262 Part 2

“I don’t think I will lose.”

With a whipping sound, Muyoung dodged in between the blades. However, he could not avoid them all. He stretched his wings and held the lance of Gabriel.

Muyoung had separated Lucifer and Gabriel’s powers. As he swung his lance, the heightened wind pressure pushed the closest blades away from him.

2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64… 128!

He accelerated sequentially rather than all at once. Muyoung’s speed increased exponentially, and when he accelerated 128 times, he could escape from the blade storm.

However, Amon was the master of magic. He had already implemented his next move the moment he felt something was wrong.

‘Vapor explosion.’

Countless waterdrops filled the air. Amon added his magic to the tiny particles of water that could not be seen by the eye, magically separating the oxygen and hydrogen to make explosives.

Muyoung was at a disadvantage because no matter how fast he accelerated, there were no gaps in the explosive fog.

‘I’m doing it anyway.’

He could retreat. However, Muyoung pushed through. Acceleration was not a skill that could be used for long. Moreover, he had to finish this battle with Amon as quickly as possible. Muyoung’s goal was to reach him.

He just needed to touch him to take the next step.

With a whirring noise, the waterdrops began to spin. While they looked like slow motion to Muyoung, the problem was that there was no gap in the coverage. Muyoung covered himself with his wings and flew across the air.

With blasting noises, explosions followed Muyoung everywhere. Muyoung’s black wings became tattered. If it was a normal wound, Muyoung could it heal with ‘holy blessing,’ but Amon’s magic was strange. It adhered to Muyoung’s body to block regeneration or healing.

‘He attacked my weakest points.’

Muyoung could not expect constant regeneration like when he was attacked by the Crimson Balrog. However, Amon was nearby.

Amon sensed that Muyoung was coming at lightning speed. He made his next move in a flash.


Muyoung twisted his leg as an ice lance had pierced it. While pain rolled into him, Muyoung did not try to remove the lance.  He shrunk the space between them again to approach Amon.

Muyoung grabbed Amon’s shoulders and cancelled his acceleration. It was not for attack.

“It will open to those who knock.”

It was Ars Nova, the book containing the Language of Miracles.

Amon’s eyes shook when he heard the prayer.

“How do you know that prayer…?”

No one believed that the self-named ‘archangel’ had the Ars Nova. Amon did not believe it, but now he knew it was true.

Did Ars Nova also lift the geis from Enroth? Amon tried to resist, but Muyoung was a step faster.


Light flooded from Muyoung’s eyes and connected with Amon’s. This prayer performed the miracle of opening someone’s ‘soul.’ Even though it mercilessly drained him, Muyoung braced himself.

‘I see it.’

Muyoung saw Amon’s soul. They were now connected as Muyoung opened the door. Muyoung then entered the real ‘battle’.

‘Art of Death.’

It was not to make Amon an undead, which was impossible in the first place. No one with ‘Divinity’, could become undead. Since an undead is an incomplete being, it is incompatible with a Divine Being who aims for perfection.

So why was this a fight? It had to do with Amon’s ‘annihilation condition.’

‘Amon has to be involved in a phenomenon he cannot understand.’

Amon is the master of magic and has perfect confidence in himself. Therefore, he tries to understand and solve everything. This is how he earned the title Master of Magic.

Ars Nova?

While it was called the miraculous prayer, it was still an extension of magic. Amon could understand this phenomenon. However, if Amon was ruled even for a moment by the power Muyoung wielded?

Amon would be truly connected with Muyoung at that moment and would taste the chaos in Muyoung. He would not be able to understand at all who Muyoung is, and how Muyoung ruled over him!


<The ‘Art of Death’ infiltrates the Demon God ‘Amon.’>

<Amon does not become undead.>

<However, ‘Art of Death’ is a ruling force. It infiltrates ‘Amon’ even faster.>

<Demon God ‘Amon’ is aggressively resisting.>


It only needed to work for a moment, for less than one-tenth of a second. Muyoung had to rule over Amon for that time. It was Muyoung’s last desperate gamble made with his final Trump card, the spell of Ars Nova, and the only hope he had in this inescapable situation.

It was a battle of wills, and Muyoung began to shed bloody tears. Blood flowed from every oriface he had. Muyoung’s soul was much weaker than a Demon God’s soul, and Amon as a Seeker had a much firm soul than other Demon Gods.

‘Is it impossible?’

Muyoung was losing the battle of wills, and he clenched his teeth. He could not step back. Souls were striking against each other dangerously, and Muyoung’s soul might disintegrate under the onslaught.

However, at that moment, where their souls are almost intermingled, Amon’s expression changed.


Amon seemed astonished, even more than he did when Muyoung used Ars Nova. However, this change made a crack, and Muyoung’s soul rose up to win within the time necessary for a single heartbeat.

<You succeeded in ruling Demon God ‘Amon’>

<However, you are not in complete control over him.>

<Effective for seven seconds.>

Amon was under Muyoung’s control for seven seconds. His eyes clouded for a moment.

‘I did it.’

Muyoung rushed to the next step. Seven seconds were more than the time he had expected. It was enough to carve an absolute mandate on his soul, although Muyoung could not use a Command Amon would resist instinctively.

“Only act for yourself.”

Muyoung’s words implied that Amon was the master of magic, who analyzed and solved all. If things were normal, he would never follow anyone, fear anyone, and would walk for only his own good.

Only act for yourself.

Muyoung had removed the bolt that locked what Amon had unconsciously wanted, so it would be enough.


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