261 Part 2

He gave up counting it over 100.

He felt like the saliva in his mouth has dried up and eyes were being plucked out. And he thought he’d be finished soon.

A rhino-shaped Loim was rushing toward Kim Tae-hwan.


‘It’s hard to avoid.’

It was like a slow motion.

And instinctively, he felt death. Can’t be avoided. In front of sure death, he smiled.

‘I wanted to see it once more.….’

Suddenly he remembered the time when he was in the blue temple.

The relationships he made there still remain deep in Taehwan’s memory.

If he could meet them again, he would brag that he’d changed a lot and he became the vice master of a prominent guild with his efforts.

Many things have changed since Tae-hwan became the vice master of his guild. It has improved greatly, by kicking out the corrupt, generously supporting the recruits with potential, and helping to change the attitudes of the Great City itself.

Rotten vested interests.

He’d stood against them.

As promised to Muyoung, to show everyone, Kim Tae-hwan had gone his own way.

Muyoung was correct.


Taehwan is a hero. He is a hidden contributor.

But is it too early to taste the glory?

Thump! thump! thump! Baaaaang!!

Loim rushed toward him.

Taehwan gripped his sword with the last of his last strength.

‘I will not just die.’

He will be seen fighting until the end. It’s unfair to end by just giving up.


But.. when Loim closed to Taehwan, he stopped.

Loim stoped and looked up at the sky.

At the same time, the sun was obscured.

The deep darkness. ‘The moon’ rose.

“What happen? Why is it suddenly…?”

“The sun… disappeared…”

“Wh-what the hell is that? What is that thing?”

While everyone was making a fuss, there was a huge thing coming through the darkness.

It was shaped like a dragon, but the size wasn’t comparable to a normal dragon.

It’s just filled the sky.


“He is coming.”

Hansung smiled, wiping his bloody lips with his hand.

The King of Dragons.

He finally showed up.

But he wasn’t alone.

Isn’t he only in the early teens now?

Next to him, there was a boy or a girl with blue eyes and hair.

The eyes seemed to have frost without emotion, and no one knew the reason, it was creepy just watching it.

“And the child of the moon….”

Hansung knelt in the middle of the war.

The Child of the Moon.

One of the four transcendents who rule the world!

A Power that had never been seen before and veiled in secrets.

But now, its presence appeared with the King of Dragons.

That’s not all.

Countless dragons following the King of Dragons.

Numerous spirits following the Child of the Moon!

They attacked Loim and his underlings.

“Arghhhhhhhhh! Do you think I’ll lose!”

Loim shrieked.

But with their appearance, the battlefield was sharply tilted.

Loim, weakened by the completion of the extinction conditions, couldn’t fight all of them.

Allied forces were dumbfounded for a moment.


“Wh-what’s that? Are they our forces?”

“What’s going on here?”

Haseong approached to the dragons immediately. And he sheathed his sword and spoke with courtesy.

“Thank you for your decision, your majesty, and thank you, my lord Child of the Moon.”

The King of Dragons didn’t answer.

Instead, the Child of the Moon opened his mouth.

“Where is Muyoung?”

“What? He isn’t here.”

“We have to go to him. It will be too late if he meets Solomon.”

Hansung tilt his head.

The Child of the Moon. He shouldn’t feel any emotions from the child, but he seemed anxious.

“Could you tell me the reason?”

“The angel of Solomon taken away by Baal…..it is in Muyeoung.”

“The angel…?”

 The child closed his eyes and said,

“If Solomon recovers that angel, Solomon is complete. Then the world will be over.”


* * *


Solomon tilted his head.

This is because there was one thing that caught the eye, even though he reached here while trying to figure out the movements of the Demon Gods.

‘It’s strange.’

Almost nothing could attract this much of his attention.

Neither Amon nor Gremory received the attention of Solomon.

But strangely enough, the winged guy was interesting.

Solomon looked up the sky.

Stars. The stars are moving. The stars are moving with him in the center.


‘The guide of the stars.’

Come to think of it, King Slayer was looking at the stars.

King Slayer wasn’t an emotional person. But when he saw the stars, he was acting as if he felt hope.

Why? Why he did do?

‘That’s him.’

Solomon was sure.

King Slayer’s hope was that winged guy.

But it was disappointing. By the strength he could feel, it was like a high level Demon God. But then he can never reach Solomon.

In addition, there were so many disparate energies felt.

In short, it’s just an assortment. Solomon has also never met the one in full of chaos like that.

‘King Slayer, the hope you’ve seen and believed in is really poor.’

What would King Slayer have felt if that hope was lost?


Solomon reached out his hand.

If he had been able to exert a proper influence in this world, he could have gotten rid of him right now.

Unfortunately, however, more intervention than necessary was impossible.

He’s the guide of the stars. He had the divinity and carried the stars. It means that he was recognized in this world, so Solomon couldn’t deal with him now.

It would be possible to intervene with Diablo, but he didn’t want to show up on this battlefield.

The guide of the stars was lucky.



Then Solomon looked at him again.

He almost missed it, but no matter how he looked, it was strange.

That’s the power of chaos. A human being can handle it?

Besides, that human’s timeflow was very heterogeneous.

‘The axis of Time is working differently.’


Not right now, but Solomon was able to even manipulate Time in the past.

Of course, it means that he can also recognize the ‘Heterogeneity of Time.’

Solomon’s eyes turned black eventually.

Thus, Solomon could even see the soul.

And found.



Solomon was shuddering, like someone who found something important that was lost long ago.

It was the spirit that had been taken away by Baal and he couldn’t find where it was.

‘Als Paulina, My angel!’

An angel who had helped Solomon manipulate Time.

The angel was with Muyoung.

He didn’t know what happened, but it was clear.

And if he can get the angel back, he doesn’t have to bother with Diablo. He could make this world a pile of ashes right now.

King Slayer.

Is that what you believed in?

Solomon was fascinated.

And soon he smiled and opened his mouth.

“I’ll have to get it back.”

Because Als Paulina, it was originally his angel.


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