Chapter 259 Part 1

 A War with the Demon Gods (2)




The wind blew.

The dark, dead land.  Countless bugs overfilled the land.

They were the corpses of bugs which were spewing out toxins, polluting the land.

In the middle of it, a half man, a half beast has fallen on the ground.

It was a strange life form, having upper body of an elephant, and the lower body of a human.

A member of the coalition party.  It was Bane, the 26th Demon God, and a part of the coalition.

“Uh, How… Did you find this place…?”

Bane’s body began disappearing as it disintegrated into powder.

Having reached the extinction conditions, Bane has met the death of its flesh.

Muyoung and Crimson Balrog were there before him.

Muyoung did not respond.

Instead, with the death of his flesh, the insects began to decompose.

‘Bane’s insect cave.’

It was the place where Bane ate his food.

This, too, had existed in the Dantalian’s memory.

Although the [email protected] looked like an elephant, his main diet was bugs.  Hence, Bane formed insect caves at many locations where he had stored insects for food.

He ate bugs two times a year, and those were the times in which the [email protected] was vulnerable.

It was the time for fulfilling the extinction condition, which was ‘eating bugs’, that took place only twice in a given year.

As a result, Bane appeared at the insect caves during these times. He read it in the Dantalian’s memory that Bane would appear all alone, not trusting any of his underlings,


“Horrible stench.”

Murumuru held his nose in the back.

Murumuru was standing here, along with Muyoung, in order to take care of Bane.


Afterwards, as Murumuru stomped on Bane’s lower back, the speed at which the body turning into ashes has accelerated.

“You opposition cockroaches!  Baal will not forgive…!”


Bane completely disappeared not long after.


Krrah!  Krrrrah!!

Crimson Balrog pounded his own chest.

Crimson Balrog did not move away from Muyoung’s side.  Muyoung had brought him along, and as a result, Crimson Balrog was helpful in the battle.

The level of Crimson Balrog’s powers has already risen beyond the level of a demon king.  So, it was possible for him to deliver a certain level of damage to demon kings as well.

Picking up a large bug from nearby, Muyoung threw it into the Crimson Balrog’s mouth.

‘He eats everything.’

It wasn’t new, but not being a finicky eater was a kind of strength if it could be called a strength.


Perhaps, he might have taken it as a reward so Crimson Balrog happily screamed even more thunderously.

“Balrogs have been nearly wiped out.  But, hard to believe that such a monster like that one was still remaining.”

Murumuru spoke as he nodded his head.

Due to the Demon Gods, Balrogs have reached near extinction.  By chasing the previous master of the demon world away, the Demon Gods have taken over.

The demon kings could not kill strong Balrogs.  So there were times in which the Demon Gods had to engage directly.

Crimson Balrog.  That [email protected] looked to be the strongest one of them all.

Finally, Murumuru, looked at Muyoung, as if he has just come around to asking a question.

“But how did you know at which insect cave the [email protected] would be?  We could not find even though we had tried everything.”

“It was luck.”

Muyoung explained tersely.

And by extending his arm, he ate his fill of one of the ‘powers’ of Bane.



<The power Predator is eating Bane’s power.>

<You have absorbed ‘Insect Power’.>

<’Insect Power’ is a unique power of Bane which allows for controlling insects within 100km radius, or acquire their vision.>


It didn’t seem that useful.

For a Demon God, it was possible to sense the movements of insects, even those far away.

It was meaningful to have ‘eyes in many locations’, but since the effective range was only 100km radius, it didn’t seem that useful.

‘Yet, it would be better to have it than not.’

Several more windows popped up.  His powers have increased as he hunted Bane.

However, it was weak compared to the time when he had hunted Lerajie.

‘Bane was not a war Demon God.’

The [email protected] was an intel type.  That was also the reason for Muyoung to come for him.

And Murumuru was there with Muyoung.  As it was two against one, it was a very easy fight.

“It was a good luck?  Do you think that will explain it all?”

Murumuru said, a bit taken back.


Certainly, being able to locate the insect caves was credited to Muyoung.

After locating the insect caves by applying the memory of Dantalian, and based on the traces of the insects, Muyoung had instructed his underlings who specialized in stealth to investigate as to when Bane ate, and even how many times he visited in detail.

After such analysis, they had come to the location with the highest probability.

In fact, it was a 50:50 chance, yet it was high enough to take a bet.

However, there was no need for him to explain those details to Murumuru.

Muyoung walked, ignoring Murumuru.


‘Since we have taken out Bane, an inteligence agent, now is the time to cut off their legs.’

The Demon Gods were slowly mobilizing.

No matter what, there would be many rumors going around.

For example, the opposition has unified, and the transcendental beings were gathering.  This type of information would cause them to react.

‘However, they do not know that Bae Seungmin is making moves independently.’

Muyoung has opened up two fronts.

He, himself, was moving with the opposition Demon Gods, and Bae Seungmin had been independently mobilized to unify every race.  They would first launch an attack on the 40th Demon God Raum.

The 57th Demon God Ose was next, the 60th Demon God Bapula….  Those ones who have sided with the coalition, but did not necessarily participate in meetings or such.


Of course, there would be limitations even if the races were to unite.

As a result, Muyoung was busy, personally moving about.  It was to cause confusion by cutting intel transmission lines, so that good information did not get passed on.  

There was a limitation though.

Muyoung stealthily raised his head.


He has been chosen as Muyoung’s shadow.

No matter how much Muyoung had made his presence felt, there was a need for insurance.

However, Muyoung wasn’t a dumb person to let him know that he knew he was being watched.  Hence, he was maintaining a sufficient distance.

“At any rate, Bane was causing a lot of headache for us.  Since he has been disintegrated, even our opponents will feel the heat.”

Murumuru laughed quietly.


As if he was truly happy.

However, Muyoung wasn’t sure whether Murumuru was part of the ‘anti-coalition faction’ or not.

Murumuru, Gremory, Forneus, Sitri, Asmodeus.

One of these was definitely a spy.  Might be more than one.

Muyoung must prevent passing of more than the absolutely necessary intel to them.

For example, like Bae Seungmin’s mission, or information about Muyoung’s powers.

‘He must not have noticed my preying on Bane’s powers.’

Muyoung was studying Murumuru’s reactions.


He felt it since the time when he had absorbed Lerajie’s power of Divinity that they didn’t seem to know that Muyoung could prey on powers.

This was an important intel.

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