263 Part 1

Chapter 263.  A War with the Demon Gods (6)


Amon’s eyes regained their focus after exactly seven seconds. They shook when Amon took in the changes in his surroundings and in himself.

“How? You…what did you do to me?”

He did not know or understand. The ‘annihilation condition’ was complete.

Of course, even if the condition was complete, it would be difficult for Muyoung to eradicate him. Lower level Demon Gods became greatly weakened when their annihilation condition was complete, but a Demon God of Amon’s class was not affected in any way.

However, Muyoung was satisfied. Amon was confused because he did not know the ‘command’ Muyoung had placed deep into him.

“Did you go back in time? Why is that angel in your soul?”


Was he talking about Gabriel?

Amon was correct about going back in time. He seemed to have found it by directly coming into contact with Muyoung’s soul. Muyoung also was not sure how he had gone back in time, but Amon looked as if he had an insight into Muyoung’s time travel.

“That’s impossible. How can something like this happen?”

“Nothing is impossible. Impossible is only in your mind.”

Amon glared at Muyoung. He was angry but was also controlling his anger at the same time. Amon. The Master of Magic and the Seeker of Truth. He had been lifted from the shackles put on by Baal and Solomon. While he seemed unaware yet, the effects would begin to show.

Muyoung spoke slowly.

“Amon, are you still afraid of Solomon?”

It was a primal fear for demon gods. The events that occurred before they became Demon Gods were trauma tormenting them for eons.

Even though they became divine beings and took steps to be complete, that fear never went away. So, they assembled around Baal, who functioned as a core. He was a being that would dilute their fears for them.

Amon half-opened his eyes.

“Do you think I fear someone like Solomon?”

“That’s good.”

Muyoung turned his head. Amon was confused right now. His mind was disordered to the extent he forgot to attack Muyoung.

Muyoung was the first Unknown Amon had come into contact with. He was chaos itself, in a completely different way from Solomon and Baal.

So Muyoung initiated the negotiations.

“Which would you choose from – the ‘unknown’ which is me or the ‘fear’ that is Solomon?

The world burned when Muyoung finished his question. The sun turned redder, and an unbelievable heat scorched everything. Gremory hurriedly placed a protective barrier, but it was not enough.

The weak demons burned with shrieks. Countless bodies dropped on the ground after becoming ashes. Not only that, the shields the King of the Dead created to protect the rest of the Demon Gods were breaking apart.


Muyoung turned his head, and Amon also focused on that phenomenon.

Diablo, the true owner of the flames who burned Haures, the demon god of flames to death! He stood on two feet, but with tens of horns, Diablo looked closer to a dragon with a majestic aura.

He had only appeared and looked at the world with his two eyes but was burning and erasing everything. Muyoung shuddered. It was the second time he encountered Diablo.

However, the first time Diablo retreated due to Baal, as he had to escape from Baal’s merciless attacks. This time it was different and incomparable with that time. Muyoung had thought with Amon’s help he would be able to handle Diablo, but now Muyoung discarded that notion.

“Diablo has exceeded the world’s limits.”

He had gone beyond the amount of power this world could hold.


Amon’s gaze shook from fear, but also from his wrath resisting against it.

Only act for yourself. The Seeker of Truth must not be restrained by anything. Amon clenched his teeth, but other Demon Gods were already retreating.


Amon sneered. The other Demon Gods were still mortally afraid of Solomon. If Baal did not act, they would only be cowards who continued to escape. Amon was no longer interested in Muyoung and how he controlled Enroth. It was the same for Baal’s command to remove Gremory. Amon was only focused on what he faced.


Amon wanted to win against what had been holding him back for so long, and now he had the chance right in front of him.

With a loud shout, Diablo’s attack was too fast for Amon to think any longer. A massive stream of fire burst out of Diablo’s mouth, and the flames swallowed the entire sky. It burned everything in its path and was rushing to Muyoung and Amon.


Amon built a massive wall of ice to separate the space between them to quench Diablo’s flames. However, it was not enough as Diablo’s fire burned everything, including all ‘phenomena.’

Amon clicked his tongue and removed his gloves. He revealed striking black hands, and Amon’s magic began to fly out recklessly.

Amon’s horns grew, and his eyeballs turned black. Also, the muscles in his human form exploded and expanded. However, it was unstable, and Muyoung turned his gaze immediately to Gremory.

Gremory nodded as she read what Muyoung wanted. She quickly removed the protective shields that were restricting magic. Amon began to show his might after the bothersome shields disappeared.

“Infinity storm.”

Amon did not need to voice his spells to use magic, but Epic-class spells needed to be voiced to enforce them. Amon’s magic that overflowed soon resulted in massive chaos. An enormous round space formed in front of Amon, and it swallowed everything like a black hole.

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