle was large and magnificent, and elves, holding their bows, were guarding the castle.

The elves.  The protectors of the forest, it was said that they were able to predict the trajectories of their arrows.  So, if they were guarding the castle, it would be acceptable to assume that no one could enter it easily.

‘The dwarfs and the elves are together.’

Kim Taehwan couldn’t help but be amazed.

The elves and the dwarfs exemplified bad blood between races.  However, no sign of any bad feelings could be felt here.


Most notably, the castle was enourmous enough to house 3 million.  It would have been impossible humans to replicate, even with a massive workforce.  At this level, there would be no shortcomings in calling it a city.

Also notable was the Orcs who were guarding the outside of the castle.

‘Goblins and War Orcs…!’

Not just any ordinary Orcs, but ‘War Orcs’ that were thought to have approximately the intelligence of 15 year old humans.

Having scarlet skin, it could be said that they were a race born for war.

With the War Orcs guarding the east of the castle while the goblins guarding the west of the castle, their presence was intimidating.  

Among the goblins, the ‘Shudderwocks’ were predominantly visible.


“Leader, they wouldn’t suddenly feed on us, would they?”

“I feel like I might have leaked a little.”

“Even my manhood may shrivel.”

Kim Taehwan’s subordinates were well known for their light heartedness, yet it felt like anxiety has taken over them.  That was how imposing the castle was to them.

‘Can a castle like this be built inside the Demon Gods’ territory?  Just who exactly could have done it?’

Who was the owner, in the first place?

Who was here that such a castle had been built inside the Demon Gods’ territory.

Kim Taehwan entered the castle through the entrance.

And he opened his mouth slowly.

“Truly, all kinds of races have gathered here.”

“This is a dream.”


Everyone was out of their minds for a while.


That was only expected.

Elves and goblins, dwarfs, Bultars, orcs and ogres were here. Even the special monsters like snowmen or lizard men, too, were here, though few in number.

They, too, were looking at the humans with fascination.

However, it wasn’t in a hostile or belligerent way.

If it was an ordinary time, they would set perimeters and fight one another for survival, but as they came together with the same purpose, there was no look of hostility, or aggression.  


There were some who welcomed the humans who had just entered.

“Welcome, humans!  I’m Grizzannelle.”

“A smaller number than I thought.  I’m Bartas.”

It was dignified and beautiful elf, and a dwarf wearing a crown.

Grizzannelle, the queen of the elves, and Bartas, the king of the dwarfs!

They were so famous even many of the humans knew of them.

That was because stories about them were never omitted, always finding places in the diaries of the explorers.


“Good to meet you.”

Each city’s master has come forth along with Hansung.

Seo Eunhae of the Gunja Province, Hyacinth, who was a Mulalan’s saint, came on behalf of the ailing Pope, and master Bahamud of the Radiant Guild, representing the Great city!

They were all the famous ones who were truly known for their power.

As each representative finished short greeting, Grizzannelle spoke with an affectionate smile.

“Please, put down your weapons and rest.  Our elves will lead you.”

Soon, following behind the queen Grizzannelle, there appeared rows of beautiful elves.

As the members of the race that set the standards of beauty among the races approached with smiles, no one was unhappy.


Well, resting was resting, but the leaders had things to do.  As they were running short of time, they immediately held a leadership meeting.

Baltan was there.

“I’m Baltan, the proxy of my master.”

“Proxy?  Then the territory’s master is not here?”

Bahamud, the guild master of the Radiant Guild asked.

He wanted to see the territory’s master, not the proxy, who had built this type of a castle, and gathered all different races.

Naturally, he frowned.


‘The master has vacated his place momentarily on another matter.”

“Another matter?  I’m amazed.  Was there other matter that was more important than the war against the Demon Gods.”

It was a sarcastic remark, but Baltan did not react.

“The master is already on the move.  He is in the midst of creating confusion among the Demon Gods.”

Then Ogar interjected.

He, too, was also at this meeting as the representative of the Bultars.

“Sir Ogar, the master’s work is….”

As Baltan spoke hurriedly, Ogar nodded his head.

“I know.  I just want everyone to know that your master is working harder than anyone in this war with the Demon Gods, that’s all.”

“Then the master… when will he be back?”

Hyacinth opened her small mouth.

She came in the place of the Pope, but she knew it as soon as she arrived.

This place.  That the scent of ‘him’ was especially strong in this castle.

However, ‘he’ was not here.  Hyacinth wet her dry lips.  It was because she was used to waiting, but she could not endure it.

“I do not know.  The quicker we move the sooner the master will show up.”

“Then we’ll go faster.  This is a right time to discuss a healthier topic than to talk about a person who is not here.”

As Hyacinth smiled lightly, the atmosphere changed quickly.


The power of charm that she wielded was beyond one’s imagination.  Both the Pope and all of Mulalan had fallen under her spell before.


Furthermore, to begin with… Excluding Seo Eunsae the quiet commander, Hyacinth and others instinctively knew as to who the ‘master’ of this place was.

As Hansung knew it too, the work just progressed only quicker.

Baltan stood up from his seat, holding several marbles.

“First, I’ll tell you about the first adversary which is our target.”


As he injected magic into the marble, a shape appeared.


It was a huge monster in the form of a rhinoceros.

He stood on two feet, wore armor, and crushed a mountain.

“Our first target is the 40th Demon God Raum.  The condition of his annihilation is to ‘destroy his city’.  With our unified power, Raum’s city must be destroyed.”

“Do you think that we can confront the Demon God?”

Seo Eunsae asked this time.

Baltan nodded his head.

“We just need to destroy the city.  Then his strength will quickly dwindle.”

“Where did that intel come from?”

“It was discovered by Merlin and my master.”

Oscar, who was wearing the mask of Merlin, smiled in dry sweat.

The master of this territory was Muyoung.

And Muyoung had the knowledge of Dantalian.  

Muyoung wanted to progress the plan by separating the Demon Gods who were easy to confront for them, although those Demon Gods were difficult for him to face.  

At any rate, as Merlin has notarized it, some level of faith was there.

Seo Eunsae spoke in a serious tone.

“He will certainly try to protect the city.”

“There were 8 demon kings under Raum.  About 5 million demons reside in the city.  Even though we are superior as far as the numbers go, we couldn’t face them head on.”

Wiping out the Demon Gods was the objective.


It wasn’t feasible to drain all their strengths in eliminating just Raum.

“Then?  Do you have another way to destroy the city?”

“Everyone has to do the thing that everyone does best.”

The elves are quick in their attacks, the dwarfs are strong in launching attacks from the mid distance, and the orcs are known for their bravery.  The goblins are excellent in black arts or elemental attacks, and Bultars were the giants known to be wizards of hunting.

That wasn’t all.

Humans were best suited for instantaneous maneuvers and secret plans.  

Furthermore, with many skills, they can provide good supporting functions.

That was, it meant that they would be incredibly effective in the guerilla warfare which would be conducted by maximizing the other races’ specialties, and by utilizing special capabilities.

It was only because they have never mobilized in such a size that if they would come together once, they would form a combination such that they would be able to confront anything.

The demon races only trusted their strengths, but they most likely would not have faced so many ‘variables’ like this.

These variables were certainly their strongest weapon, held by everyone that has gathered in this castle.


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