Chapter 259 Part 2

That was because it meant that Muyoung could use the powers whenever he needed to by hiding the act of using those stolen powers.

It was then.

Murumuru raised his right hand.

He was able to communicate with any person tattooed with a certain glyph by raising his right hand, no matter how far away that person was.


It was a highly useful ability in transmitting the intel that was gathered from watching and watching over Muyoung.

There would be no better tool for a spy than this ability.

Soon, he lowered his hand and Murumuru spoke.

“Gremory has disintegrated Phenex.”

Phenex.  The 37th Demon God.

He was the Demon God that was in charge of strategy.  It seemed that the simultaneous attack by four Demon Gods, including Gremory, was successful in destroying him.

For now, the first step in the plan was going well.

‘The initial attack was successful.’

The problem was from there on.



At this time, three coalition Demon Gods have been annihilated.

The moment that this was learned, they would hurriedly assemble.

They would plan retaliation, and would mobilize to destroy the opposition.

‘Paimon’s a concern.’

There was one more Demon God who, along with Bane, was gathering and delivering intel.


The one who reveals secrets.

However, there was no way to know what he looked like.  Even Dantalian didn’t seem to know much about Paimon.

That was an indication as to how skilled he was in moving about undetected.


‘The worst case scenario.’

The possibility that Paimon, in which he might have told Baal about the annihilation of Bane and Phenex, must be put on the table.

Baal would gather his allies and first attack Gremory, who was the face of the opposition.

He would want to take care of things quickly, now when the whereabouts of Solomon was not known.

‘We are definitely in the position of the minority, attacking the majority.’

There could never be a situation in which attacks are launched against the same or more number of Demon Gods.  Even a single casualty on the opposition forces could become fatal.

Hence, they must only engage in the fights in which victory was guaranteed.

Muyoung stroked his chin.

The best move that Muyoung could make if and when Baal was to mobilize after hearing from Paimon.

‘Toss a bait.’

They could never exclude Solomon.



She would be become the bait.



* * *


In the middle of the Demon Gods’ territory.

The land of death where there were endless lightning and storms.

The temple of Baal, the 1st one, was there.

At the temple in the sky, which can only be reached by climbing up tens of thousands of stairs, Baal was acting as the controller of all things as he looked down on the world.

During ordinary times, there wouldn’t be anyone else, but Baal.  However, now, there were several coalition Demon Gods who were seeking his audience.



Seated on the seat of great power, he looked down upon the Demon Gods who were looking up as they knelt.

Paimon was there as well.

He was before Baal in his true flesh, rather than in his spiritual form.

“O, Baal, the opposition is mobilizing in earnest.  I’ve confirmed Bane’s demise.”

“Is it only Bane?”

As if he already knew everything.

As his piercing eyes looked deeper into Paimon’s mind, Paimon paused for a moment before continuing.

“Mobilizations of Gremory and the opposition Demon Gods have been confirmed.  The anticipated destination is believed to be where Phenex is.”

“We won’t be able to defeat them.”

“I concur.”

Baal was certain of Phenex’s demise.


However, Baal did not take his eyes off of Paimon.

“Paimon, isn’t there something that you’re hiding?”

“I’m not hiding anything.”

“I know of your limitations.  You’re not able to reveal a Deity’s secret.  However, if it concerns ‘him’, you must tell me.”

The reference to ‘him’ was Solomon.

“His whereabouts cannot be located.”

Paimon immediately replied as if he had prepared it in advance.


Solomon.  Paimon was watching him.  However, he could not talk about it easily.

If he was to talk about Solomon, he must also talk about the fight with King Slayer, and naturally, the subject of Solomon being kept in time would be known.

Should he reveal that kind of secrets, Paimon would not be able to prolong his own existence.

And he has decided that it wasn’t something to be mentioned unless he was absolutely certain.

Solomon knew that Paimon was watching him.  That, itself, could be a trap.

“I trust you.”

Baal moved his eyes away from Paimon.

Although he said that he trusted him, was he, really, trusting Paimon?

Paimon denied it internally.  As Paimon did not trust Baal and other Demon Gods, he, too, would not be trusted by anyone.

However, he could not verbalize it.



For he was a true god.

Like Solomon….

Then Baal looked on other Demon Gods.

There gathered a total of eleven Demon Gods at the temple.

It would take a while for everyone to gather, but this was a good number for the task.


“The opposition’s attack is already expected.  As ‘he’ has appeared, he would be in contact with the opposition party.  And it also implies that he is not, yet, whole.”

“That is Solomon….”

The Demon Gods showed nervous expressions.

Solomon.  They knew of his powers better than anyone else.

However, Baal, who was before them, was also an equally powerful being.

“He is not completely free from limitations of Lemegeton.  It is likely that he is still hiding with Diablo.  He must certainly be near Gremory.”

What Baal said was absolutely true.

That was because even Paimon discovered Solomon while watching Gremory.

“Find him.  And finish him.”


The Demon Gods lowered their heads.

Then they instantaneously vanished.

Baal’s words were absolute.  As soon as he said something, it had to be done.

However, one of them still remained.

“Paimon, is there something you want to say?”

“The mobilizations of the transcendental beings seem serious.”

“I’ve heard that the King of the North has gone into Gremory’s camp.”

“That’s not all.  The King of the Dragons, the Child of the Moon, and the masters of the mountains are all moving independently.”

The transcendental beings that ruled over everywhere were also threats to Demon Gods.  Therefore, they were always being kept on watch.

“Were the transcendental beings influenced by his words also?”

“No.  There is another one who is mobilizing them.”

“Another one?”

Paimon took a deep breath.

This, too, was one of the big secrets.

As it was the same [email protected] that had attacked him.

It meant that he was at the level of deity, and further, it was believed that he even made contact with the ‘Masters of the Darkness’.

By revealing this, Paimon would be immobilized for at least a month.

However, it was an unavoidable sacrifice that he had to make in order to avoid Baal’s suspicion.

“Muyoung, do you know that name?”


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